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"The Immortal Beaver"

The Movie


The website has closed. this page is archived only.

The long awaited HD TV Movie/Documentary aired five times on

History Television (Canada) recently.

"Olivia's TV debut days are over - for now"

You might say they are "History". If you missed the showings, contact History Channel and ask for reruns!


I'm anxious for this project to air. I think you will all enjoy it. A tremendous amount of work has gone into the production.

Some of the "Stars" are: "Olivia", Russ Bannock, George Neal, Ken Swartz, Ted Gerow, Don Berends, Dave Curtis, Gregg Munro, Jerry Rader, John Nordstrom, Pete Killin, Mike Bannock, Harrison Ford and the odd appearance of yours truly. Plus a cast of many, many wonderful Beavers!

Great show - enjoyed it !

Hope it can be exported to the United States, Central and South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia, Japan - the World awaits!!

DVD available as of late November 2008

01 December 2007 - updated 09 May 2008 - updated again 22 May 2008 - updated 30 November 2008

16 August 2011 - Still being shown every now and then on History Television ;-) Stll is shown now and again.