CF-ODE at Lillabelle Lake, Cochrane, Ontario.
Photo: Dave Brown © March 2020
CF-ODE operated by Cloud Air at Three Mile Lake, Ontario.
Photo: Brian Ball © 07 August 2006
CF-ODE wintering at St Mary's River, ON.
Photo: Den Pascoe © 17 October 2005
CF-ODE at Parry Sound, Ontario.
Photo: Robbie Shaw © 20 June 1998
CF-ODE at Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © date unknown
CF-ODE at Hay River when with Buffalo AIRWAYS.
Photo: Tom Woodall © 1980 - Aird Archives




Certificate of Airworthiness #3486 issued 19-Jun-1951.

CF-ODE Province of Ontario, Department of Lands and Forests, Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Certificate of Registration #10250 issued19-Jun-1951. Delivered 19-Jun-1951 and operated until 1968.

Flying history with Province of Ontario.

Total hours at Apr 1954   395.55

Total Hours at Apr-1955   453.65

Loads carried Apr-1954 to Mar-1955   10,760lb

Based 1954-1955 Toronto, ON.

CF-ODE Bannock Aerospace Toronto, ON. Regd by Dec-1968.

CF-ODE Dynamic Petroleum Products Ltd., Calgary, AB. Regd by Mar-1969.

CF-ODE Buffalo Airways, Fort Smith, NT. Regd by Sep-1970.

CF-ODE Contact Airways, Fort McMurray, AB. Regd 16-Jul-1990.

CF-ODE Buffalo Airways Ltd., Fort Smith, NT. Circa 1979 until canx 05-Dec-1984.

CF-ODE Noralta Flights Ltd., Fort Chipewyan, AB. Regd 29-Mar-1985. Canx 15-Jun-1990.

CF-ODE 374496 Alberta Ltd., (Contact Charters) Fort McMurray, AB. Regd 16-Jul-1990. Canx 03-May-1993.

CF-ODE 749563 Ontario Inc., (Mount Lake Air Service,) Elliot Lake, ON. Regd 03-May-1993. Canx 17-May-1993 Based Mount Lake.

CF-ODE 736728 Ontario Inc., Nepean, ON. Regd 17-May-1993. Canx 24-Jun-1993.

CF-ODE Air Tindi Ltd., Yellowknife, NT. Regd 28 Jun-1993. Canx 04-May-1994.

CF-ODE 736728 Ontario Inc., Nepean. ON. Regd 12-May-1994 Canx 25-May-1995. Based La Ronge, SK.

CF-ODE Northern Dene Airways Ltd., Prince Albert. SK. Regd 18-Jul-1994. Canx 04-Aug-1995. Based Stony Rapids, SK.

CF-ODE Adlair Aviation (1983) Ltd., Yellowknife, NT. Regd 15-Jul-1996. Canx 27-Jun-1997. Based Cambridge Bay, NT.

CF-ODE 645604 Alberta Ltd., (Blackwell Air Service), Sharon, ON. Regd 27-Jun-1997. Canx 17-Mar-1998. Based Parry Sound, ON.

CF-ODE Calumet Air Services, Nepean, ON. Regd 17-Mar-1998 Canx 03-Dec-1998. Based Ottawa, ON.

CF-ODE Air-Dale Flying Services Ltd., Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Regd 20-Apr-1999 & 20-Jul-2006. Operating with Cloud Air at Mortimer’s Point Marina, Muskoka Lake in Aug 2006. Canx 31-Mar-2011. Regd 27-Apr-2011. Canx 12-May-2014.

CF-ODE White River Air Ltd., White River, ON • Regd 12-May-2014 • Canx 07-Nov-2014. Canx 31-Jan-2015. Regd 08-May-2015. Canx 07-Nov-2015. Regd 08-Aug-2016.

CF-ODE White River Air Ltd., (612372 Ontario Ltd), White River ON. Canx 07-Jul-2020.