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CF-EYS gets her 100 hour check on the shore of the Yukon River at Whitehorse.
Photo: George Kent © August 1961
CF-EYS in the 1950's.
Photos: via Cameron Widrie © 1950's - Dave Hilchie Collection
CF-EYS in quintessential Northern British Columbia.
Photo: George Kent © 1961
CF-EYS of Pacific Western at the old ferry dock, Tagish Lake.
Photo: George Kent © 1960
CF-EYS at Port Simpson, BC this time.
Photo: George Kent © 1959
CF-EYS at the Seal Cove dock, Prince Rupert.
Photo: George Kent ©1959
CF-EYS on Sayward River estuary, at Kelsey Bay, BC.
Photo: Hugh Mullen © circa 1972 - 1973

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Allotment of registrations CF-EYL to CF-EYZ to de Havilland Aircraft Company of Canada Ltd 29-Apr-1952.

Entries preceded by dates are extracts of Department of Transport files in Archive Canada records.

16-Mar-1953 Application of Certificate of Registration by BC Yukon Air Service Ltd., Watson Lake, YT.

01-Apr-1953 Entered on the Register of Canada.

01-Apr-1953 Test flown for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate by G. A. Neal.

09-Apr-1953 de Havilland Aircraft of Canada advise Department of Transport that owner of DHC-2 s/n 484 CF-EYS will be BC Yukon Air Service.

17-Jun-1953 Certificate of Registration #12012 issued to BC Yukon Air Service Ltd, Watson Lake, YT.

17-Jun-1953 Certificate of Airworthiness #4022 issued.

CF-EYS BC Yukon Air Services Ltd., Watson Lake, YT. Delivered 08-May-1953. Regd 17-Jun-1953

Accident: Swimming Point, NT Lat 69°00’N Long 134°00’W. 19-Aug-1956. Crashed and damaged in take-off accident departing from unprepared strip to Smidgi Lake NT while on a Dewline support flight and suffered substantial damage Pilot George A. Kent. Aircraft declared a possible write off. (See photo on file).

18-Dec-1956 Application for Certificate of Registration by Aircraft Sales Ltd., Vancouver, BC.

18-Dec-1956 Certificate of Registration #16717 issue to Vancouver Aircraft Sales Ltd, Vancouver BC.

CF-EYS Vancouver Aircraft Sales Ltd, Vancouver BC. 18-Dec-1956.

21-Dec-1961 Certificate of Registration #26831 issued to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouve, BC..

CF-EYS Leased to Pacific Western Airlines Ltd., Vancouver, BC. 21-Dec-1956.

Accident: Ketchikan, AK. 29-Oct-1960. The pilot attempted to take off from Ketchikan Channel in a severe crosswind when a sudden gust lifted the aircraft onto the right wing. The pilot attempted to recover the aircraft but it rolled onto its back and capsized into the channel. The pilot and six passengers suffered minor injuries. Damage unrecorded.

15-Jun-1967 Application for Certificate of Registration by West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver BC

15-Jun-1967 Certificate of Registration #43630 issued to West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver BC.

CF-EYS West Coast Air Services Ltd., Vancouver, BC. Regd 15-Jun-1967

07-Apr-1970 Application for Certificate of Registration by Alert Bay Air Services Ltd, Campbell River BC.

20-Apr-1970 Certificate of Registration issued to Alert Bay Air Services Ltd., Campbell River, BC.

CF-EYS Alert Bay Air Services, Campbell River, BC.

Accident: Crashed Alert Bay, BC. 29-Apr-1972. The aircraft was being test flown after a major overhaul. The aircraft rolled to the left on takeoff. The aircraft left wing dug into water and struck the water in a nose low attitude. The pilot was picked up by a passing fishing boat. Subsequent inspection found that the aileron controls had been reversed.

Accident: Wallace Bay, Cousins Inlet, BC. 15-Dec-1978. Written off en route Bella Bella to Ocean Falls. Hit water while flying low in snow shower & nosed over. Pilot Kerry Widsten. (CF-EYS was leased to Gulf Air). Pete Killin reports that the aircraft crashed at the entrance to Ocean Falls and sank.

CF-EYS Canx on CCAR 25-Jun-1985.

Total hours since new as recorded on Canada Department of Transport records.

24-Mar-1954   392 hours

13-Jun-1957   2,059 hours

05-May-1958   2,630 hours

05-Mar-1959   3,257 hours

02-Mar-1960   3,955 hours

31-Jan-1961   4,588 hours

08-Jan-1963   6,055 hours

05-Jan-1964   6,854 hours

23-Dec-1964   7,610 hours

30-Nov-1965   8,104 hours

23-Dec-1966   8,343 hours

01-Dec-1967   8,788 hours

09-Dec-1968   9,200 hours

17-Dec-1969   9,751 hours

10-Dec-1970   10,444 hours

26-Nov-1971   11,394 hours

31-Aug-1972   11,472 hours

12-Aug-1973   12,446 hours

06-Aug-1974   13,374 hours

15-Mar-1977   14,330 hours

10-Mar-1978   14,800 hours

Fate Unknown


Note from Glen Rankine:

EYS was my base aircraft in Port Hardy. I left ABAS in Feb 1972 and at that time it was in for a major overhaul in Alert Bay. Ray Carter was to do a test flight on her. Taking off out of Alert Bay in the winter, with predominantly SE winds, requires you start your takeoff run along swells into the bay and the high ground, with a crosswind from  the right, so you are cross controlled with right aileron and left rudder. You would then roll onto the right float and turn right into wind and out of the bay. The right wing came up and with even more right aileron to counteract, she went over to the left. The controls were backwards, no excuse for not doing the checks etc.