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Banner photo: HK-1104 (512) "At SKVV" - Paul Seymour © 04 February 1995 - via - Aird Archives

Banner photo: G-ANAR (80) "Demo time" - de Havilland Aircraft © 1958 - Aird Archives

Banner photo: N11GA (1111) "All the ones" - Paul Seymour © 23 June 2008 - via - Aird Archives

Banner photo: C-FGQF (81) "Don't fence me in . . " - Gary Vincent © 20 August 2020

Banner photo: C-GUDK (708) "Almost over" - Gary Vincent © 11 April 1986

Banner photo: G-ALOW (36) "Allow me this early bird" - de Havilland UK © c.1952 - Aird Archives

Banner photo: XP769 (1421) "Another Brit" - DHC © Date unknown - Aird Archives

Banner photo: "A bevy of Baxter Beavers" - Neil Aird © 23 May 2005

Banner photo: C-FAWA (1430) "Under my wing" - Neil Aird © 23 May 2005

Celebrating thirty-one years of research.

This website is a lasting tribute to the men and women, past and present, who have had anything to do with this fine aircraft.

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Many items shown here did not always appear in the individual aircraft pages - well over a thousand larger images!!

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Recording DHC-2 Beaver history, every single day . . .

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I maintain a complete database, only a small part of it is on this website, I usually wait for a picture before adding data.

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Tell me now, what book do you have that adds several images/pages to itself each and every day?

CAUTION: This website, really a "giant e-book", now has some 4,312 pages and at least 18,080 or so different images!! (Not counting my daily "Toonies").

Over 13,986 of Beaver aircraft (my running tally - which is anything containing parts of a Beaver! - Hence different from Ian's Monthly Tally).

Even includes some videos and slide shows and large PDF presentations. WARNING: Could be very addictve.

My sincere thanks to my hard working research collegue, Ian S. Macintosh.

Thanks also to Ian M. Macdonald and Erik Johannesson.

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Don't worry - our DHC-6 Twin Otter website is gradually being refreshed by Neil & Ian!

We do this just for our own amusement and edification - you are welcome to browse.

This is primarily a back-up Archive for Ian and Neil - it may not always be up to date - we have other interests too!

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December 2020 - Celebrating 110 months online!

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• Detailed data for 844 Legacy de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otters - plus the new build Viking DHC-6 Twin Otter Series 400 •

I finally go delving into my fondly treasured, rather dusty, dog-eared, old notebooks - also busy scanning, restoring, and publishing slides and negs left to me by dear friends. Blueskies - "Kilo-Mike" and "Eddy".

Aird Aviation Archives

Some nostalgic airport visits and sixty-three years of "chasing planes" adventures 1957 - 2020.

"Still crazy after all those years . . . . " Paul Simon © 1975.

"Memorable Magic Moments"

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