c/n 1108
CF-JRO at Tyee Spit during low tide.
Photo: John Caswell © 17 May 2014
CF-JRO at Seal Cove, British Columbia.
Photo: Pete Killin © 16 May 2014
CF-JRO on Tyee Spit at Campbell River.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 19 October 2013
CF-JRO one year on.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 03 August 2006
CF-JRO reflecting.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 20 August 2005
CF-JRO in early morning.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 02 April 2004
CF-JRO at Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse.
Photo: Paul Kip © August 2004
CF-JRO at Whitehorse, Yukon.
Photos: Hugh Mullen © 26 May 2004
CF-JRO at Whitehorse, Yukon.
Photo: Marco Kosterman ©18 June 2001 - Aird Archives
CF-JRO somewhere under the rainbow.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Dirk Septer Collection
CF-JRO on the grass at Victoria
Photo: Neil Aird © 30 October 1997
CF-JRO on the step at Schwatka Lake, Whitehorse, YT.
Photo: Bob Cameron © 1995
CF-JRO sporting wheels.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 13 May 1992 - Ruben Husberg Collection
CF-JRO on ski gear, twenty years earlier.
Photo: John Kimberley  © March 1977 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
56-0387 visiting a base near Rome, Italy.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1970 - Erik Frikke Collection
56-0387 at Heidelberg.
Photo: Johan D. Ragay © 18 May 1968
404 "Wood-pecker" during UN Congo operations.
Photo: Unknown photographer © - via Per Einar Janson
404 off duty.
Photo: Börje Lindström © 1962 - Leif Hellström Collection
404 gets her name!
Photo: Han Backner © 1961 - Leif Hellström Collection
15 at Leopoldville, Congo with some C-119G transports.
Photo: Torleif Åkesson © July 1961 - Leif Hellström Collection
56-0387 during Congo service.
Photo: Terence Spencer © July 1960 - Leif Hellström Collection
c/n 1108
56-0387 304 15 404


• Delivered 22-Jun-1957
56-0387 US ARMY• # 1693 • L-20 No: 694 • Command A-11
6387 noted 12-May-1960 @ Gatwick, UK
304 ONU - UNO • Jul 1960

15 noted as such at Leopoldville, Congo in Jul-1960

• Canx 01-Apr-1962
404 ONU - UNO • Named "Wood-pecker" in 1961
• wfu Feb 1962 • Canx 01-Apr-1962
• For sale @ Coleman Barracks, Mannheim - Sandhofen, Germany Feb 1974
tt 4,387.0
CF-JRO Alliance Aviation Ltd • Regd Dec 1973
• Ranger Oil (Canada) Ltd., Clagar, AB • regd 02-Jan-1992
• Kluane Airways, Whitehorse, YT • Regd 02-Jul-1992
• Tincup Enterprises Ltd., Whitehorse, YT • Regd 30_Jul-1992
• Tincup Enterprises Ltd (Ranger Air Charter), Whitehorse, YT • Regd 04-Jun-1993

CF-JRO Rispin Lake, Yukon - August 2001
Photos: Ron Newsome © August 2001

Subject: CF-JRO


Here are some pictures of CF-JRO. The wreck is at Rispin Lake, Yukon in August of 2001. The pictures were taken shortly after. Pilot attempted t/o with full load on, high lake, warm gusty day. T/O direction was dictated by terrain. Winds not favorable. A/C got airborne but settled back on the water again when wind gust blew up from behind. Pilot elected to abort. Ran up the bank at the end of the lake and flipped over. Pilot, 2 pax and one dog got out uninjured with the exception of the pilot's hand, still on the steam lever which went through the windshield.

I got involved in September of that year as labour in the salvage operation. We were all ready to go out in Black Sheep Aviation's (then piston) Otter, C-GMCW when the 9-11 attacks grounded us. It was loaded and everything when the call came through that we were grounded!!

We ended up driving to Finlayson Lake. Beaver C-FMPS took us to McEvoy Lake and we departed Inconnu Lodge with C-GFTZ, a standard Otter on about the 20th of the month. (the two days 'waiting for weather' at the lodge were enjoyed by all)

JRO was disassembled in situ, strapped together and slung 40 miles to the the South Canol Road by Fireweed Helicopter's C-GFWI Bell 204.

We hitched a ride home to Whitehorse from Ross River in C-GMCW when we were done.

My camera had quit shortly after leaving Whitehorse. I'm still choked about that to this day.

The Crash Photos are by Ron Newsome, JRO's owner, a good friend of mine. He went out to the scene the next day with his C-180 C-GAZE to survey the damage.

Kyle Cameron