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• CIVIL images by Robert A. Edwards © 1959 - 1989 •

• Aird Archives •

• Big Props •
G-AVXH Douglas DC-7CF (44881) Trans Meridian. Landing at Cambridge, Eddy's home field at that time. Later N7398A and b/u Miami.
CX-BHAF Vickers V.7 Viscount (130) PLUNA - Primeras Lineas Uruguayas de Navegacion Aerea. I was always envious of Eddy's sightings at Teversham, he got many an exotic Viscount which visited Marshall's engineering facilities. In this case it was for a re-paint before delivery to PLUNA, about January 1968. The "F" at the end of the registration demotes on a Ferry permit.
G-ALZR Airspeed AS57 Ambassador 2  (5214) on BKS Horse charter, landing at Teversham, Cambridge.
EI-APC Bristol B.170 Freighter Mk.31 (13072) Aer Turas.
G-ANVR Bristol Freighter Mk.32 (13251) British United Airlines.
• The Heavies •
N1809E Douglas DC-8- 62 (46107) Surinam Airways "Fajalobi" at Stanstead. Later crashed on approach to Paramaribo, Surinam 07 June 1989.
N855BC Douglas DC-8-55CF (45804) at Stanstead.
N815EV Douglas DC-8-62 (46002) Evergreen International at Mildenhall.
N716HH Boeing 707-321 (17594) aeropa. Probably shot at Stanstead where it was "chopped to bits" in 1981. Ex PanAm N716PA, then YU-AGH and TC-JAN..
• Little Props •
5Y-AGL Cessna A188 Agwagon 300 (188-00300) shown here at Cranfied in 1970, w/o September 1982.