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Neil's Blog (sometimes more than Beavers!) July 2014 - to date

Photo: My camera © 22 September 2013

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29 July 2014

Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 28 July 2014

Yesterday at Palm Beach, New South Wales, celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the first flight of VH-SWB (1557). Congratulations to Steve Krug and his wife Jenny on this occaision! Graeme Mills was there to capture the event.

Back on 08 November 2010, Steve let me ride along with him on his morning commute from Bankstown to Rose Bay.This plan was hatched up by Peter Reardon. I have added some images taken on this pleasant flight. Thanks Steve, I enjoyed keeping you company. You put in a long day sir, and I wondered how it ended up? I watched huge storm clouds roll in later in the afternoon from my airport hotel room!! Quite a fireworks display, the International Airport shut down.

Completing work on Greybull 1998 page. I have 78 images to process, so might take a few days!! If you like C-97, C-119 and P-2E aircraft, you will enjoy this section of the website. My small tribute to Hawkins & Powers.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 April 1998

28 July 2014

Today I started a new Current Blog page, the last one is now archived here.

27 July 2014

Received this e-mail last night from Heinz Portman, thanks Heinz!

Hello you amazing guys.
Just run into the Beaver website and I am most impressed. As a previous owner of one of the planes, namely CF-MAV serial # 1056, I would like to update some information as you show it in regards to MAV.
My son and I (Michael and Heinz Portmann) purchased this airplane from the Manitoba Government after they retired it. We picked it up in Manitoba and flew it to Campbell River in early 1976 where we installed the floats that came with the purchase. At that time it had a zero time engine, otherwise it was sort of standard conditions after government use. It was registered in the name of R&N Logging, We used MAV in our logging business, flying crew, food, equipment and dynamite between Campbell River and Lougborough Inlet, Accessible only by float plane or boat.
We put around 1,000 hrs on MAV until we sold the company, we then replaced the engine and overhauled and repainted the plane before we sold it to McCully Aviation Ltd.  in Nanaimo BC.
It is nice to see that this Beaver is now flying in Germany as D-FLEN. What an aircraft, we got lots of stories and pictures about MAV.
Hoping you can update the info on the website, I remain, and again impressed with your work
Heinz Portmann

26 July 2014

Well folks, I think the March Field Air Museum page is complete now with 109 images. I've left out a couple of exhibits that were inside. Below is the closest thing to a Beaver I found, a venerable PZL built AN-2N. Tomorrow, back to Beavers. I have some time to myself for a week, so will indulge in some aeronautical projects - including some updates to TwinOtterArchive.

Photo: Neil Aird © 21 May 2009

Continuing the 2014 "Beaver Hat" Campaign. Please help if you can. Be a patron/supporter ;-) My thanks, and a "tip of the hat" to the two most recent donors Ian B (BC) and Paul C (OZ) - thanks gents!