N4794C now operating in Juneau area.
Photo: Nano Jacobsen © Date unknown - Aird Archives
Photo: Mike Bristol © Date unknown - via Nano Jacobsen
N4794C back at the Tyee Spit for Sealand work.
Photo: Bob Kobzey © 25 October 2018
N4794C wearing new livery, at Tyee Spit.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 08 April 2017
N4794C in action.
Photo: Helge Nyhus © August 2006 - Aird Archives
N4794C in superb eye catching colours. (My all time favourite!)
Photos: Neil Aird ©14 September 2004
Photo: Craig Loken © Alaska Seaplanes
N4794C in company with N60077
Photos: Joe Fanazik © Summer 2004 - via Lindsi Driesbach  Alaska Seaplanes
N4794C on a mail run.
Photo: Unknow photographer © Alaska Seaplanes via Lindsi Driesbach
N4794C on Juneau Pond, in earlier livery.
Photo: Unknown photographer © date unknown - Howard Valiant Collection - Aird Archives
Photo: © Harald Olsen
N4794C even earlier.
Photo: via Craig Loken © Alaska Seaplanes





51-16545 USAF #1151. L-20A No: 152. Command AF-1. Delivered 19-Aug-1952.

N4794C Civil Air Patrol Inc., Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Circa. Apr-1960.

N4794C Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., Kenmore, WA. Circa 1970.

N4794C Alaska Seaplane Services, Juneau, AK. 1970.

N4794C Channel Flying Inc., Juneau, AK. Regd Dec1972. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990.

Accident: 15-Jul-1974 at Sitka, AK. Pilot aborted takeoff from lake when realised unable to clear trees on shore. Floats hit logs on shore edge. Substantial damage. Pilot uninjured. ANC75DAD01.

N4794C Loken Aviation, Juneau, AK. On USCAR at 29-Feb-1992. On USCAR at 01-Oct-1994.

N4794C Inian Inc., Juneau, AK. Regd 14-Aug-1995. In Alaska Seaplanes colours. Canx 29-Apr-2011.

N4794C Alaska Seaplane Service LLC., Juneau, AK. Regd 02-Aug-2011. Canx 13-Jan-2012.

Note: Inian, Loken & Channel Flying seem to be linked.

Note: Dec-2011 on US Dept of Interior, National Business Centre list hourly lease rate of $750.00.

N4794C Kalinin Partners LLC., Juneau, AK. Regd 07-Mar-2012. Operating as Alaska Seaplanes.

Accident: Juneau International Airport, AK. 12-Jan-2015 The float equipped aircraft operated by Alaska Seaplanes as Flight ST94C experienced a landing gear collapse upon landing at Juneau International Airport (PAJN), in Juneau, Alaska. The floatplane sustained minor damage and the four occupants onboard were not injured during the incident.


USAF History

51-16545 was made available on 30-Jul-1952 and accepted on 01-Aug-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was delivered to the Alaskan Air Command at Elmendorf, Anchorage, AK on 19-Aug-1952. Initially it was attached to the 39th Air Depot Wing until 01-Mar-1953 and then to the 5039th Air Transport Group until 13-Apr-1954. It was attached to the 5039th Air Base Wing between 13-Apr-1953 and 05-Jul-1953 and then the 5th Liaison Squadron until 26-Aug-1953. A few days at the 5025th Maintenance Squadron between 26-Aug & 29-Aug preceded another attachment to the 5th Liaison Squadron which lasted until 08-Dec-1953 and then back to the 5025th until 12-Jan-1954. There was a final stint at the 5th until 13-May-1954.

The aircraft now stayed in Alaska but moved to Ladd AFB at Fairbanks where it was attached to the 5064th Cold Weather Material Testing (CMT) Squadron remaining until 20-Sep-1954 when it moved across to the 5001st Operations Squadron.

Emblem of 5001st Operations Squadron

It returned to Elmendorf for several weeks as it was with the 5025th Maintenance Group between 04-Oct-1954 and 23-Nov-1954 and then it was back to Ladd and the 5001st Operations Squadron at last being able to settle for a period until 26-Jul-1956. Again it returned to Elmendorf and the Maintenance Squadron which had been re designated as the 5039th Maintenance Sqd. It remained until 15-Nov-1956. It is not clear if these visits were for maintenance or whether the aircraft was acting in its role as a Liaison aircraft.

It returned again to Ladd AFB at Fairbanks and allocated again to the 5001st Operations Squadron but this was re designated 5060th Operations Squadron on 01-Nov-1957 and then the aircraft was then passed to the 5060th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Group from 21-Apr-1958.

Its Military service terminated on 28-Apr-1960 when the aircraft was passed to the Civil Air Patrol Inc, nominally registered at Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, Alabama but it continued to be operated in Alaska.