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Neil's Blog (sometimes more than Beavers!) April 2011 - May 2012

Photo: Tony Richardson © 18 October 2011

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30 April 2012

Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 19 March 2012

The May 2012 DHC-2.COM Calendar Pages are now available for download. Thanks to Lenn Bayliss of Toowoomba, Queensland for this great image of VH-AQU (1544) of Tasmanian Air Adventures in Hobart Harbour. I had two or three super shots to choose from. Australian Aviation published an article by Lenn in April on this company's ops in Tassie. Congratulations Lenn, and my sincere thanks for the images. Thanks also to Christiaan Durrant and his crew for the hospitality given to Lenn during his visit.

24 April 2012

April marches, nae, races on! Some of you will have noticed a large number of older images on the website recently. These fantastic images are by Sheldon D. Benner and come from Mike Ody's incredible DHC-2 slide collection, which I currently hold to share on the website. I am digitally "re-mastering" the slides for future generations to enjoy. A lot of work, but something I know Mike would approve of.

As a result of the above activities and my "other" project, I am not adding as many current photographs of Beavers, these I will hold in reserve for future inclusion. Thanks to all my regular correspondents who send me those shots.

15 April 2012

Foggy morning here in K-Town. Started a new Banner Archives page, Number 16. Don't forget to roll back time and check some of the earlier sections. The images there often do not appear on the website anywhere else. The Calendar images were often not added, I hope to rectify that at some point with a dedicated page showing thumb-nails of all the months, going back almost eight years. I just have to locate the original full size images on various and sundry old computers, external and internal hard drives, CD's etc. Another big project. You would then be able to choose an image to add to the current month if you don't want that image!

As you can imagine I'm still very busy with my other "big" project. Only just over a month until I launch that!! ;-)

This is a big week for my friends at Viking Air in Victoria. Their de Havilland All Operators Forum is this Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Sorry I can't be there, too much going on here. They should set up a web cam for us to enjoy the ramp activities at least. Eh Dave? I hope everything goes well!

07 April 2012

Been moving "stuff" from one old computer to a new faster one. But, taking forever. So, bear with me, I should get back to the website tomorrow.

02 April 2012

On March 29th I received an e-mail and a slide scan from Rick Ho in London, Ontario. CF-MAP (10) was in the background. Rick's comments follow;


I happened across your web site when I was looking for info on CF-MAP, the plane in the enclosed photo. The old Austin Airways building in Sudbury Ontario was demolished this week and some friends and I were lamenting the disappearance of bush planes from Sudbury. I looked up some old pics to post on Facebook.
Thanks for the info on the plane. The least I can do is share this photo with you. I believe it was taken the summer of 1969 at the Austin Airways dock, Sudbury Ontario. I"m the little boy in the photo.Regards,
Rick Ho

Photo: Dr. Edmund Ho © Summer 1969

01 April 2012

Well, met my deadline. Here is the April 2012 DHC-2.COM calendar page for you all to enjoy. My thanks to Tony Jarvis for the current shot of C-GMAY (1123) taken during a transit stop at La Grande, Québec, en route to CYUL - Montréal / Trudeau, Québec. It was noted there yesterday.

Photo: Tony Jarvis © 29 March 2012

Interesting article today on the Vintage Wings website, it's on the Zwillingbiber DHC-2ZB development, and eventual failure. Well researched and as usual, great images from various archives. Well done Vintage Wings. I learned a thing or two. A good read.

I came across this small photograph of an unmarked USAF de Havilland L-20A Beaver in Korea while I was working in our basement. So this image will start of the blog for the month of April.

Photo: Bruce Best Collection ©

31 March 2012

I'm awaiting a higher resolution of a photograph I'd like to use for the April 2012 DHC-2.COM Calendar page, hence the delay folks. Well, it just arrived, but I'm to pooped to add it tonight. Tomorrow it will appear. Thanks to photographer Tony Jarvis !

30 March 2012

The Fundraiser is in Victoria, BC., tonight 18:00 to 22:00 pdt. I see at least 73 folk will be there. Thanks to Harbour Air and WestJet for arranging this event for Maureen and Bill. I'm sorry I will not be there.

More contributions rolling in. Ron Goodrick (OZ), Greg Corbett (BC), Ken Hurford (ON), Dimitrios Sambanis (GR), Lance Larabee (WA). Thanks guys.

29 March 2012

Thanks for the response to the Fund-raiser for Bill and Maureen. So far contributions from John Olafson (BC), Lamar Bevil (LA), Lenn Bayliss (OZ), Ian Beatty (BC), Rob Mitchell (ON), Rich Hulina (ON), Bill "Sox" Smith (BC), Ian Butter (UK), John Racey (BC) and Peter Reardon (OZ). Thanks guys. Bill, if you are reading this, you sure have a lot of friends, and we're happy to support you in a small way.

27 March 2012

This Friday evening, March 30th, the folks at Harbour Air and WestJet are putting on a fund-raiser at "The Flying Otter Grill" (950 Wharf Street, Victoria BC (Right next to Harbour Air Seaplanes)) for our friends Bill and Maureen Hann. As many of you know, last July Bill was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Since then it has been a very difficult time for Bill , Maureen and their young family. Bill (38) is a very special friend to me and a long time contributor to DHC-2.COM and I hope some of you will join myself and my wife Danielle in helping the family out. I can handle any contributions via the PayPal "donate" button below the picture, and mark it "For Bill". Thanks.

Photo: Neil Aird © 01 June 2007

21 March 2012

Not much action on the Beaver website I'm afraid. Been busy with my other major project and also "Domestic" duties, repairs/painting etc. Danie is due back from Mexico at late o'clock tomorrow. So have to have the place "decent" . .

Just a heads up now to a very interesting blog started by my collegue Erik Johannesson. He is tracking the de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter and has a very topical blog. Check it out. Well done Erik, good luck. Twin Otter Spotter - catchy title too Erik! I'm hooked already. It is a de Havilland product after all!

12 March 2012

For some reason, at least on my computer anyway, the type face throughout my website has changed. Fortunately it is not too bad...but, it is an "uncontolled flight event" so to speak. Just when you think everything is going smoothly eh? ;-) Actually, just checked it more closely, I'm so used to the "new" Helvetica, that I think the type face I did not recognize is my old one Benguiat Bk BT !! Duh! How soon we forget.

For some light relief I took Google's Stickman for a walk. We peeked over the fence at Kenmore. A favourite haunt. To bad it is not "real time".

Photo: Google Earth © July 2009

08 March 2012

While it is very mild and snow/ice free here in Kingston, other parts of North America still have lots of snow. Ely, Wisconsin is one area. My pal Rich Hulina went there the other day and snagged some beautiful images of the Beavers based there. We seldom get to see the photographger, so here is one of Rich. The shooter was Teale, Rich and Shannon's daughter. Way to go Teale. Look out Rich, she's doing well so far ! ;-)

Photo: Teale Hulina © 05 March 2012

04 March 2012

Rolling on into March. The March winds doth blow yesterday, that's for sure. I don't think I have ever seen the Lake so rough. I spent time down on the shore. Even the wind turbines on Wolfe Island were stationary. Today all is calm again.

Danielle is in Mexico enjoying a well earned rest for three weeks. Meanwhile, if I can, I will be Beavering away as usual, plus more work on "The Project" . . . I hope also to add more period photos to Aird Aviation Archives as well, this is a very popular section of the website!

Recently I'm sure you have noticed still more fantastic images from Bob Cameron's Collection being added. I have my "war chest" well stocked, and will add more from time to time. Wonderful images Bob. My thanks.

Still purchasing slides if and when I have funds to do so. Remember you can chip in to help expand this collection for us all to enjoy. My thanks to those of you who have helped in this endeavour.

Photo: Neil Ayers taken by Robert S. Grant © 18 February 2012

Many of my correspondents I get to know. Above is Neil Ayers (the other Neil) who keeps me updated with images and info. Neil, posing here with Dan Banchard's beautiful C-GNBA (958) , is a Beaver driver, as was the photographer Bob Grant (also noted author). Bob now travels the World flying various craft.

26 February 2012

So, what's he up to? Been a bit scarce! I assure you all I'm working really very hard. A few domestic items going on, but it is mainly "the really big project". More free web working time coming up in March however. Meanwhile, here are the March 2012 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages for you all to enjoy. Thanks yet again to the generosity of John W. Olafson. Cheers John.

Photo: John W. Olafson © 23 September 2011

10 February 2012

I hope you are enjoying the wonderful images from Bob Cameron. Bob's collection not only contains gems from the "early" days, but he has all the details of locations, photographers, and approximate dates, so often neglected by many. Thanks Bob. Love to see what pops up in my mailbox from you every few days! It will take a while to get everything on the website.

Photo: CF-GYK (123) Yukon River, Dawson City, Yukon - 1951 © Bob Cameron Collection

06 February 2012

A few images from my window for you. Today it reached 7.4C and we have no snow. A bizarre winter. Danie is due back from toronto at 23:40, so have some time to add some snaps. She had a good flight back from Cuba. I heard her Westjet "WS2613" land on time a Pearson CYYZ / Toronto on 24 left, via Live ATC. These snaps were taken about the time she landed.

Photos: Neil Aird © 06 February 2012 17:27 EST

Earlier I saw an American Airlines Flight "AAL37" a Boeing 767-300 N363AA (24044) coming at me, so a quick snap of that one. Note the shadow of the tail cast on the contrail.

Photo: Neil Aird © 06 February 2012 14:46 EDT

Yesterday I heard the sound of a seaplane, here was C-GNEU Cessna A185E (18501817) doing a circuit around Downtown Kingston. Again the steeple features in one shot, and my Beaver Porthole in another!

Photos: Neil Aird © 05 February 2012 14:17 - 14:20 EST

01 February 2012

As this day draws to a close, I took this screen capture. It's always interesting to see who is checking out the web-site. I might have to drop this expensive feature soon, but in the meantime, here are the last 1,000 visitors. It seems we are still popular however ;-)

20:15 est 01:18 utc

31 January 2012

Making the "roll-over" into February. One last image for the month, 9J-AFE (1601) sent in by Tony Richardson. Taken from a book, it shows Oliver Irwin of Kyindu ranch near Lusaka, Zambia on the step. He was the gentleman who purchased her from the Zambian Air Force and had her "lovingly restored".

Image from: "They Served Africa with Wings" by W.G.M. Stirling & J.A. House

29 January 2012

The February 2012 DHC-2.COM Calendar Pages are up and ready. Featuring Frank Wright's latest Beaver rebuild. Great work yet again Frank. Thanks for letting me use the image. Hope she goes to an appreciative new owner soon. For Sale.

Photo: Frank Wright © 16 October 2011

27 January 2012

David McRae sent an image of a swept wing Beaver ;-) N2513N (1521) gets brushed off at Cordova, before she heads off to Kodiak.

Photo: David McRae © 12 November 2011

I see that Peter Krause has progressed quite a bit with his X-Plane DHC-2. Quite amazing. I urge you to check out his blog. ( link ). The Simulator Model is actually much further on than these images.

Images: Peter Krause © 2012

23 January 2012

First off a big thanks to my Graphic Designer son Anthony Aird, Adobe whiz, for doing a vector graphic of the famous de Havilland Canada "Beaver" logo for use on the website.

Thanks Ant. He is now working on his own, and I'm sure would welcome commissions for logos etc. Just drop him an e-mail and mention DHC-2.COM. He still will be working on the Your Workplace Magazine doing layout and web work for them, but as a self-emplyed person. His e-mail anthonyaird "at" - you can mention you know his Dad!

Yesterday I saw Danielle onto a bus at Queen's University for the start of her trip to Varadero, Cuba. Time was 01:30 EST and it was clear and very cold. I then "watched" her at 10:35 taxy to the holding point at CYYZ Toronto Pearson in C-GWSY Boeing 737-7CT (37421) of Westjet "WS2610" - I then was able to follow her in real time, all the way to 50nm north of Varadero! Thanks to Planefiner HD App on my iPad! Cool.

Above is a snap of my "busy" desk. Left: Planeplotter on Google Earth, Right: Planeplotter. iPad: Planefinder HD. She landed at 13:35 just twelve hours after leaving on the Airport Bus from Kingston. Temperature +27C instead of -14C ;-)

Above: Planefinder HD on iPad

19 January 2012

While in the basement today doing "other" stuff, I came across this drawing I did as a 17 year old. A Business Jet concept I called the "Aristocrat 16" probably done when I should have been doing homework! It was fun to compare it with our own Canadian Bombardier Global 5000.

Drawing: Neil Aird © 1962

Drawing: Bombardier © 2012

18 January 2012

An interesting e-mail (with eight photos via Mike Paulton) from Tony Richardson. See VP-YIM (87)

Photo: E.G Horton © April 1956 - Mike Paulton Collection

I think we can close the books on "Impala" alas.

15 January 2012

House guests this weekend, so not much time to add a Beaver yet. I have however, managed to work on some more black and white negatives that I "discovered" (30) and have added some to the Monthan Memories web page.

Photo: Neil Aird © 09 September 1968

Funny thing is that as I was doing that I got an e-mail from Tom Baillie, who just happens to be at the Pima Air & Space Museum today!!. He does not know yet that I added a snap of him there in 1968, just yesterday! As you can see from the images below, Tom has not stopped shooting airplanes ! He wrote; Pima Air Museum as great as ever! Across the road, a veritable forest of C-130s, together with rows of C-9s and F-16s. An amazing sight, as always!

Photo: Tom Baillie © 15 January 2012

12 January 2012

I awoke to that sound we don't enjoy around here - freezing rain. Very pretty however. Since I took these snaps, we have lost a big branch from our Lilac. Tthe internet was down briefly this morning also, but power stayed on. Just snowing now, which is a big relief!

Photos: Neil Aird © 12 January 2012 13:30 EST

The other day we had a grand double rainbow, now those I don't mind.

Photos: North View - East View Neil Aird © 07 January 2012 17:12 EST

10 January 2012

Got a snap in fromTassie, a gray looking Hobart, this morning from Chris Lawson. Thanks Chris. It shows VH-AQU (1544) at her new home. Check out the Tasmanian Air Adventures website and look at their gallery section. Nice images.

Photo: Chris Lawson © 10 January 2012

07 January 2012

Have several new projects up my sleeve. One which should be fairly easy to complete. I hope to find and place PDF downloadable images of the last seven years' DHC-2.COM calendar photos. Will make quite a collection, 84 in all. You can then add whichever favourite you have to the current calendar date page ;-) Now, all I have to do is find where I archived them. The second project is "major" and that remains "classified" for the time being!

My wife Danie has finally added a couple of short items to her blog "Danieonthego" which you might enjoy. She must be feeling a little less pressure around here to be able to write. Shortly she will again really be "Danie on the go" as she scoots off to the sun in Cuba for a winter break (part one) to rendezvous with the Western Canada division of our family. Well deserved I can tell you - I will stay here as usual and "mind the fort" . . .

06 January 2012

Happy New Year everyone! You will have noticed I have not been idle over the first few days of the year, hope you are enjoying the images. Received a great present in the mail from my pal Tom Baillie in Seattle, a CD of 47 scanned images from our trip together in 1968. I have started adding some to the Monthan Memories page. Thanks Tom. I believe he has another CD in the making ;-) Shown below is a sample, Douglas EA-1F Skyraider 135018.

Photo: Tom Baillie © 10 September 1968

Here is a chart showing the visitors to the website over the year 2011. Quite impressive I think ;-)

31 December 2011

Always a busy time the end of a month, the end of a year too. I settled down this morning to do the January 2012 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages...the computer died. Would not start again. Tried many times. I decided to let it cool and collect itself. Fired up a standby machine, wondered how I was going to access the website to send out an SOS or rather NOTAM to you all. After a bit of fussing, sweating, cool calm thinking...I manage to get a NOTAM posted. Then decided to try the main computer again. fired up. All back to normal. So worked on Alex Penrose image of VH-CXS (1360) that I had been saving. Thanks Alex, just what we need in the Northern hemisphere during our winter!

Photo: Alex Penrose © 09 December 2011

24 December 2012

Just before I shut up shop for the Christmas Break, I'd like to wish you all a happy time, I'll be back after Boxing day. I must say I do not miss the long hours at the Goldsmith's bench at this time of year!

Photo: Dave Hayes © 1961 - Mark Hayes Archives

I'd like to thank Mike Hayes for sending along some of his father's (Dave Hayes) images from his time in Ghana, in 1961. Great to have photos like these. I think the above shot should be titled "Three-Two-One" . . . quite a flyby.

Photos: © Mark Hayes Archives

18 December 2011

Been a while since I did a blog entry, I've been busy, have no fear. I got such a great reaction from the small section I did on the Eastern ramp at JFK, that I was prompted into starting my "Stateside 66" section. As usual, the images take such a long time to clean up. I will expand this section and also include some "scenics" as I did manage to cover quite a bit of the United States on that adventure. Slide film was precious, but I did manage to shoot the odd plane as well on my travels.

It's funny how some areas of the website really "take off". The most resent section that has gone "viral" is the Red Bull DC-6 I have had over 22,566 folk look at that since December 1st! Second is the Davis-Monthan "Monthan Memories" section, which, after a year and a half, has dropped off to number three slot with only 3,450 visitors in December so far.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 August 1966

Yesterday I blew a huge amount of dollars on a slide of a "New!" Beaver, it will appear in the New Year. The aircraft in question is 51-16843 (398) in US Army markings. Thanks to my web site supporters which made this possible.

05 December 2011

Time travel again, this time back to 12 September 1967 and an early morning visit to Eastern Airlines terminal observation deck at JFK. Better get back to Beavers before you all leave.

Photo: Neil Aird © 12 September 1967 09:00 EDT

04 December 2011

Some ambitions take time to fulfill. Case in point "Caribou Country". Now ready for you to enjoy, another great de Havilland Canada product page. Quite a service life. My sincere thanks to Lenn Bayliss and Peter Reardon for making my two memorable visits possible.

Photo: Neil Aird © 26 April 2005

02 December 2011

Working away on various non-Beaver projects these days. I completed a new section on Air America, spurred on by a reaction to my Marana pages. I cleaned up some images by my pal Ken Marshall. The Prestwick lads have enjoyed it a lot. Seems we all have fits of nostalgia!

Next up is a section on my 2005 visit to RAAF Amberley in Queensland to see the de Havilland DHC-4 Caribou in action. I'm glad I did, as they have all been retired from Royal Australian Air Force service. It will be a few more days before I make that section active - although, on second thoughts, here is a wee peek..

Photo: Neil Aird © July 1966

I just now I added a couple of snaps of Lockheed L-188A Electra of Eastern Airlines taken at JFK in 1966. Enjoy. Oh, here's something of a different shape, and a little smaller, a Grumman TBM-3 Avenger at Mesa in 1968.

Photo: Neil Aird © 08 September 1968

30 November 2011

You can now grab your December 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages. Thanks this month to Mark Witteveen for his wintery image of N2513N (1521) at her new home on Kodiak, Alaska. Here's Mark doing what any self-respecting photographer does whe he or she sees an oh so shiny spinner ;-)

Photos: Mark Witteveen © 17 November 2011

I must say crossing the one million threshold was quite exciting. Our house guests joined in the excitement. We watched in real time and could see many friends staying on the website as the numbers crept towards the magic 1,000,000. I noted Sippo in Northern Finland, Ian in Britain, Normand in Québec, Fred in Alaska . . then up came the mysterious one from Ennis (County Clare) in Ireland checking in at 23:17utc. Who could that be? Well, it turned out to be Pete Groves from Dubai looking at the site from near Shannon Airport. Pete was on a lay-over at SNN, driving a Boeing 747 to pick up horses for onward trip to New York and Montréal, Canada. I mentioned to Pete that he was "One in a Million". Good timing Pete. You are probably somewhere over the North Atlantic, have a safe trip.

29 November 2011

As I await visitor 1,000,000 ;-) - I'm reflecting on the really steady viewership the website has. Some days the number of unique visitors are identical. At the weekend, the numbers drop off slightly. My data collecting software from Web-Stat is the one I use for the "Unique Visitor" count, my other counters show much higher numbers for the same data, so we may have had well over a million! I'll note the ISP number of the Millionth Visitor and see what I can dream up as a "Door Prize" . . .

I will start a new blog page on December 1st and I'd better select the DHC-2.COM December calendar page. I'll try to add that tomorrow if I can. I have a huge number of DHC-2 submissions to get through for the website, always a pleasant task. The more the merrier. It does, however take time, especially if I am cleaning up older slides.

Another project that is keeping me busy - I am changing the type face throughout the website, to a universal simple Helvetica Type. I had noticed wierd variations when looking at the site on my iTouch. Yikes - a scrolly script!!! What will people think? here I go on a slow slog through the website. Each time I update a page I will change the type face. Hope you all approve.

17 November 2011

Getting a bit behind with my Beavers again I'm afraid. I hope you all forgive my digression. Here is the result of a couple of days work.

Photo: Neil Aird © 09 September 1968

12 November 2011

I have to confess that I'm having way too much fun here. Delving into my old negatives and resurrecting them. One film I was convinced had been totally lost due to poor fixing in the developing process. Well, thanks to a good scan and Photoshop, and pleasant time cleaning up, I now have "The Three Stearmen", a portrait of working Boeing A-75 Stearman biplanes in 1968 to enjoy. Chandler, Arizona was the location where I found no less than twelve Stearman, some of them wrecks, but many active.

Photo: Neil Aird © 08 September 1968

Below that is a portrait of myself at Anchorage, doing the ramps. The results of that walkabout, I am adding to my Alaska page.

Photo: Tom Baillie © 14 September 1968

I guess what I really enjoy about plane spotting, is finding a plane I have seen before, later on in it's career. Often I don't know until many years later that this event has actually occured! Case in point, Lockheed L-188C Electra N1968R (2007), which I just added to my "Fly Alaska" page. I visited Red Deer airport in Alberta, back in 2003. The purpose of this visit was to see the B-26 fleet before they were sold. This Electra was one of five present that day. So that made 35 years since our first meeting.

Photo: Neil Aird © 19 September 2003

08 November 2011

Spending part of today cleaning up some old black and white images before the negatives are totally toast! What a job, perhaps I will be able to add a few more before my eyes and hand give out. Here's Curtiss C-46A-45-CU Commando N4860V (30240) at Fairbanks with Fairchild C-82 N-209-M also of Interior Airways, in the background. Guess what? The C-46 and I met agin 27 years later!

Photo: Neil Aird © 05 September 1968

Some of you will remember I was involved with the Aerosoft de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Flight Simulation project many years ago. Currently I am trying to help Peter Krause in Germany, with his Virtual Beaver too. So far I am very impressed with his work. It is being made for the X-Plane format.

Image; Peter Krause © November 2011

Here is a link to Peter's pages on the X-Pilot Forum, so you can follow his progress. He is looking for some real DHC-2 Beaver pilots (past or present) to help him with the flying characteristics. If you are interested in helping, please e-mail me at adminnca "at" - some of the items he needs to know are the following:

- Takeoff and Landing characteristics

- Stall characteristics

- aircraft stability around the pitch, roll and yaw axis (low speed, high speed)

- moments of inertia characteristics, "heaviness" or "lightness" of controls around the pitch, roll and yaw axis

- general slow flight characteristics with respect to the feel and controllability of the aircraft

- hands off flying characteristics in roll (low speed, cruise speed)

- engine torque effects

- STOL procedures

04 November 2011

The Canadians should be on their way back over the pond this morning from Prestwick. I wish a safe flight all ten aircraft. For the numbers folk amongst us the aircraft in question are; 7 x CF-188 Hornet 188762/783/790/735/767/778/785, 2 x CC-150 Polaris 15004/005 and 1 x CP-140 Aurora 140113. They left on time with the CF-188 using afterburners, to the great delight of the spotters. Next stop would be CYQX Gander, Newfoundland.

15:15 EDT an update: 15005 has made it back to Canada and I have it on my screen just crossing the Ottawa River as "CFC4323" will soon be on the radio for CFB Trenton. Well, at 15:30 this aircraft was 9.0nm from my station and at in the descent. I waved. Welcome home.

Here is a video shot by Jim Ramsey of the event. Thanks for braving the rainshowers Jim. He wrote:

On Friday 4th November 2011, 7 Canadian CF-18 Hornets and 2 C-150 (A310) Tankers departed Prestwick homeward bound for Canada following a successful mission in Libya.
A large gathering of Scottish Photographers (and I'm sure I heard a few Geordie accents nearby!) gathered on "the mound" at Prestwick Airport to witness this historic event.
Here is my effort at videoing the event, and an open invitation to join our Scottish Aviation Photographers (SAPs - pun intended) group on Facebook. (In the "search" box just enter "Scottish Aviation Photographers")

Another "over the pond" pilot is our "Norse Man" Cyrus Brantenberg. I was going to have this image on the website for hallow'een, but never made that deadline. Cyrus travelled from Norway over the North Sea from Stavangar to Fermanagh, Northern Ireland via Dundee, Scotland and Inneskillin, Northern Ireland. Here we see him in his Helly-Hansen survival suit on the float of faithful LN-NCC (1167).

Photo: Unknown photographer © 22 September 2011

02 November 2011

Today the RCAF CF-188 Hornet NATO participants are en route back to Canada. Currently there are seven aircraft refuelling at Prestwick and staying there until the 4th. Meanwhile two others gave me a quick buzz and scooted off to CFB Trenton.

Photos: Neil Aird © 11:20 edt 02 November 2011

01 November 2011

I was getting ahead of myself, I thought that today was the 2nd. That's what happens when you are retired and prepare the website a day ahead....anyway, it is now November. Looks like we will hit the Millionth visitor to DHC-2.COM before the end of November methinks? There were 1,290 inquiries to the website in November!! Glad I did not have to answer all of these ;-)

Oh yes, did you download your free DHC-2.COM Calendar pages for November 2011 yet? Thanks to Brian Wright for this tranquil image. Happy Birthday Brian, a little Beaver told me this is your month ;-)

Photo: Brian Wright © 30 June 2011

28 October 2011

Photo: Unknown photographer © 1965 - Rom McCormack Archives

An interesting photo arrived from Ronald J. McCormack today. I've added it to the 53-7937 (752) page. Here are Ron's comments that came with the image. Many thanks Ron.

Dear Neil, here is a picture of me in US Army U6A 53-7937 at Brienne le Chateau France in 1965. This is serial number 752. This aircraft served with the 582nd Transportation Company. In late 1965 Charles De Gualle threw us out of France and we moved to Coleman Barracks in Mannheim, Germany where I was assigned to maintain this Aircraft. I lost track of her and I searched for many years for her location. Arwen Hunter sent me an email a few years ago and as it turns out she was destroyed on July 26 ,1969 after being struck by an Air America Beech 18 at Vung Tau, Sounth Vietnam. I used to run up this aircraft every few days if she had not flown and I had a few mechanics who would accompany me to the run up area to sleep off a hangover. Great memories. If you would like a disk with the photo or an original photo please let me know. You have my permissionto use this photo.

Ronald J McCormack Bigfork, Montana.

I was up on the roof today doing some pre-winter antenna work. What a great place, wish I had easier access. Here is a snap from one floor higher than the image taken on the 22nd. The leaves are fading and falling fast. Top the view to my east. The lower, to the north.

iTouch Photos: Neil Aird © 28 October 2011

22 October 2011

The view out of our north facing bathroom window this morning. I always enjoy the colours here, and even more, like to see the leaves fall . . . why? More sky!

iTouch Photo: Neil Aird © 22 October 2011

21 October 2011

Been busy with domestic duties and enjoying visitors recently. Settling in to some serious webwork soon. Had a great visit from Tony and Sally Richardson, touring Eastern US and up here into Canada briefly for a short hello. They live in Switzerland, and I met Tony at Bönigen in the summer.

Photo: Neil Aird © 18 October 2011

While we were out on a walk we chanced upon Agusta AW139 C-GYNL (41238) parked on the Hospital Pad. So a quick snap taken on my iTouch. Sure has big windows!!

iTouch Photo: Neil Aird © 16:37 18 October 2011

As I was doing this blog entry, I noticed the counter transition through 988,000 - so it looks like we might hit 1 million visitors before Christmas!

13 October 2011

Today I received an image from Ted Larkin, a kindred spirit obviously!

Ted wrote:

Neil, I recently visited your wonderful website and saw your photo of KAL81 overhead Kingston. Attached is a shot that I took of HL7612 at FL390 overhead Toronto on Saturday October 8 at 10:26AM. Good to know that I'm not the only guy pointing a camera at what onlookers thought was an empty sky. Regards, Frederick (Ted) Larkin---Toronto

07 October 2011

Well, after a week of waiting I find that I have not been accepted by the good folks at Google AdSense due to this website having "unacceptable content". Go figure. I thought that their banners might help raise some revenue for this website. Not to be it seems. I therefore must rely totally on your donations to fund DHC-2.COM. Maybe it's some kind of national security thing, but there is no way of knowing. So, back to Beavers. Rant over.

06 October 2011

Another brilliant Autumn/Fall day. Lots of overflights for me, which will mean distractions all day long. Went to the front balcony to shoot "KAL081" going by this morning, HL7613 (059) Airbus A380-861 doing the honours.

Photo: Neil Aird © 10:33EDT 06 October 2011

03 October 2011

I got an e-mail fro Beaver pilot Ben Hawkins, he's the guy driving C-GDYD (1461) on our current banner. Ben wrote to tell me he was was born and raised in Kingston, where I reside. He was quite surprised to find himself pictured. He had noticed Rich taking a picture as he was landing, but little realised that it would end up here!

Photo: Rich Hulina © 01 October 2011

02 October 2011

Today I added a page with a fine poem "Density Altitude" by Derek Palmer, a sort of "ode" to the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver Mk.III - thanks Derek.

Image: Neil Aird © 02 October 2011

01 October 2011

Two friends in one week.

First was
Jim Andie (49) in the Otter crash up near Kodiak. There will be a memorial event for Jim at Minuteman Aviation, Missoula Airport on Saturday, 08 October 2011.

MISSOULA - James Owen Andie, 49, took his final flight Friday, Sept. 23, 2011, when the de Havilland Otter floatplane he was piloting went down outside of Kodiak, Alaska. Jim had been splitting his time between his home in Missoula and Kodiak, where he worked as a bush pilot for the last year and a half both in Kodiak and near Denali National Park. Jim died doing what he loved most in the world - flying. Jim is survived by his wife, Tamara Andie; children, James and Lauren Andie.

I only just now I heard that my friend Mike Ody (Toronto) de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter and all things DHC died of a heart attack this morning (Saturday) at 01:30EDT.
Mike was enjoying his retirement and constantly keeping his finger on the pulse with all things de Havilland Canada. A great researcher, and he never passed here without coming with binders and slides that might be of interest to the DHC-2.COM archives.

I received this e-mail from Rod Simpson of Air-Britain. Mike was a member of Air-Britain since the early days. He was Member 1727.

Neil - I was very sad to hear of the untimely death of our good friend Mike Ody. What you will not know is that, just yesterday, before we heard the news, we made an award to Mike at the Air-Britain Annual General Meeting. He was awarded the AAHS Trophy for the best contribution to American aviation history in 2010 for his article on Found Aircraft in the Summer, 2010 issue of Aviation World. We will, of course publish some comments about Mike's passing - and his enthusiasm for matters aviation - and de Havilland in particular. However, I imagine you or other Canadian historians will be attending his funeral and news of the award may be appropriate for the eulogy. An inscribed glass trophy goes with the award, and we were intending to mail it to Mike, but perhaps you might find out if Marion would still like to receive this. Please pass on to Mike's family and friends the appreciation of Air-Britain for all his contributions to the society and the sincere condolences of the Air-Britain Board of Directors. - Rod Simpson

Mike. I'll miss you a lot, and especially your "putzing" reports from airfields around Ontario. Lots of pals are missing you already!

Michael J. Ody 1939 - 2011

RIP both you and Jim. Condolences to your respective families.


30 September 2011

Another short month, but managed to get the October 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar Pages ready in time. My sincere thanks yet again to Ian Beatty.

Photo: Ian Beatty © 15 August 2011

24 September 2011

Today ended on a very sad note. Jim Andie died last evening when N361TT (361) de Havilland DHC-3T Otter crashed. More details later. My sympathy goes out to Tamara and Jim's family and many friends in the Beaver world.

Photo: John W. Olafson © 06 June 2003

Every few years Ian Beatty drops in for a visit to "Beaver Lodge". Ian is a Beaver driver with Pacific Coastal in British Columbia. I'm sure you recognise his name as he is a steady supplier of fine images to DHC-2.COM. The October 2011 Calendar Page will feature another of his "gems". We had a pleasant time catching up. Here he is enjoying fellow photographer Rich Hulina's new book. Thanks for dropping in Ian.

Photo: Neil Aird © 11:16EDT 24 September 2011

22 September 2011

The NTSB have changed their website, and as a result, all the links to their accident reports, on this website do not work! Instead you get a cute picture of a mouse with a piece of cheese and the comment "Where's My Cheese?".

Photo: NTSB ©

My collegue Ian Macintosh is working diligently finding all the new links. I then add a separate page after the aircraft in question. N70JE (70) is an example of the new format. These ammendments will take some time, but will showcase some of Ian's stellar "behind the scenes" work. Thanks Ian.

20 September 2011

Paul Armstrong just sent me an e-mail:

A bit of sad news. The proud owner of C-FJEF (1060) Wayne Jeffery passed away on Sunday September 18 in Oshawa following a long battle with cancer. Wayne was an avid pilot who owned JEF since 2002. He was the President of Jeffery Homes which has its head office in the Oshawa Airport main terminal building so that he could be close to his aviation passion, with JEF residing in his private hangar on the north side of CYOO, along with his PA12. Wayne also recently donated his Found Bush Hawk to M.A.F. for support of their programs in Canada. A great loss of a fine gentleman and aviation supporter.



Photo: Gary Gentle © 16 August 2008

18 September 2011

Just made a start on my Flying Bulls' Douglas DC-6B page. Courtesy of co-founder of the collection, and retired Chief Pilot Sigi Angerer, I made a special visit to "Hangar 8" and got a look inside the immaculate N996DM (45563) - so enjoy the fine interior, in some detail. I will also have a page soon on some of the other aircraft in Dietrich Mateschitz's incredible collection.

Photo: Neil Aird © 10 July 2011

15 September 2011

N5362X rang a bell when I was reading a report of this Piper PA-18 Sup Cub on amphibs sitting on the apron at Prestwick, Scotland. It was heading north this morning to a seaplane base on Loch Earn, travelling via Loch Lomond. Well, I know why - when I checked my images from the Scalaria Event at St Wolfgang, in Austria, indeed it was the same machine. Sure gets around. In fact, Derek Pake e-mailed me with an update.

Sure does get around :-) Owned by a Lufthansa A340 pilot friend of mine. Today was Prestwick-Loch Lomond-Loch Doine-Loch Earn-Perth-Loch Tay-Loch Tulla-Loch Etive-Loch Linnhe-Oban-Sound of Mull-Glenforsa-Loch Awe-Loch Earn. Phew !! Some of the trip in company of G-DRAM and G-BVNS.

Working his way towards Enniskillen for a seaplane meeting weekend after next !
Fermanagh Seaplane Festival (Sept 23-25th).


Photo: Neil Aird © 09 July 2011

14 September 2011

It's hard to keep up with everything that is going in the "tracking" field. I just noticed that the good folks at Planefinder have added a feature to the Planefinder Website, which is already on their APP. Give it a try. Go ahead, click on a plane when it loads up. Check out the 120x Playback Feature!! Site goes Live Monday 19th September 2011.

• Live moving planes

• Detailed aircraft information including photographs and drawings - your photos will now appear here too

• Detailed flight information including arrival and destination locations

• Filter by altitude, speed or airline

• Search by location, flight number or aircraft registration

• Plotting of historic flight paths (Playback)

• Embed a location specific map in your own website

• Share a URL to a plane, a flight or a location

• Variable speed playback of historic flight data by date and time

• Share a plane or flight via twitter or Facebook

• Google Earth "Fly Me" simulator

    For those who like aircraft/airline liveries, they have a great APP Airline Finder for the iTouch/iPhone/iPad with hundreds of fine side view renderings. Airline Finder is a superb identification guide for over 700 airlines across the world.The stunning artwork shows you the aircraft side and tail markings for airlines across the globe.The application has been designed for simplicity and speed. It's very easy to use and enables you to list the airliners or search based upon airline name, predominant tail colour and country.The high quality computer illustrations were created by Graham Charles Edwards whose previous work includes a published airline reference guide.The app will be updated regularly to ensure that new airlines are included.

    © Pinkfroot

    13 September 2011

    One of the finest action Aviation photographers I have met is Parr Yonemoto. Parr "bumped" into some of my pals at Airventure Oshkosh this year, provng yet again, what a small world this is. Here are (l-r) Gordon Macadie, Gordon Reid and Jim Creegan.

    Photo: Parr Yonemoto © 28 July 2011

    12 September 2011

    Steve Burak's N791PW (791) just arrived back in Emmett, Idaho, from the paint shop. Looking great Steve.

    Photo: Steve Burak © 11 September 2011

    My copy of Scramble Magzine arrived today - Issue 388, September 2011. Woohoo - I made the cover. Second time. Thanks lads.

    Photo: Neil Aird © 09 July 2011 - Courtesy Scramble

    05 September 2011

    Labor Day holiday in North America.

    The Great Arctic Air Adventure DVD by Mark Schoening and Doug DeVries has been released. You can order yours directly from the Seattle Museum of Flight. Those of you in the Pacific Northwest (US) can see it on TV first if you like.

    The other day Paul Baijens posted a YouTube link of DHC-2 Beaver S-9 (965) landing at Volkel AFB in the Netherlands. (After the landing Harvard). Thanks Paul. Nice sounds. This is a hard working show aircraft. Congratulations to the Koninlijke Luchtmacht - Royal Netherlands Air Force, for keeping her in the air.

    Image: Screen capture by Neil from YouTube.

    31 August 2011

    Yesterday I heard a sound. It sounded like a Beaver, so out I went...not a Beaver, but this machine. Boeing Stearman B75N/PT-27 Kaydet C-GKUE (75-3925) in her original markings FJ875.

    Photo: Neil Aird © 12:13 EDT 30 August 2011

    It was part of a contingent from Vintage Wings Yellow Wings visiting Kingston Airport. I was treated to this fine machine doing several orbits over my house.

    30 August 2011

    Almost the end of August, so here are the September 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages. Thanks to Scott Stamp for this month's image.

    Photo: Scott Stamp © 13 August 2011

    August was a busy month with 46 Beaver additions to the website, previous record was when I added 50. September you might see a drop off as we have a son and his family visiting from British Columbia.

    27 August 2011

    Robert H. "Bob" Fowler 1922 - 2011. A note to mention that Bob is no longer with us. Ken Swartz sent me this notification about his passing on August 23, 2011.

    Retired de Havilland Canada test pilot Bob Fowler passed away earlier this week at the age of 89.

    (SEPTEMBER 19, 1922 - AUGUST 23, 2011)
    Peacefully at home on August 23, 2011 in his 89th year. Beloved husband and best friend of Margaret (nee Phillips) for 64 years. Loving father of Stephen (Lynne Guthrie) Fowler, Georgeanne (David) Thorneloe, Patricia (Thom) Pace, Laurie and Heather (Danny) Fitzgerald. Dear grandfather of Andrew, Patrick, Kate, Emma (deceased), Andrea, Michael, Beth, Christine, Kyle and Aidan. Bob served in the RCAF as a Flt Lt/pilot with RAF squadron 226, flying forty eight missions over Europe during World War II. After the War, he did survey flying for Gulf Oil and Spartan Air Service before joining DeHavilland Canada in 1952 as a test pilot - progressing to Chief Engineering Test Pilot. In 1980 he was made a member of Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame. He was also a Fellow of the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute, winner of the Trans Canada McKee Trophy and Officer of the Order of Canada. After his retirement in 1987, he was an active member of RiversideEmery United Church and delivered Meals on Wheels with his wife Marg until he was 87. Despite his many accomplishments, Bob was a modest man who will be missed by all.

    Commissioned by the Royal Canadian Mint, I had the pleasure of designing a coin featuring Bob, back in 1999. Here is the sketch of him I made and also the completed coin and the cameo. RIP Bob.

    Photo/Desgn: Neil Aird © 2011/1999

    26 August 2011

    A man of his word. I refer, in this case, to photographer Erich Gandet from Switzerland. Erich mentioned to me he would send his DHC-2 Beaver Archives along to me, well 19 images arrived today. My sincere thanks Erich. The first CF-UCU (1611) I have posted on the site today. the others I will add with great pleasure over the coming weeks.

    I also received a few old slides from Ronald J. Skamanich in Pennsylvania. Thanks Ron. They are from 1968 and show a couple of U-6A active in South Vietnam. I will try to clean them up, but may have to accept their age and condition. Here are the "before" and "after" shots.

    Photo: Ronald J. Skamanich © 1968

    He mentions that his two are still both flying, one in Canada and one in Alaska.

    25 August 2011

    Only four months until Christmas! Let's not rush it.

    I just noticed that the approximate number of photographs on this website just reached 9,500. There may be more that I missed in the count.

    Still, by far the most popular section on this whole website is "Monthan Memories" with some 15,139 views in August so far!! My main page pales with some 7,000 in the same time period!

    21 August 2011

    Started work on the latest bunch of images from 1961-62 period (non-Beaver) from my pal Tom Baillie. A CD arrived the other day containing 29 shots from Renfrew, Prestwick and Turnhouse. Great stuff Tom. Gradually cleaning up and adding to "your" page. Shown below is one of the regulars at Renfrew, TF-LLC a Douglas DC-6B (44121) of Loftleidir at Renfrew Airport, our "local". I had the pleasure of flying to Iceland and back on her sister ships TF-LLD and TF-LLE, three hours en route, each way.

    Photo: Thomas A. Baillie © 1961

    19 August 2011

    Received this image today, a winter scene, from Beaver driver Alex Penrose. Oh, poor Alex, how you suffer ;-) Location, the very beautiful Whitehaven Beach, Queensland. Thanks Alex!

    Photo: Alex Penrose © 17 August 2011

    18 August 2011

    This was my day to catch HL7612 Airbus A380 - 861 (039) operating "KAL082". The schedule is set for Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Today was the first time I was "on station" and it was clear . She was only 19 nm to my east! This aircraft will be a regular passing my window as she routes from Kennedy to Seoul.

    Photo: Neil Aird © 15:14 EDT 18 August 2011

    The Sikorsky S-76 is seen less often now that the Agusta AW139's are operating with Ornge, our Air Ambulance Service. Here C-GNYH (41230) arrives passing my easterly landmark, on base leg to the heliport at Kingston General Hospital. I'm not certain, but perhaps just crew traing still. These will become increasingly regular in the near future, day or night.

    Photo: Neil Aird © 14:01 EDT 18 August 2011

    16 August 2011

    As you well know, I sometimes am known to look up in the sky, away from my screen! Here I see N571FE McDonnell Douglas MD-10-10F (47830) "FDX130" heading to Montréal - Mirabel on a daily early morning run.

    Photo: Neil Aird © 06:39 EDT 16 August 2011

    15 August 2011

    Another successful event for the Seaplane Pilots Association Switzerland. Jvan Aeberli sent this lovey image of N930AJ (1286) along to prove the beauty of the venue at Lake Geneva (Bouveret). Thanks Jvan.

    Photo: Jvan Aeberli © 13 August 2011

    Photo: Scott Stamp © 13 August 2011

    Another Beaver that "arrived" on my desk today, so to speak, was C-FYMV (1589) on her huge Norseman floats. I will be featuring this aircraft, in another image, as the September 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar Page. Thanks to my friend Scott Stamp (DHC-3T Pilot).

    14 August 2011

    A break from Beavers today and I have added a few more images to the Ken Marshall Images UK Military section - this time some RAF English Electric Lightning Jet fighters.

    Photo: Ken Marshall © 20 September 1969

    13 August 2011

    I have added another fine correspondent to our family. Keith Burton, just back in the United Kingdom from his third trip to Alaska. Keith is sharing his DHC-2 Beaver "captures" with us. I will be adding some over the coming days. Many thanks Keith, super images. Alaska is definately addictive, so many varied aircraft types in dramatic scenery. I'm fond of this shot of N561TA (581) which took me to 11,500' beside Denali and featured in one of my paintings!

    Photo: Keith Burton © 21 June 2011

    12 August 2011

    Today I received my August 2011 edition #387 of Scramble. Excellent as always. Back page speaks for itself!

    09 August 2011

    A certain sound on this rainy Tuesday, caught my attention. Over my studio came an amphib Beaver! A visit to CYGK was put immediately on the agenda. Lo and behold, C-FJAB (934) had stopped for gas. My timing coincided with her departure westbound into the murky skies, so I was a happy, albeit wet camper ;-)

    Photos: Neil Aird © 09 August 2011

    07 August 2011

    While I was getting ready to add the latest bunch of Beavers, an image came in from Beaver chaser Fred Barnes. Today he went to his local field, White Waltham to see PBY G-PBYA which was visiting for the day. Two reasons why I show this. The first is that I last saw her recently at the Scalaria Event on Lake St. Wolfgang in Austria. Fred's image shows that the red Scalaria Decals have now been removed. You all remember my recent aerial shots of White Waltham, hence the inclusion in the blog!

    Photo: Fred Barnes © 07 August 2011

    Below two images of her performing almost one month ago at St. Wolfgang. As hinted, I will be doing a page or two of that event soon.

    Photos: Neil Aird © 09 July 2011

    06 August 2011

    I recently added some more Airliner images taken at London-Heathrow and Zurich, to my Airliners Slide Show. (241 images there now!) Next will be some from Basel and Amsterdam-Schiphol.

    01 August 2011

    Good grief, August! Casting my mind back a bit to 13 July, I snapped White Waltham (from my Airbus) a small airfield near London. I "Googled" it to confirm my identification, after all, the last time I was there was 1961, and that time, on my bicycle. Yup, the images matched. Once a spotter, always a spotter. Hits of the early visit, two Fairey Gannets bound for the Indonesian Navy!

    Photos: - Left: Google © 2009

    Photos: Above and above left: Neil Aird © 13 July 2011

    29 July 2011

    When I flew back from Basel to London on13 July, I smiled when I saw the registration of my BMI Airbus A319, it was G-DBCH, CH being the country code for Switzerland. On the 14th when I was taxiing out to return to Canada, I caught it landing. On the main page of my website I have a banner for PlaneFinder, the graphic on that shows another one of the BMI fleet G-DBCA, too bad it was not G-DBCH - I know, I know, I could change that in a flash ;-)

    28 July 2011

    No big surprise as to the subject for the August 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar image. "Lake Amphibian", forgive the pun, but you should all know me by now!

    Photo: Neil Aird © 03 July 2011

    27 July 2011

    You know how I just love trivia. I checked my actual time in the air on this recent 19 day trip, 23 hours and 16 minutes. I log (when I remember) lift-off to touch down times. So far, I have an equal number! Aircraft types used; DHC-2, DHC-8, A333, B77W, A319, A320, RJ85.

    26 July 2011

    Added a page on my visit to Zurich Control Tower. As you know, I was oh so impressed. I also put two more images of LV-GLJ (1419) sent by Michael Magnusson. Thanks Michael.

    23 July 2011

    Added a couple of VISTAS to give you a feel from some of my holiday adventures. Here is an overhead shot of the centre of Lucerne, Switzerland, taken from N930AJ (1286). Last time I walked over that old covered wooden bridge was with my six year old son Robin back in 1982!

    Photo: Neil Aird © 03 July 2011

    21 July 2011

    It reached 44.5C here today (heat index) so tomorrow we are off to a cool lake for some kayaking and swimming. Our temperatures are nothing compared to our neighbours to the south!!

    20 July 2011

    A couple of other busy towers, seen but not conquered! EGLL / LHR and EHAM / AMS.

    Left: Heathrow Airport, London - Neil Aird © 14 July 2011 xxxxxxxRight: Schiphol Airport,Amsterdam - Neil Aird © 30 June 2011

    19 July 2011

    Not back at it yet, been quite busy with other items, family etc. Hot here, so that has also slowed me down. Hey, it's summer, not time to be stuck behind a keyboard. Enjoying an Austrian Beer, actually the cheapest on the LCBO shelves @ $1.80 a 500ml can.

    16 July 2011

    I'm back in the webmaster's chair. Totally well rested now, with an enormous numer of images to tackle (read thousands!), only three and a half Beavers to share, but a wonderful holiday, great people, fantastic places and lasting memories.

    A few people when they go to Europe go to see "The Tower" well I certainly did, and I must say it was one of the "high" lights of my trip. I will add a special section to the website on that aweome "event". Two or three other pages will be added featuring some of my aviation adventures. One will be the Seaplane Pilots Association - Switzerland event on Lake Brienze at Bönigen, Switzerland, and another, the Scalaria Spectacle on Wolfgangsee at Sankt/Saint Wolfgang in Austria.

    I have a long list of people I wish to thank, but the main one is Jan Aeberli, owner of N930AJ (1286). Jvan was the person that prompted my escape to Europe and was my generous host during ten days of my sojourn there. His wife Anna and Jvan could not do enough to make my stay with them so pleasant! My sincere thanks to you both. I even miss the chickens, dog, cat and frogs already.

    It was great to meet up with Cyrus Brantenberg and family. Finally I got to see the much travelled LN-NCC (1167) and go for a fly. Thanks to Tony Richardson for the "hero" shot of self.

    Photo: Antony Richardson © 03 July 2011

    During this trip, I met so many of my online correspondents, most for the very first time. It was great to meet Ian Macintosh at Heathrow, easy to spot with his home made DHC-2.COM tee shirt!! The weather was blistering hot in London, but we braved that and enjoyed a day of watching arrivals and departures, before Ian drove me back to the terminal to catch my BMI flight to Basel. I'd better stop now and get on with changing the images on my Cover Page. The problem is, which one to choose!

    Here is your own "King Beaver - On top of the World" in Zurich Airport Tower Cab LSZH for a quiet restful break one day in July ;-)

    Photos: Left: Matthias Sieber © 06 July 2011 Right: Neil Aird © 06 July 2011

    21 June 2011

    The first day of summer. I have just added the July 2011 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages for you all. My thanks to Neil Ayers for the use of his great image.

    Photo: © Neil Ayers

    I will be off soon on my latest "Beaver Hunt", therefore this station will be unattended. A good time for you to dig into the old archives. Remember, if you find any errors or typos, please let me know after I return on July 13th.

    I will not be adding many more Beavers as I leave on Sunday 26th on the first leg of my trip. I'm looking forward to meeting for the first time, Ian Macintosh (our official number cruncher) who is driving up next Monday from Bristol to London - Heathrow, so that we can hang out for the day, between my flights. Then I'm off to Basel, Switzerland. I don't know how much time, or when I will have the opportunity to send an e-mail or two to the DHC-2 Yahoo Group. You can be sure I will try. My thanks again to my wife Danielle for letting me go off to play.

    18 June 2011

    I'm taking a break from Beavers, working away with "heavy metal" in the form of DC-8, and the somewhat lighter lovely Viscount.

    16 June 2011

    Ten days until I'm off on my trip, if Air Canada can settle their strike! Meanwhile, I'll putter away on the website.

    Yesterday I got a wonderful image of XP805 (1454) at my home aerodrome of Renfrew in Scotland from Tom Macfadyen in Spain. Almost brought a "tear to ma 'een", thanks Pud! Looks like it was taken from the adjacent Golf Course. I spent much of my free time as a lad, at various locations around Renfrew Airport. Now, alas, the iconic terminal is gone and the M8 Motorway runs along what was the runway.

    Photo: Tom Macfadyen © c 1964-65

    14 June 2011

    Bob Kobzey of Sealand Aviation sent me some snaps of the two Québec Beavers leaving Campbell River yesterday for la Belle Province. Here they are. CF-GYJ (133) and C-GMOI (1236). Safe travels mes amies. Oh yes, thanks for your kind remarks Sealand!!

    Photo: Bob Kobzey © 11 June 2011

    10 June 2011

    So, where are all my blog entries? - Well, been too busy with other things (yet again). I've been scanning and cleaning up more images by Ken Marshall. This little machine has been a long time favourite of mine. A sleek, well designed aircraft. I first saw them when I cycled around Denmark and Northern Germany and peeked at some WGAF bases (Leck, Husum, Eggebek) . Since that time quite a number of P-149 have migrated to the civil market, including a few over here in Canada. Here's a shot from one of Ken's adventures to Europe, usually done in the company of one Ian Millar. I like the faded day-glo on 90+42 (056) shown here at Hannover.

    Photo: Ken Marshall © 17 July 1967

    31 May 2011

    Last day of the month and, yes, I managed to get the June DHC-2.COM Calendar pages ready on time. I have also completed the July peges as well (to be loaded later) as I will be travelling at the and of June and early July. My thanks to Stephen McGinn for the images. I know C-FMRN (480) now has a new look, but this image was too good to pass up. I've had it for over a year!!

    Photo: © Stephen McGinn

    30 May 2011

    Another busy day in the Beaver lodge. I note we just clocked up visitor 950,000 so 50,000 until we roll over one million!! Maybe by Christmas? (Actually happened 28 November!)

    I scanned a bunch of Ken's C-97's today, made me very happy indeed, but my work is just beginning. Here's a sample. 53-0270 Boeing C-97G Stratofreighter (17052) of USAF-MAC at Prestwick Airport in Scotland. (No, that's not me on the fence . . . ). The USAF section will be up soon.

    Photo: Ken Marshall © 23 February 1969

    To show that we have real field correspondents, I mentioned to John Caswell that N2400F (958) had just arrived at Campbell River from Coeur d'Alene last night. Well, with in "minutes" it seemed, I had a banner photo to add today. Thanks again John. Sealand Aviation will be fitting that Beaver with an Alaska Door.

    29 May 2011

    Another page has been added to Neil's Nostalgia, I have started working on my pal Ken Marshall's HUGE slide collection. Our mutual friend Steve Peck brought the collection to me recently from Nova Scotia. Ken saved all of his slides, so I will have to select carefully the ones I will tackle. They are in pretty good shape and very well documented! The first page is a selection of Douglas Commercial Aircraft, at this time DC-6 and DC-8. Below are SAM DC-6 I-DIMP and Braniff DC-8 N1509U, both at Prestwick, Ken's favourite airfield.

    Photo: Ken Marshall © July 1965

    Photo: Ken Marshall © 08 July 1967

    19 May 2011

    Having a visit from my good friend Stephen S. Peck from Nova Scotia visiting the cab...lo and behold the Snowbirds buzzed the cab. My wife Danie said she arranged it, then my son Anthony called to say he had done it...actually they will be doing a flight over Royal Military College later today!

    Photo: Neil Aird © 12:11EDT 19 May 2011

    We were treated to more special fly-bys of the studio.

    Photos: Neil Aird © 16:59EDT 19 May 2011

    16 May 2011

    Today, I added five more images to work of my pal Robert A. (Eddy) Edwards. The sections European Air Arms and RAF-RN-AAC in particular. I have almost completed the archiving, and have started scanning again. Please check often, I cannot always give a heads up like this. Adding some more during the day today.

    Eventually I will reorganize into sections for each Air Arm and update locations, when I figure those out! Each image takes about thirty minutes minimum to prepare, if you count scanning and retouching. Well worth the effort I think. The original image sizes are approximately 10" x 6" x 400 pixels/inch (25.58cm x 15.27 cm x 157.48 pixels/cm) so ideal for publishing. If you require an image, just e-mail me for details. adminnca "at"

    Photos: BD05 (115) Mirage 5BD Belgian Air Force andx60 (60) Etandard IVM Aéronaval © Robert A. Edwards

    15 May 2011

    I just received an e-mail from Barry Adam. The title in the subject was "The Great One" and Wayne Gretzky. Canadians amongst us will twig the the title. Check this Breitling Ad link out, and see the real star.

    Photo: Breitling © 2011

    13 May 2011

    Webcam image: Anacortes, Washington 13:15PDT.16:15EDT 13 May 2011

    I was working on my upcoming trip to Europe and decided to check out some airport web-cams. Well, look what I found at Anacortes ;-) I'm not heading that way this summer, but I do get easily distracted!

    12 May 2011

    In an effort to reduce some of my "paper" collections of magazines, I ordered some of Air-Bitain Archives on CD. I joined Air-Britain in 1960 and have all the regular publications that come with membership from that time. I also hold the predecessor to Air-Britain, "The Aeroplane Spotter" (War Years) which morphed into Air-Britain in 1948. I know i will enjoy the years from 1948 to 1960. Low and behold, in the second issue of "Skywriter" (which became Air-Britain Digest - Aviation World) , there was a cover image of a certain aircraft we all know and love.

    Air-Britain Historians © 1948

    Today I am continuing to archive my pal Eddy's Collection. Only sixty more pages of 36 black and white negs to go. I think there must be about 10,000 negs. My next effort will be to catalogue the serials/registrations in some kind of data base. Then I will have the fun and great pleasure of picking a few evey week to clean up and post on the website. What a treasure. No more Beavers alas, but Starfighters, KC-135, B-52, Fiat G.91, Mirage, Hunter, Corsair, Canberra, etc., and basically every RAIT Fairford, RNAS Yeovilton and St. Mawgan Air Show, and also some gems from his fairly regular USAF Mildenhall visits.

    09 May 2011

    Added another image of VH-IDB (883) from the collection of the Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia Archives, from her early career. I still have a few more Aussie Beavers to add from a CD sent to me last July! Thanks as always to Mike Mirkovic of Perth for keeping me supplied.

    Photo: Unknown photographer © 24 October 1965

    08 May 2011

    For those of you who missed Mike O'Malley's article on high time Beaver pilot, Ron Bowes. Bob Baglow has published it here for us all to enjoy. Thanks Bob.

    Photo: C-FODA (112) © Karel Van Duyse

    04 May 2011

    I can't promise I can keep up this blistering pace of adding images. Thirteen Beavers and it is only the fourth day in May! As usual, I'm aided and abetted by several folk. Ed Coates has been generous through the years with images from his massive collection, this time adding the work of Greg Banfield. Thanks to you both. Also my thanks to fellow Air-Britain "fellows" Chris England, Trevor Warne and Ken Meegan.

    I might take tomorrow off and get on with sorting some black and white negatives. Man, I'd better live to one hundred!! That damned clock is ticking ;-)

    30 April 2011

    May 2011 DHC-2.COM Calender pages are up for you to grab. My thanks to Bob Kobzey for this image of C-FHGZ (759) at Dease Lake. I've been saving this image for a few years.

    Photo: © Bob Kobzey

    28 April 2011

    One of our Australian correspondents, Michael Greenhill, dropped in to Cowra, NSW to check on VH-AWR (665) and has sent a photo update. As you can see, Fred Fahey Aerial Services are doing a thorough job. The other Cowra machine, VH-AWZ (1618) was still tucked away in her container.

    Photo: Michael Greenhill © 22 April 2011

    24 April 2011

    The "Neil's Nostalgia" bug hit again. I have created a new page called "YYZ Oldies Page". This will document some of my infrequent trips to Toronto's Malton, later Pearson International Airport.

    Photo: CF-TIQ DC-8-61 of Air Canada arrives at Toronto - CYYZ Neil Aird © 1970's

    20 April 2011

    Added a few more non Beaver images to European Air Arms and United States Navy pages, work by my pal Robert A. (Eddy) Edwards. I plan on a few more tomorrow, I hope.

    Photo: 159449 (115) Grumman F-14A Tomcat AE/12 VF-142 sq USS America © Robert A. Edwards

    Also working on some older images by Richard Dumigan, Eric Dumigan's Dad. Eric kindly sent me some DHC-2 images to add to the collection.

    Photo: Richard Dumigan © Oshawa Airport

    18 April 2011

    Over the recent week or so, I have had correspondence from Antony Richardson of Switzerland concerning the Central African Airways and their de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver fleet. Antony has done extensive research on these aircraft, and had a couple of images of New ! Beavers for the website. He had to check about copyright issues with the image owners AJJCollection and mentioned he would let me know later about these. He found out the details and when I mentioned the high cost . . . low and behold, the images and copyright conditions arrived and we have two New ! Beavers. Many thanks for your generosity Antony!

    17 April 2011

    A blustery day here in Kingston.

    Been busy with a couple of early images of CF-JFL (898), thanks to John Wester for sending them along. They were taken by his father-in-law John Wielickzo, while shooting seismic surveys in the Yukon, circa 1954-1956.

    Tony Roberts sent this image he found on the web. It shows a sorry looking C-GBDW (954) at Cambridge Bay, awaiting salvation!

    Photo: Unknown photographer © via www.

    14 April 2011

    I don't know if they were checking out me working on my antennas, but this "Fake paint job" Bell CH-146 "Lion 9" came directly overhead after visiting the military base. Quite a story to this paint scheme, doing a little research, but eight Bell 412 / CH-146 were issued civil markings and Civil colour schemes during the G8 / G20 meetings in Toronto / Muskoka and later I believe they were used during the Winter Olympics. this machine might be 146461 (46461) ex C-FOHQ. they soon vanished from the Canadian Civil Register . . without a trace ;-)

    Photo: Neil Aird © 16:05 EDT 14 April 2011

    Another "buzz-job" this time Medivac Sikorsky S-76 C-FABH (760271) of 1985 vintage, departing the Kingston General Hospital helipad for Trenton. They don't usually come directly over my house, they usually follow the river. This time I shot through the glass - I am learning ;-) My back is fine now!

    Photo: Neil Aird © 10:53 EDT 14 April 2011

    First de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver fly by of the year, C-GXPM (1588) did a quick circuit befor heading off along the St. Lawrence River. Just managed a quick dive to change lense, jump up on desk, open skylight, stick torso out, twist...take a couple of snaps. Now I have a sore back! Back to Beaver pictures now methinks ;-)

    Photo: Neil Aird © 10:05 EDT 14 April 2011

    13 April 2011

    As is becoming the norm, just after adding a Beaver, I dredge up another image of the same machine! I was doing some archiving and came across this one sent to me by Tom Singfield. So, cleaned it up and I now present it to fill another stage in the career of 7Q-YIL (86) shown here at Camden, NSW. Thanks Tom.

    Photo: Unknown photographer © 01 March 1969 - Tom Singfield Collection

    While checking the "stats" of the website, I noticed that the Davis-Monthan section had takend a huge number of "hits" - 5,995 views in fact, during April already!! All because of a few folk recommening what they had seen. Wow, can you imagine if there were that many Beaver enthusiasts out there!! Glad it is being enjoyed. Many of the images will be included in a book about the "boneyard" being produced in the SW.

    12 April 2011

    I recently added a few images of C-FODF (202) and today I received a great 1975 image from Ken Swartz. Ken like myself, often never saw his images in print, just shoot, process and file away carefully. Nice to give these images exposure after all those years, eh Ken? Thanks again.

    Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 29 June 1975

    09 April 2011

    Yesterdy Pete Killin completed the delivery of C-GUJV (1643) over some mountains to her new owners in Kelowna. Here are a couple of snaps which fall into the "from" and "to" category. Thanks Pete.

    (Upper image) Campbell River , BC (Lower image) Kelowna, BC - Photos: Pete Killin © 08 March 2011

    07 April 2011

    I need some help here folks. I'm sure I know this U. S. Registered DHC-2, but for the moment it escapes me. Snapped on the ramp at KPSP - Palm Springs, California, on 06 April 2011.

    Photo: Bill Hann © 06 April 2011

    17:37EDT and an e-mail from Michael W. Hayes came up with N510PW (641) Well done Michael. I think you have it!!

    04 April 2011

    I always seem to come across an image for a Beaver I have just added, as recently as Saturday in fact! This was the case again today. A print of CF-FRL (482) appeared as I was sorting my files. An image taken by Ken Swartz back in 1974. I have added it to the appropriate page. Thanks again Ken for your great contributions to DHC-2.COM over the years.

    Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © 27 April 1974

    I decided to add the other print that surfaced today with that of CF-FRL (482), that is one of C-GACK (711) just after conversion by B-M Aviation. Ken caught her at Vancouver just one month after being registered.

    01 April 2011

    Time to start a new blog page. For earlier blog archives June 2010 to March 2011, here is the link.

    As a new section, I have added a Magazines Page

    The first up is Airplane produced by Orbis publishing which I believe is no longer in print. I was sent this copy, so I have scanned and presented here. The colour profile is © Pilot Press.

    e-mail: adminnca "at"