About the author.

A long time enthusiast of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver bush plane, aviation artist and researcher Neil Aird decided to do something about all the information he had amassed on this aircraft. This Web site is the start of this "mission". . it has surpassed his wildest dreams, and continues to "grow" by leaps and bounds. By February 2019 it was noted that over 1,751,000 unique visitors had been logged.

Why does he do this ??  Check Kingston Whig Standard article..it might just give some clues ;-)

Neil, born in Dumbarton, Scotland in 1945. Since 1968, a resident of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Married to Danielle in 1970, they have three children, Katie, Robin and Anthony, and, at present, five grandchildren, Chloe, Claudia, Camille, Callum and Laurel.

They retired from, and sold their business Metalworks - Contemporary Jewellery in 2004. Danielle and Neil pursue their own interests with passion. Danielle with her writing and philanthropic work for the destitute of Kolkatta, India. She started a registered charity Calcutta Rescue Canada and works tirelessly for that cause. What a gal she is! We now support a private school and details can be found here The India Connection.

In recent years Neil has given lectures on "The de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver" to the Canadian Avaition Historical Society at their Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston and Montréal chapters. Another venue was at the Royal Military College at Kingston. Spreading "the gospel" so to speak! Not too long ago, in Gisborne, New Zealand! Other aspects of Aviation, particularly tracking aircraft in his "airspace", keep him very busy.

As time permits, information will be added to the master index and eventually it will provide a source of information on every Beaver built. This information is of most use to aviation enthusiasts researching the previous identities of a particular aircraft. First ones to be entered are aircraft that are still extant. Beaver owners also might be interested in the brief history of their treasured airframe! More detailed information is available on request from Neil.

Since August 2001 until he got "too busy" Neil  was the DHC-2 and DHC-3  editor for Aviation Databases. This will eventually have a very comprehensive listing of these types in their huge, accurate database. Check it out.

He also helped Dan Willink in the compilation of a definitive production list that commenced with the MAY 2002 edition of  AMCAR.  March 2004 saw the final chapter...if there is ever a final chapter!!

For the past several years he has been founder / webmaster of TwinOtterArchive.com, a website dedicated to the memory of Mike Ody. With his two colleagues, Ian Macintosh (Bristol, UK) and Erik Johannesson (Seeley's Bay, Ontario) , Neil keeps this comprehensive data base accurate with historical information and photographs of every de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter built and being built or restored. By February 2019 over 232,700 unique visitors had been logged at the website. A good start! This website is now being migrated to the new TwinOtterWorld website to make data updating easier. My colleague Erik taks care of that project!

His most recent venture was a website dedicated to the de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter / DHC-3archive.com - again, only the expertise and assistance of colleagues makes this possible. Karl E. Hayes of Ireland, the World renowned Otter expert is on board, without Karl's input, the task would be just "too much" . . By February 2019 over 83,000 unique visitors had been logged at the website. Karl is busy updating all the data and these are added on a regular basis.

What next, I wonder? Gradually adding images taken on my travels over the years, the most recent addition was "Fairbanks Friends".


This web site is dedicated to my patient and almost tolerant family.

"Beaver Hunter" in Winter.xxxxxxTop photo: Danielle Aird © 19 March 1993xxx . . . and in Summer.xx Lower photo: Antony Richardson © 03 July 2011
A patient Danielle at Whitewater Lake, Ontario during our 12,000km round-trip outwest in 2003 to visit our son Robin and daughter-in-law Tracy.
Photo: "Shooting the hunter" Danielle Aird © 11 September 2003 (There are times I'm sure Danie has wanted to!!)

If you see this guy ?
Photo: Robert A. Edwards  © September 1997
No, it's not my Beaver, and the registration is spurious.
If you see me wandering around your ramp, or asking for permission to take a portrait of your Beaver, please be kind and grant my request.
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