OH-MVL on skis at Malmi.
Photo: Juha Ritaranta © February 1986
OH-MVL when still active in Finland.
Photo: Unknown photographer © via Pekka Autere
OH-MVL on Kokkola Archipelago

with pilot Kalevi Savola on dock.

Photo: Unknown photographer © 1971 - via Kalevi Savola Archives
Photo:  Unknown photographer © via Pekka Autere
OH-MVL at Helsinki - Vantaa airport ready for museum.
Photo:  Pertti Sipilä  ©  04 June 1988
OH-MVL at the Museum.
Photo:  Tii-Maria Siitonen  ©  03 September 1989
Photo: Nicolai Musante ©
Photo: Rob Richey © 13 August 2014
Photo: Tuomas Alanka © 02 December 2016
Photo: Thomas Singfield © June 2017 - Aird Archives




OH-MVL Rajavartiostpjen Eskunta – Frontier Guard. Delivered 02-Aug-1951. Regd 18-Oct-1951.

Note: Duties included border patrol, search and rescue missions and air ambulance.

OH-MVL Merivartiolaitos Eskunta, Helsinki, Finland. Circa. June-1953.

OH-MVL Rajavartiolaitos Saaristomeren Esikunta, Turku, Finland. Canx 17-Feb-1988

Note: Donated to Finnish Aviation Museum (Suomen Ilmailumuseo, Vantaa / Helsinki, Finland) at Helsinki International Airport 17-Feb-1988. Seen by James Blake. Apr-2011.