N918SL on her big tundra tires.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 21 May 2018
N918SL with smaller registration markings.
Photos: Ben Cogger © 29 April 2016
N918SL on Tundras at LHD.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 02 May 2015
N918SL at Lake Hood, Anchorage, Alaska.
Note addition of really cool "Rod Pod".
Photos: John Olafson © 01 July 2011
Photo: Fred Wallis © 02 August 2007
N918SL tied down at Lac à la Tortue, Québec.
Photo: Jean-Luc Poliquin © 29 October 2002
C-FGCW at Havre St Pierre, Québec.
C-FGCW with big sister C-FJZN (205)
Photos: Neil Aird © 19 August 1993
C-FGCW being patient.
Photo: Unknown photographer © March 1990 - Aird Archives
CF-GCW in Laurentian livery at Ottawa - Uplands.
Photo: Ben Byl © Early 1960's - Brian Byl Collection





Note: Entries preceded by dates are from the Department of Transport file for this aircraft.

01-Jan-1952 Allotment of Registration CF-GCW; to DHC, no details of the aircraft.

14-Feb-1952 Test flown by W. Ferderber for Aircraft Inspection Release Certificate.

16-Apr-1952 Application for Registration of an Aircraft; DHC-2 s/n 198, Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.

23-Apr-1952 DHC advise Department of Transport that the owner of DHC-2 c/n 198 will be Laurentian Air Services Ltd.

24-Apr-1952 Temporary Authority to operate as a Commercial aircraft pending issue of formal Certificate of Registration and Certificate of Airworthiness, valid until 24-Jul-1952.

24-Apr-1952 Entered on Register of Canada (Paper C of R issued 08-May-1952).

CF-GCW Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Delivered 25-Apr-1952.

08-May-1952 Certificate of Registration #10901 issued to Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.

08-May-1952 Certificate of Airworthiness #3651 issued.

1953 Winter 1953-54 in Labrador, Federal AWB-4820 wheel skis approved.

24-Feb-1967 Flight Permit issued to evaluate radio antenna installation designed and manufactured by the National Research Council, valid until 26-Mar-1967.

Nov-1972 Documents relating to installation of Experimental Radar Scanners (no details, perhaps geophysical survey gear?)

20-Feb-1973 Certificate of Registration issued to Laurentian Air Services, Schefferville, QC (original C of R issued 24-Apr-1952 to Laurentian’ with Ottawa address).

27-Feb-1973 Bill of Sale, Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa,ON.,  to Lariviere Air Service Ltée., Schefferville, QC.

CF-GCW Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON.  Canx Feb-1973.

28-Feb-1973 Application for Certificate of Registration by Lariviere Air Service Ltée (C of R not on file).

28-Feb-1973 Certificate of Registration issued to Larivière Air Service Ltée., Schefferville, QC.

CF-GCW Lariviere Air Services Ltd., Schefferville, QC. 28-Feb-1973.

25-Nov-1974 Letters Patent entered changing company name from Lariviere Air Service Ltd., to Airgava Ltd / Airgava Ltée., (Air Gava initially used on company letterhead but later changed to Airgava).

05-Mar-1975 Letter on file. Ramp checked by a Department of Transport inspector and many deficiencies found.

CF-GCW Air Gava Ltée., Schefferville, QC. Name changed Nov 1974. Canx 30-Apr-1980.

Jun-1975 At this time using Edo 58-4580s and Federal AWB-4820 skis.

12-Sep-1975 Air Transport Committee approves name change application re licences.

26-Jan-1976 Certificate of Registration re-issued in name of Airgava Ltée.

CF-GCW Airgava Ltée., Schefferville, QC. Regd 26-Jan-1976.

Accident: Lac-a-la-Tortue QC 28-Jan-1976 Damaged and ferried to Schefferville Feb-1976. Repairs completed 13-Jul-1976.

Total Time since new as at 13-Jul-1976 11,294 hours.

Accident: Small lake eight miles south and eight miles east of Indian House Lake, Schefferville, QC. 01-Sep-1978 Lost power after take-off. Crashed 150 feet beyond end of lake. Benoit Guindon (ULC-10157) and passenger uninjured.

05-May-1980 Cancelled by CCAR (not repaired after accident).

C-FGCW Aero Nord Est Inc., Sept Íles, QC. Regd 10-Mar-1989. Canx 28 Jun-1989.

C-FGCW Aero Nord Est Inc., Sept Íles, QC. Regd 02-Dec-1992. Canx 07-Jul-1993.

C-FGCW Deraps Aviation Inc., Natashquan, QC. Regd 07-Jul-1993. Canx 08-Feb-1994.

Note: Reported as with Alexandair circa 1994 perhaps leased from Deraps Aviation.

C-FGCW Aero Nord Est Inc., Sept Iles, QC. Regd 08-Feb-1994. Canx 07-Jul-1995.

C-FGCW Air Aventure Cote-Nord, Aguanish, QC. Regd 07-Jul-1995. Canx 29-Nov-1995.

C-FGCW Aero Nord Est Inc., Sept Íles, QC. Regd 12-May-1998.

C-FGCW North Atlantic Aviation Inc., Lac à la Tortue, Shawnigan, QC. Regd 05-Oct-2001 Canx 23-Oct-2002.

A summary of the total hours flown since as recorded in Canadian Department of Transport Archives.

23-Apr-1953  548 hours

16-May-1957  2,916 hours

29-May-1958  3,372 hours

24-Apr-1959  3,597 hours

27-Apr-1960  3,957 hours

24-Apr-1961  4,251 hours

26-Apr-1962  4,653 hours

26-Apr-1963  5,097 hours

30-Apr-1964  5,507 hours

12-May-1965  5,979 hours

23-Mar-1966  6,387 hours

09-Mar-1967  6,867 hours

22-Jan-1968  7,349 hours

23-Dec-1968  8,005 hours

21-Nov-1969  8,454 hours

09-Nov-1970  8,997 hours

15-Nov-1971  9,625 hours

17-Nov-1972  10,064 hours

17-Oct-1973  10,471 hours

19-Nov-1974  10,931 hours

25-Nov-1975  11,251 hours

17-Nov-1976  11,465 hours

12-Dec-1977  11,663 hours

N918SL Scott L. Laudon, Anchorage, AK. Regd 24-Oct-2002. Canx 24-Jun-2011 & 15-Jul-2011.

Airworthiness Cert: 28-Oct-2002

N918SL Regn Pending to Scott L. Laudon et al, Anchorage, AK., dated 14-Jun-2011. Expiry date 31-Dec-2012. Canx 13-Nov-2012.

May 2018 - Still shown as expired on USCAR & regn pending.