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Neil's Blog (sometimes more than Beavers!) June 2013 - July 2014

Photo: My camera © 22 September 2013

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27 July 2014

Received this e-mail last night from Heinz Portman, thanks Heinz!

Hello you amazing guys.
Just run into the Beaver website and I am most impressed. As a previous owner of one of the planes, namely CF-MAV serial # 1056, I would like to update some information as you show it in regards to MAV.
My son and I (Michael and Heinz Portmann) purchased this airplane from the Manitoba Government after they retired it. We picked it up in Manitoba and flew it to Campbell River in early 1976 where we installed the floats that came with the purchase. At that time it had a zero time engine, otherwise it was sort of standard conditions after government use. It was registered in the name of R&N Logging, We used MAV in our logging business, flying crew, food, equipment and dynamite between Campbell River and Lougborough Inlet, Accessible only by float plane or boat.
We put around 1,000 hrs on MAV until we sold the company, we then replaced the engine and overhauled and repainted the plane before we sold it to McCully Aviation Ltd.  in Nanaimo BC.
It is nice to see that this Beaver is now flying in Germany as D-FLEN. What an aircraft, we got lots of stories and pictures about MAV.
Hoping you can update the info on the website, I remain, and again impressed with your work
Heinz Portmann

26 July 2014

Well folks, I think the March Field Air Museum page is complete now with 109 images. I've left out a couple of exhibits that were inside. Below is the closest thing to a Beaver I found, a venerable PZL built AN-2N. Tomorrow, back to Beavers. I have some time to myself for a week, so will indulge in some aeronautical projects - including some updates to TwinOtterArchive.

Photo: Neil Aird © 21 May 2009

24 July 2014

A little change of pace. An evening visitor to our balcony yesterday.

Photo: Neil Aird © 23 July 2014

20 July 2014

Some more images added to the March Field Air Museum pages. Here is U S Navy Beech JRB-4 Expeditor 44588 (8222) Still more early fighters to come.

Photo: Neil Aird © 21 May 2009

18 July 2014

Moments after I removed my images of 9M-MRO of Malaysian yesterday, and put it on my banner archives page, I go downstairs and hear about the tragic, sensless shooting down of sister ship 9M-MRD. Strange coincidence it was on that same date (July 17) that if made her first flight.

On a more pleasant subject, I continue to add images from my "Slow March around March Field Air Museum". Today I start on the non-transport airframes. Below is Douglas AE-1E Skyraider BuAer 133789 (9385) US Navy.

Photo: Neil Aird © 21 May 2009

16 July 2014

A few days ago I got this e-mail from Marc Guimond. I thought I'd pop it in the blog. Thanks Marc. Just wondering if any of you can add to this information?

Hello Neil

I have spent untold hours enjoying your work. Thank you ever so much.

As a former exploration geologist it goes without saying that I spent a great number of hours in the DHC-2, -3, -6, all on floats. Always felt safe and at home in them in even the worst of circumstances. Can’t say as much for the Beech-18s, Cessnas and one Norseman experience, but it came close, principally because of the high level of professionalism and skill of the pilots involved. Well, there was the occasional exception of course.

About half of my time in these aircraft was with La Ronge Aviation Services in northern Saskatchewan in ’69, ’70 and ‘72. They were amongst a half-dozen airplanes (plus helicopters) operating out of our base camp on Boland Lake, just a few miles South of Rabbit Lake, now gone and turned into the uranium mine.

As I was not there in ’71, when I returned the following year I inquired about GYR. I was told that the previous year it had gone down while diverted to forest fire fighting duties. While attempting to get back to La Ronge apparently the exhausted pilot made a couple of mistakes that escalated due to the circumstances of the moment. He tried to make it back home too late in the evening, with contrary winds that slowed him down and consumed too much of his fuel. He went dry and tried to land the floated Beaver on a narrow gravel road in mid-forest, in the dark – or with very limited light – and gusty winds in the wrong direction. The aircraft was totalled, and the pilot (his first name was Garry, but I do not recall his surname) was seriously injured. I subsequently tried to find out more about the event but without much luck; nor could I verify the accuracy of my third-hand information.

So take it for what it is worth, and perhaps you can use this as a starting point for a verifiable accounting of the events. Hope you will let me know if you do.

Mark R. Guimond

P.S. After my geological experiences, I eventually ended up at Canadair and Bombardier in the Design Engineering Standards and Tech Docs departments. Never did, though, learn to give a damn about any aircraft that did not go rumpity-rumpity when idling or stir my soul with the sound of the engine cranking over on a chilly morning. For many years that was my morning alarm clock, and when I left the tent for urban life, I couldn’t get up without it. Wore out 2 cassettes in my stereo. The apartment building neighbours probably could not understand me. ;-)

I must take the time to thank my 2014 Fund Raising Campaign supporters. My sincere gratitude to you all.

2014 campaign - 29 have responded in kind so far.

John O (BC), Ian B (BC), Wes B (OZ), Neil A (ON), Stan B (CA), Randy S (MI), Rick N (YT), Rob M (ON), Peter B (CA), Chris R (OZ), Brian W (ON), Peter R (OZ), Dale F (BC), Tim McG (CA), James K (WA), Jeff P (ON), Rod H (UK/BC), Ian Mac (ON), Ian Mac (UK), Fred W (AK), Stefan P (CT), Ken H (ON), Paige & Jim B (ON), John L (TN), Paul S (AK), Norman S (CA), Jon B (BC), Louis G (QC).

15 July 2014

Photo: RCMP © 16 July 2014

C-FFRL (482) CADORS report 2014P1042. Wishing all injured a speedy recovery. Thanks to rescuers, civilians and first responders.

13 July 2014

Photo: Neil Aird © 21 May 2009

Started work on the March Field Museum section of my website. Added first batch of images from my visit to this excellent facility. Lots more coming each day.

09 July 2014

NEWS!! I have just located 9M-MRO!!! More news later this afternoon (9M-MRO was the aircraft operating MH370!!)

It's strange how a day progresses - I started off with Lenn's image, and in doing research, I went back to my records to check for dates etc. I checked my old blog for that period and noticed I had a landing shot at Auckland of 9M-MRQ - I thought - too bad it was not 9M-MRO the ill-fated MH370 aircraft. While searching for my images, and cross referencing my notes...I see 9M-MRO in my log!!! Located the original images and looked at the nine shots I had taken of this aircraft. Zoomed in - yikes, MRO!!! I have since gone back and changed the blog. I'll add a banner shot later today as a tribute to the tragic, mysterious loss of MH370/MAS370 on 08 March 2014!

Photos: Neil Aird © 10:53 Local 17 October 2010

Well, a Beaver at long last. C-FOEU (1678TB46) popped up on my screen. Got camera ready just in case. Switched to 122.5 and listened...then, just by chance saw a "wee dot" heading north east. Popped off a few shots of the retreating "Yellowbird" Turbine Beaver. Not great shot, but, hey, it's a Beaver!!

Screen shot and photo: Neil Aird © 13:38 EDT 09 July 2014

Photo: Pierre Gillard © 10:45 EDT 04 July 2014

Last Friday my friend Pierre Gillard was up at FL220, or so, on board Porter's "PD140" C-GLQG DHC-8-402 (4194) en route CYUL - CYTZ, he took a snap of Kingston. The red dot shows where I live! Merci Pierre. Now I have two images, one from Bill Hann in C-FEWJ Boeing 737-7CT (32769) "WS398" at FL390 and now, one from FL220!

Photo: Bill Hann © 13 April 2010

Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 25 October 2010

Kudos is due to my friend Lenn Bayliss. He got his knockout shot of Bruce Neil Coulter's 180HP Piper PA-18 Super Cub ZK-BTX (18-7309) selected as "Photo of the Day" in Air & Space Magzine (24 February 2014). Well done Lenn!! The image was shot on a beach, not far from Gisborne, NZ. We were there for the Lawson Field Reunion, organised by the "Kiwi Beavers" gent, Graeme Mills. Below is my shot of ZK-BTX in a less dramatic location!

Photo: Neil Aird © 23 October 2010

03 July 2014

Photo: Neil Aird © 29 May 2006

Catching up a bit here. Sad to report that C-FHVT (284) crashed at Kennedy Lake in Northern Ontario, 30 nm from Sudbury on 25 June 2014. All three survived the impact with "slight" injuries. I wish all a speedy recovery. You can read all about the situation in the CADORS report.

29 June 2014

Not many blog entries this month, busy time of year, so I will be switching to "summer mode" on this and on the Twin Otter Archive website. Today I will complete the DHC-2.COM July 2014 Calendar pages and do some general house-keeping on the websites. Gardening and family duties will probably fill most of my time for the months of July and August. I wish you all a good summer. I'll still try to add a Beaver-a-day, when time and energy permit ;-)

Photo: Chip Porter © 05 June 2014

My sincere thanks to Chip Porter for granting use of his outstanding image of N6782L (820) of Seawind Aviation over the beautiful Mystic Fjord landscape. Thanks again Chip for your support.

11 June 2014

A few days ago I received a few images from Erik Wennen showing his N10JX (1036) out at his lake cabin. Interesteing to see method of tie downs! Many thanks Erik.

Photo: Erik Wennen © 25 April 2014

07 June 2014

Well, N338TP (932) is in the water on her new floats. Here she is at Renton, WA.

Photo: Pat Feenstra © 07 June 2014

02 June 2014

A little while back I was thinking winter would never end - well it did, 27.1C here in Kingston and our balcony is beginning to look quite colourful again.

Photos: Neil Aird © 02 June 2014

01 June 2014

Thanks to Danny Hoggard for this stunning image of Promech's N1108Q (416) meeting newly arrived N92AK (1031), shot from N9LB (252). Very proud to showcase it as the June 2014 DHC-2.COM Calendar page. Thanks Danny!

• Photo: Danny Hoggard © 16 May 2014 •

25 May 2014

Finally I caught the brand new C-GHPQ Boeing 787-8 (35257) of Air Canada, operating "AC604" from Toronto - CYYZ to Halifax - CYHZ this morning. Here she is doing a swift 476 kts at FL410, just ten nautical miles north of my studio.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 May 2014 08:41 EDT

Photo: Anthony Aird © 24 May 2014

Noticed my son Anthony posted this shot of an eastbound flight last night on Instagram. Nice one Ant! I shot one yesterday too of D-ABTL B744 operating "DLH471" , but not a patch on his image! I think we were both looking at the same plane at the same time!!

Photo: Neil Aird © 24 May 2014 19:33 EDT - FL350 8.9nm from my viewpoint.

23 May 2014

A very, very sad day for me today. My dear Glasgow School of Art had a major fire. No one hurt, which is amazing. I know this building so well from sub-basement to "Hen Run" at the very top, even the roof! I studied in this magnificent building for five years. Students were completing their displays for graduation / to be viewed by external examiners - they must be totally devastated by this event, I'm sure many loosing their work. Here are two images of areas I spent many hours in study and happy toil. The vertical image shows the Design Drawing studio, and the horizontal shot shows flames destroying the spectacular "Hen Run" area. My favourite spot.

Photo: James Stoddard © 23 May 2014

Photo: Getty Images © 23 May 2014

Last evening at 18:55 EDT, as I was working in my tree surrounded back yard, I heard a most unusual sound. I can recognize a Dakota / DC-3 or DHC-2 Beaver anywhere, but this sounded somewhat different. Two choices, rush upstairs (36 steps), grab camera, or run through the house to the front porch. I chose the latter. Lucky I did, as I caught sight of a DC-3 trailed by a C-45! In a second they had gone behind the church across the street, heading westbound.

Fortunately knew who they were and what they were up to. It was C-GRSB Douglas DC3C-S1C3G (12295) en route from Ottawa / Uplands - CYOW to Hamilton - CYHM, to her new home with Canadian Warplane Heritage. The Beech D18S Expeditor C-GZCE (A-156) was acting as crew transport/photo ship/chase plane. Ominous black clouds with enbedded lightning were rolling in from the north and I figured they were scud running low level to avoid the WX. Since I did not manage a snap, I contacted Eric Dumigan this morning and he granted permission to use this image. More here on his fantastic website. Thanks Eric.

Photo: Eric Dumigan © 22 May 2014

19 May 2014

The view from my bathtub - whilst having a soak - I got to watch a Sparrow Hawk have supper. Poor little sparrow - or as I would say in the Scottish vernacular "pair wee speug".

Photos: Neil Aird © 18 May 2014

18 May 2014

Our youngest enjoys making music when not doing graphic design. Here's one "song" he composed yesterday "Virtually", I really like it. Hope you enjoy it. Well done Anthony. Proud Pop.

Graphic: Anthony Aird © 2014

15 May 2014

Today, as I continued to be dragged down by a miserable spring cold, at 09:37 I got an e-mail from collegue Brian Dunn in Toronto. He informed me that a de Havilland DHC-8-402 with callsign "BBA26" was flightplanned into Kingston shortly before 11:00. Brian wondered if I could identify which aircraft it would be, he thought it might be one destined for WestJet Encore. I was just too sick to go out to the airport (been up since 05:30 coughing etc). I watched the DH8D on my ADS-B equipment and heard him land at the airport. I was still feeling sorry for myself and went for a lie down. At 12:20 I heard a "sound" jumped from bed (not that sick!!) and went to my studio window - there was the Dash Eight heading east over RMC sightseeing in a wide arc. I snapped on my long lense and manage a few images as C-FKWE (4467) headed back westbound. My lucky day after all.

Photo: Neil Aird © 15 May 2014 12:20EDT

14 May 2014

Beaver activity at Sealand is certainly "active" and thanks to their Bob Kobzey, we are able to almost keep up!! Bob was explaing to me that C-GUVJ (1643) had special floats. He took this rear shot as she was leaving, to show the 4" extension that Sealand built on the outboard portion of the float structures. Bob explains: We make the float four inches wider, except at the bow. The initial idea was to get the bouyancy up, but we soon discovered that the float sits on top of the water, rather than in it. The airplane also pops up on the step a lot quicker.

Photos: Bob Kobzey © 13 May 2014

02 May 2014

More of my tax dollars at work. "Challenger16" 144616 CC144 (3038) of the RCAF was shooting approaches at Kingston/CYGK. Before heading back to Ottawa, it did a couple of circuits over the Royal Military College. Yesterday it was doing the same at Montréal's - Mirabel/CYMX .

Photo: Neil Aird © 02 May 2014 10:22EDT

01 May 2014

"Chinooks Crossing" - right to left, three of our newish Boeing CH-147 choppers paid a noisy visit along our waterfront this afternoon. "Battle Red" are portrayed here. Maybe a May Day Parade!

Photo: Neil Aird © 01 May 2014 15:00EDT

29 April 2014

Almost the end of another month - so here's the May 2014 DHC-2.COM calendar pages. This month is N76SU (483) courtesy of John W. Olafson. Thanks again John for another great action shot.

Photo: John W. Olafson © 08 July 2013

24 April2014

Getting to grips with Windows 8.1 - adding my important programs and all that kind of "stuff" . . business as usual soon. Thank goodness for "back-ups" . . .

23 April 2014

After a power outage last night, my computer finally "died" - so today purchased a new machine ($700.00+) to replace it (and save me continued grief from the old one!), I should get new computer late on the 24th. A learning curve expected over the next little while - Windows 8.1 - so please be patient if DHC-2 Beaver and DHC-6 Twin Otter website productivity drops off. Any donations are welcome btw ;-)

20 April 2014

Just noticed TwinOtterArchive.COM turned over visitor 68,000. Finishing up an intensive week of additions there. We are at msn 620 now. Last ten images coming tomorrow, then I will have to cut back on both websites, as "stuff" has to be done around here!

19 April 2014

Photo: Neil Aird © 19:18 EDT 19 April 2014

This evening I snapped my first American Airlines aircraft in the new colours. N791AN Boeing 777-223 (30254) was my subject at FL350, operating AAL86.

14 April 2014

Going back in time. I went for a walk to Kingston Market Square today and stepped back a hundred years or so. A movie being made today. What's this got to do with the DHC-2 you ask? Well, as you can see below, one of the actors - Jim Beaver.

Crimson Peak shoot in Kingston, Ontario
Guillermo del Toro’ s highly anticipated movie
Crimson Peak, starring Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, Charlie Hunnam, and Jim Beaver, is set to film a big scene with more than 300 extras in Kingston, Ontario on Monday, April 14.
According to a casting call, a shoot for
Haunting Gothic Horror Story – the movie’s sometimes working title – is taking place in Kingston’s Market Square. The scene, which will take 12 – 16 hours to film will re-create “an early, thriving, 1900s streetscape.”
The casting call describes Crimson Peak as “the story of a young aspiring author (Wasikowska) who, in the aftermath of a family tragedy, is torn between love for her childhood friend (Hunnam) and the temptation of a mysterious outsider (Hiddleston). Trying to escape the ghosts of her past, she is swept away to rural England to a house that breathes, bleeds...and remembers.”

Photos: Neil Aird © 14 April 2014

11 April 2014

Pleasant day spent yesterday in the company of my collegue Ian M. Macdonald from Ottawa. Ian's work you will all be familiar with on the website, he also is responsible for in depth research of the DHC-2. Grand visit Ian, thanks for coming down all that way. Here's the face behind the name!

10 April 2014

C-GDBX (1286) trust me on the registration - although it wins the DHC-2.COM "booby prize" for duct tape presentation! I believe it is still in Kenmore/Renton area. More news on that soon.

Photo: Pete Killin © 09 April 2014

09 April 2014

I read a news article this morning announcing that they were hoping to put the Mallard back into production - well our Mallards were back again this year scouting out my area for their production facilities. We live quite a hike from the Lake. Poor ducklings, when they arrive, it's a long and dangerous route back to water for them!!

Photo: Neil Aird © 09 April 2014 06:54EDT

04 April 2014

One more Beaver into a box at Campbell River, British Columbia - DQ-GWW (124) and one safely out of a box at Renton, Washington, and onto a barge, N930AJ (1280).

Photo: Bob Kobzey © 03 April 2014

Photo: Kenmore Air © March 2014 - courtesy Jvan Aeberli

30 March 2014

Woke up to a lot of snow today! Yikes. Quite the winter. Won't last long - we have to have Spring soon! The ice braker Griffon has arrived in the area, a good sign.

Got the April 2014 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages ready for you. One of my shots for a change. Finished adding Beavers for this month, general web site house keeping tomorrow.

26 March 2014

Another stunning series of shots taken in 1951 by Ross Carton (Thanks to Stan Johnson, Marathon Museum) of CF-OCH (31) being rescued from the pounding surf, after an engine failure. Location is Lake Superior, Ontario.

Photo: Ross Carton © 1951 - Marathon Museum Collection

25 March 2014

Thanks to my two Ians (Macdonald and Macintosh), we are all paid up for another year. Thanks also to Rod. Appreciate your generosity lads!

23 March 2014

A day for numbers. 1,250,000th visitor to DHC-2.COM! 10,000th Beaver photo coming up today, and the TwinOtterArchive.COM site will turn over visitor 65,000. To use the Scottish vernacular - "Fair chuffed!" . . . . bad news is I have to fork up another $142.00 for one more year of hosting services to MidPhase.

18 March 2014

Yesterday morning when I was out walking, I observed two jets, presumed they were CF-188's doing the usual Royal Military College buzz-job, albeit higher. When I got home I noticed that they had climbed and were no longer in tight formation. In my studio some twenty minutes later, I noticed they were still doing high orbits. I looked at them, ah ha, Alphajets. Took a couple of snaps and checked my ADS-B and one was showing FL102 and it was C-GNTA (148). The second was not "showing" a transponder code. I'll probably be able to identify which is which by the camo markings! Second was C-GCTA (014) confirmed today in Ottawa.

Photos: Neil Aird © 17 March 2014 10:10 EDT

13 March 2014

Photo: Neil Aird © 27 September 1967

Came across this slide, taken as I was about to board TF-LLE Douglas DC-6B (44425) "Snorri Thorfinnson" at Keflavik, for the last leg home to Scotland. We left at 07:45 and landed at Glasgow / EGPF at 11:28 after a three hour, forty-three minute flight. This aircraft started out with PanAm as N5025K before joining Loftleidir on 08 March 1962. Later she became PH-TRL of Transair, then back to Icelandic registry, as TF-AAB. I saw her again when she was stored at Prestwick, January - July 1970. After moving on a few times she came to a sad end, ditching in the sea just north of Haiti on 15 Septmber 1980.

12 March 2014

Pleased to start adding some images from my DHC-2.COM collegue Ian Macdonald. Just a couple today. The first is CF-MCM (1623TB14) at Toronto Island Airport, after her recent service with Wardair. Thanks Ian.

Photo: Ian M. Macdonald © Summer 1969

11 March 2014

Today I just by chance looked up and spotted "a wee dot" which turned out to be N1972N GLF5 (5121) belonging to Nike. Passed almost directly overhead at FL430 en route Boston to Portland. Colourful.

Blurry photo: Neil Aird © 11 March 2014 15:52 EDT

I also saw this old shot I took of another slower $99.00 round trip flight by Loftleidir in 1967. Here are two of the RR Tynes that almost made me deaf! Keflavik - to New York.

Photo: Neil Aird © 11 September 1967

09 March 2014

The other day I received a scan of CF-HNM (628) from Jim Court. Here is the note he sent along with it. Thanks Jim.

Photo: John Rodriguez © c.1962 - K.D. Gough Collection

Hi Neil,

A friend of mine just gave me a pic of HNM in Northern Wings titles, dates to about 1962. First Beaver I ever flew. The pic was probably taken by John Rodriguez, a local professional photographer, and it used to hang in the CP's office in the old hangar you see in the background, and it is now part of the collection of K. D. Gough.


P.S. That hangar, by the way, used to be located at Harmon AFB in Stephenville, Newfoundland. Wings bought it, disassembled it and shipped it to Sept-Iles.

Well Jvan's Containered Beaver formation have arrived in the Port of Montréal. After unloading they will continue on the next leg of their travels. Note the current weather conditions are not like the image, brilliant blue skies, but everything still covered in snow and ice!!

Usually when I post a picture of a "Yellow Bird" I get a resonse from Neil Ayers. This morning was no exception. I am adding a few pictures to CF-OCG (30) page. Here is a shot of Neil doing practise water bombing, note - target is an orange and white parachute!!

Photo: Helen Ayers © July 1966

05 March 2014

Today started cold, then a thaw up to -5C and we suddenly "picked up some ice". Took the icicles down, but not before a quick snap.

Heard a high flying jet, looked at my screen, French Military Airbus A330-223 (msn 240) going by, eastbound. Grabbed the camera, changed lenses and came up with this image of F-RARF "CTM1275" - it had been visiting YYZ I believe. It is ex F-OPTP and HB-IQB.

Photos: Neil Aird © 05 March 2014 12:00 EST

A bit under the weather (and snow) here, so updates are few and far between. Most exciting news is that two Beavers are currently en route to Montréal, Québec on board OOCL Montréal. They are due in port on the 7th. I'll be tracking the ship. They will travel then by rail (passing a few miles from my studio !) to Seattle, Washington. There they will end up Kenmore Air Harbor. N930AJ (1286) and N130WA (591) are the items in the containers. Here are a few snaps:

That was her position early on her journey. "Bon Voyage!"

Photos: Jvan Aeberli © 11 & 13 February 2014

26 February 2014

Photo: Bob Kobzey © 07 February 2014

Back on 02 February, just before my "computer Issues" I received images from Bob Kobzey of DQ-GWW (124), which was about to go on her test flight, after repairs at Sealand. Well, today I have managed to add some of those, and a few taken on a further flight five days later. You can see why Bob lives where he does!. Thanks again Bob, sorry for the delay.

25 February 2014

At this point in time I'd like to acknowledge our "back room boffin" who is doing fantastic reasearch on our behalf. Ian Macdonald of Ottawa, Ontario, is supplying very detailed research for the DHC-2.COM database. Ian is a regular visitor to our Library and Archives Canada. Thanks Ian for your continued support , and also for sending many fine images of Beavers from your early days of travelling, and various homes in Canada. I know you have many ready to dispatch to us. Always a delight to add them!

19 February 2014

An envelope that has been travelling for 15 days arrived here, It contained a print of P-02 (1438), this was an eBay purchase made with donation funds. A New ! Beaver for the website. My thanks to our donors for the opportunity to add this item. One at a time, we'll get there someday.

18 February 2014

I think we are back to normal, if this addition goes where it is supposed to go ;-)

16 February 2014

Well, I am back "at it" and have learned a lot about the innards of a desktop computer! I think the reason for my "woes" was all down to a Video Card and perhaps the slot it fitted into on the mother board. When I got the machine back (third time) from the Tech, it still did not work, after I had witnessed it on his bench, working "just fine". I'll spare you my grief, but I took it apart here, and gradually added each piece, or not, until I have it working. Of course, I cannot find my e-mails from the last few years etc. Maybe they will turn up. But if you have not received a speedy reply, you now know why. I have my aviation radars up and running again "I need a break!"

Normal service will be resumed on Tuesday, as tomorrow is Family Day here in Canada.

01 February 2014

View from the hangar floor. DQ-GWW (124) will probably be flying today (in sharp new colours!), meanwile, C-GUJV (1643) was still just hanging around.

Photo: Bob Kobzey © 31 January 2014

Another month begins. I'm updating the data for c/n 41 to 60 this weekend. I'll probably be able to squeeze in a Beaver or two as well! Thanks to our recent donors, appreciate the help gents.

Worthy of note (I think!) has just racked up unique visitor 60,000 - not bad in our first two years.

30 January 2014

A bit of friendly "company" competition on J559 approaching Watertown - ART. Air France F-GSQF B77W "AFR054" FL 360 was leading F-GSPK B77W "AFR688" FL380. Both were pegged at 448kts plus or minus ;-)

Photo: Neil Aird © 30 January 2014 16:00 EST

The February 2014 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages are ready for you. Thanks again to Lenn Bayliss for the shot of ZK-AMA (1477). Lenn sent a few glorious images, which I will add shortly. Cheers Lenn.

Photo: Lenn Bayliss © 24 January 2014

Some of you may have noticed already the change in format, and expansion of notes, on some of our early Beaver pages. My collegue Ian Macintosh has been working on those additions and is now sending me (gradually!) the revised, and additional data, in a format that does not require too much work at my end! Thanks for that Ian, and also your tireless, detailed work, especially on those USAF records. I have started at c/n 1 and am working steadily up to c/n 40. So check those out. I can't forecast how many I will do each week, as I will also try to sort out the images in correct order, plus add the odd New ! Beaver...

25 January 2014

Another winter blizzard in full swing here. After digging through snowdrifts outside, I have resorted to digging inside. I've found lots of Beaver images, and now have enough of them them lined up for adding in the next week or so. ;-)

A collegue, Terry Martin of Ottawa happened to be at the right place at the right time to catch this unusual view of "FTV-2" the second CSeries test airframe from Bombardier, as it was shooting and approach to YOW's Runway 32. Thanks for letting me use the shot Terry.

Photo: Terry Martin © 21 January 2014

21 January 2014

One of my many projects underway, is a photo essay of an April 1998 visit to Hawkins & Powers facility at Greybull, Wyoming - well before the big auction took place, and broke apart a wonderful collection.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 April 1998

A few days ago I received some images and a note from Don Lagro in Ludlow, Vermont. Don was crew chief on 53-2783 (567) from 1963-1966 at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Great info Don, many thanks.

Photos: Don Largo © c.1963-66

Don Relates - “The serial on the tail on the next is 54-1672 (803) which also has the two antennae passing through the vents on top of the fuselage. They are for the big radios of the relay system. The aircraft were to circle at altitude and relay back control messages for up to 10 hrs. It worked well so they came out to us one day and asked how they could put more radios in the aircraft”

Don said “The wings have two bomb racks on each side, make a mount for the antennae and let them trail out behind the wing. They did that then put a rack in the center seat area with 6 more radios linked to 6 antennae under the wings; the aircraft flew with pilot, co-pilot and radio operator”.

Don went on to say “Note how pretty my plane is, it had just came back from Atlanta with a fresh paint job. This lasted about a month or two, then they painted it Olive Drab. What a crime! This radio set up started in 1964, I think and lasted until the spring of 1965. At this time they returned one of the aircraft to Atlanta for a weight and balance annual check up. With the heavy old radios and antennae of the time it did not pass and the equipment had to be removed. Interestingly none of the Beavers ever had a problem with the extra load. The job then went to the Caribous. We were the 11th Air Assault Division, Air Mobile. The unit started from scratch; it was a new concept with a lot of new equipment to test and try out. Our company was designated General Support Company, which was mostly all helicopters. We needed a field for the planes so were on our own most of the time. Great times too in the 11th, from 1963 to May 1965. The Division then became the 1st. Air Cavalry. Col. Westmorland was made General and they all went to Vietnam. We went to Lawson Field (Fort Benning, Georgia) until February 1966. It was then when I was discharged. I do regret not going after a pilot’s license, we did a lot of flying and I could handle the plane well. Silly kid I guess. The experience was great. While at Lawson Field the first C-5A (Galaxy) came in and landed, rolled through and took off again being too heavy to stop on any of the pads at that time. New ones were being built to hold its weight. I am looking for more pictures I am still trying to find out if the plane still exist, no luck yet. Working on FAA now”.

For now enjoy , Don

20 January 2014

Today I noticed on my "radar" "GAF901" over Ottawa heading my way. I rolled up my blinds and saw that a thick band of clouds was slowly moving away to the east. Maybe? So I started scanning later and picked up the aircraft 16+01 an Airbus A340-313X (274) not trailing, some 20 nautical miles east at FL364. I figured it would just about pass over the top of the church spire. As I started shooting, it started trailing . . I could imagine the crew saying, "Neil's taking a snap - smoke on!" What a hoot. This was the eighth time it has routed via my window since February 2011.

Photos: Neil Aird © 13:12EST 20 January 2014

16 January 2014

Couple of items today relating to the Southern Hemisphere. The first was an e-mail from my friend in New Zealand, Hallett Griffin. Here it is:

Hi Neil,

Please find enclosed two photos taken with our Beaver ZK-AZB (S/N 156) at the 150th Hawkes Bay Show in October 2013 (these photos are courtesy of Mr Wayne Roberts).

Photo: Wayne Roberts © October 2013

On Sunday the 16th March 2014 ZK-AZB and ZK-BBX will be attending the John Riddell and East Coast Air Services Ltd Memorial Day in Gisborne. John Riddell an ex Kittyhawk and Corsair Pilot who founded East Coast Air Services in 1952 passed away last year and this memorial day is in his honour. After his company was absorbed into Feildair Ltd John became their Chief Pilot for many years. During September 2012 when I attended the Mosquito Airshow at Ardmore I contacted John Riddell’s son Peter who drove him to the airport to see his favourite Beaver AZB painted back in its original paint scheme and his reaction to seeing it was overwhelming and it made the effort of restoring this aircraft worthwhile.



The next two images I enjoyed again the other day as the snow was coming down! Taken on my first wonderful Australian Odyssey in 2005. Whitehaven Beach by Beaver. . . aah, what could be more delightful? "Just bring your bathers Neil".

Photos: Neil Aird © 30 April 2005

15 January 2014

The trouble with seeking out old images is that you realise just how many interesting shots you have stashed away . . so, off I go on another tangent. March AFB in sunny California, has a fantastic museum, so another project for me to tackle soon. (Completed this on 26 July 2014!)

Photo: Neil Aird © 24 April 2009

"I know, I know, I can read!" Photo: Vancouver South - Neil Aird © 14 June 2007

Another work in progress, you can have a wee peek now if you want. Avra Valley, near Tucson, was on my radar for a while, I was not disappointed on my two visits.

Photo: Neil Aird © 1998

12 January 2014

Still having fun with my "vintage" slides. Planning on doing a "then and now" on Falcon Field, Mesa, Arizona.

Photo: Neil Aird © 08 September 1968

11 January 2014

Added some more images on today, including American Airlines N6130A Lockheed L-188A Electra (1121) at Dallas / Love Field.

Photo: Neil Aird © 12 September 1966

10 January 2014

Going back a few days to the item about VR-RBU (142) , I have now had some correspondence with Bob Hobbs, owner of NA3T, which is a very extensive repository of negatives/slides/prints etc., relating to all forms of transport, including, of course Aviation! Bob is gradually scanning over 200,000 images, many of which would have been lost to future generations, had he not rescued them. Great work Bob. I look forward to showcasing some of your extensive Beaver collection, and hope to purchase some for my own private collection as funds permit. I'm sure some of the DHC-2.COM website viewers will do also.

Thank you for your generosity in letting me publish on this website, some of these with your NA3T watermark. So thrilled to even find some New ! Beavers in your fantastic archives.

09 January 2014

I'm going to add some more images to my "Stateside 66" section. The first tonight is Convair 990 N5608 (18) of American Airlines at Nashville - KBNA, Tennessee.

Photo: Neil Aird © 14 September 1966

Almost! Almost what? Well I noticed the moon outside today and it was in about the right place for a jet to cross in front of it. 102 miles north, over Ottawa, I noticed A6-EDO Airbus A388 "UAE201" tracking towards me at FL380. My patience was rewarded as the clouds cleared just in time to get a few shots. I only wish I had a better lense and camera, the camera is on my list ;-) I'll still watch for an aircraft to pass in front of the moon!!

Photos: Neil Aird © 09 January 2014 13:58EST

05 January 2014

Belated congratulations to Bombardier on the first flight of CS100 "FTV2" on 03 January 2014. Félicitations et Bravo! - Video.

Photo: Bombardier © 03 January 2013

03 January 2014

Another interesting story in my mailbox which solves some questions "What ever happened to . . . ?" In this case DHC-2 (142). Here's the e-mail from David Wood. Many thanks David. Now all we need is a decent picture ;-) This one of it hiding behind VR-RBT is currently all I have, but chasing one up at present. (I suceeded btw. I have yet another in my Private Collection - see Blog entry for January 10th).

Photo: Peter Keating © c.1950's - Ken Tilley Collection

Photo: Ken Mattocks © c.1952-55 - 656 Association

Hello Neil,
Being a former resident of Malaysia, I am always interested in the aeronautical history of that country.
I have very vivid memory's of the old Federation Air Services DH Beavers and was lucky enough to fly in several of them.

Through your excellent web page, I have been able to track the fate of 4 of the 5 Beavers that they used and I am pleased to see that all 4 are still "alive" and well.
But the fate of the 5th, C/N 142 has always eluded me. It just seemed to vanish off the face of the earth. There was no record of it ever being involved in an accident, which is what I assumed had happened.

Then a recent chance conversation with a retired Qantas Ground Engineer, who was the Station Engineer in Malaya for both Qantas and BOAC during the time that FAS were in operation, gave me the answer, which I think you will be interested in.

The ex Qantas man said that at the time, Qantas were operating the Lockheed Super Constellation and BOAC the Bristol Britannia to Malaya and Singapore.
He also assisted FAS engineers when required.

Anyway, he told me that FAS had a hangar at the old Kuala Lumpur airport at Sungei Besi (Sung ee - Bee see) which they shared with Qantas/BOAC. The airport Fire Brigade were on the other side.

One night, C/N 142 was parked outside the FAS hangar as it was scheduled for an early morning departure the next morning.
However during the night it caught fire and was totally destroyed in the ensuing blaze.

The conclusion was that someone was stealing Avgas from the Beaver by draining it from the tanks into container.
The thief had lit a match to see how much fuel he had been able to get into the container and set the lot alight!

C/N 142's airframe was declared a total write off.
Unfortunately he cannot recollect the exact date of the incident, except that it was sometime between mid 1958 and mid 1959.

Kind Regards

David Wood
(Geelong, Victoria, Australia)

01 January 2014

Happy New Year to one and all! Just finished the January 2014 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages. An image of N72355 (1164) by Bob Kobzey is our January treat. Thanks Bob.

Photo: Bob Kobzey © 26 July 2013

28 December 2013

Some good news here in that the temperatures have risen above freezing - and the trees have been relieved of most their ice coatings!! Some good news on the Beaver front too, courtesy of Wayne Mutza, who pointed me to a New! Beaver, I in turn found two more New! to add, once I contact the picture takers/owners for the appropriate permissions. Thanks Wayne.

I think we have found the disposition of 54-1719 (866) thanks to Ken Stoltzfus and George Massey - It obviously ended up on this lane at Hopewell, some six miles east of Nashville, TN. I'm presuming the U.S. Army would have scrapped it, although I'm sure it could be restored today!

Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - George Massey Collection

26 December 2013

Snow has stopped and temparatures are rising. May the ice start to melt!! Here is my DPD antenna array. Still receiving as normal!! The top antenna that is visible is 1.25" x 57" so that looks like 32mm of ice to me on the north side!!

Photos: Neil Aird © 25 December 2013

24 December 2013

Just in case the wind comes up, and the power goes out - let me take the opportunity to wish you all Season's Greetings. My thanks to Bob Kobzey for the super banner picture, taken earlier this month at Campbell River. Thanks Bob!

23 December 2013

As you are well aware, I am surrounded by churches here in Kingston. North, south and east. Now, courtesy of the ice-storm, I have a new item to look at!! Not Photoshopped - Honest!

Photo: Neil Aird © 23 December 2013

22 December 2013

I think it is almost over - the latest Ice Storm. Here's the view from the cab just now (while I have the internet and power) -4.5C wind calm. Maybe some more to come, but I hope not. Glad I am not trying to get somewhere!

20 December 2013

I got an update from Peter Krause on his X-Plane project. Peter is busy this year being a new Dad and the project should be complete in 2014. Congratulations Peter to you and your wife.

Many of you will no doubt have heard of our recent large fire in Midtown Kingston. Crane driver was rescued by a CH-146 Griffon from 424 Squadron at CFB Trenton. Congratulations to the SARTEC and crew for this dramatic rescue.

Photos: Left: CBC www - Right: Lars Hagberg © 18 December 2013

My son Anthony was near during the fire, but had the sense to stay away and let the firemen do thier work. Exploding propane tanks were an incentive to do that. He took a short video on his iTouch. I had walked past the structure a few weeks ago and thought "What a fire trap" . . .

You can find numerous articles via a Google search.

15 December 2013

Another grand e-mail today with an interesting yarn featuring C-GTBC (1364). My thanks to Dave Rutherford.

Photo: David Rutherford © August 1982


I enjoyed visiting your website.

Here is a scanned slide of C-GTBC, s/n 1364. It was taken on the dock at the Thunderbird Camps trading post in Pelican Narrows, SK in August, 1982.
We had arrived there by canoe after two weeks on the Churchill River. As we had left our vehicles at Otter Rapids north of LaRonge, we needed to get back there. I went into the store to phone the local bus company. As I recall, the bus ride would have cost $60 and taken all day, and we still would have needed to drive back to Pelican Narrows to pick up the canoes.
C-GTBC was sitting there empty. While in the trading post, I happened to overhear that it would soon be flying back to LaRonge. Knowing the reputation of the Beaver, I took a long shot and asked if we might catch a ride. The owner seemed agreeable, as he obviously preferred not to return empty. Trying to decide what to charge us, he asked me what our bus fare to LaRonge would have been. Secretly, I was willing to pay a lot more, but I told him what the bus company had just quoted. To my astonishment, he agreed to do it for that.
Shortly afterwards, we had a flight to remember — a suitable ending for the trip of a lifetime. When we took off into a stiff headwind on Pelican Lake, the Beaver was carrying the four of us, half a dozen assorted camping packs, and six paddles, as well as another adult in the co-pilot’s seat. Strapped to the float struts, one on each side, were our two Chestnut canoes. We flew with 15 degrees of flap the whole way, at about 1000 feet AGL. Too bad I didn’t have my digital camera then!

Dave Rutherford - Abbotsford, BC

14 December 2013

Been a while since a blog entry. Have a new correspondent in Australia, Lance Higgerson, who abides in Adelaide. Lance has supplied some older images for me to use, some by his friends, and I'm happy to add these. Thanks to John Land (Beaver builder extrordinaire) and Bob Wiseman. This one of an unmarked Beaver looked familiar! I just added a picture of it in Canadian marks to the current Banner Page!! It is VH-AAV (1052).

Note: (24 December 2013) Since I made the above asumption, I have found two more aircraft with this identical colour scheme!! So let's say that I "think" this is VH-AAV. N541R (313) was painted in these colours as was VH-AAS (144) but it had that long exhaust and no tail logo!

Photo: John Land © c1969 - Lance Higgerson Collection

Been puttering away on my Vermeer. Finally felt like doing some work today.

At the twenty hours mark.

Our son Anthony has been painting as well. Here's one of his recent works.

"Sunset " Anthony Aird © 07 December 2013

29 November 2013

The December 2013 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages are ready for you. Thanks to my pal Chip Porter for the knock-out shot of N2400F (958). Great work Chip.

Photo: Chip Porter © 16 October 2013

27 November 2013

Well the snow returned today, very pretty, very heavy!

23 November 2013

Brief snow squall today, so first "official" real snowfall. All gone now, beautiful sunny evening.

I have also updated my progress images on the "Vermeer" page. Now at the 14 hours:30 minutes elapsed time mark.

14 November 2013

Another e-mail the other day I thought I'd "share" . . . This one from Roy Hill. Thanks Roy, featuring N64396 (70).

Photo: Via Roy Hill © 1992

Hi from Mt Vernon, Oregon !

I just wanted to take a minute to Thank you for this FANTASTIC website. I have been a DHC 2 fan every since 1992 when I flew on one (two times!!) going to a logging camp at a place called "Rowan Bay" in southeast Alaska not too far from Petersburg.I fell in love with DHC 2 aircraft and with Alaska. Matter of fact, I am planning right this minute on going back to live up there.I have attached a photo of the plane I was on and this photo was taken by me on the day I left. As you can see, we were just starting to load the aircraft. Weather was not good and the ride from here to Sitka was very rough but the old gal made it just fine !!The young lady in the pink pants and red hair got sick half way through the flight and threw up all over the back seat and the two guys beside her. What was really funny was a cat she had in a crate behind her and it threw up all over the back of her !!!Anyway, thanks again for a great site. I will be back to make a donation and read every last word on every page. ( I am retired, so I can do what I want!!) :)Regards,Roy Hill

13 November 2013

Another grand dawn 06:28edt here in Kingston, -04C.

Had a very busy day so far with Twin Otters, but still had time for VH-EPY (126). It is interesting to me to note that I have seen both VH-EPX (86) and VH-EPY (126) albeit in later markings. (86) I saw at Renton, Washington in September 1995 and (126) at Birchwood, Alaska in September 2004. While on the subject of those two specific Beavers, I received a very pleasant e-mail this morning from former Beaver driver, Ted Norman. I tell you what, here it is - makes me glad I do what I do, because I get to meet interesting folk!:

Hi Neil
My name is Ted Norman from NSW Australia and a great admirer of your work collating the history and whereabouts of the huge number of mighty Beavers. As a young lad ( i am now 71 ) i started my working career as an engineer with Aerial Agriculture NSW at Bankstown airport just near Sydney working initially on Tiger Moths - Yes they
were used as cropdusters - and then came the mighty Beaver. At one stage we had 40 Beavers and i believe at the time the biggest single operator in the world. I gained my commercial pilots license and spent many joyous hours in the cockpit of the DHC-2 spreading super phosphate in the NSW countryside. My boss at Aerial Ag. Mr Tom Watson, a truly wonderful human being, guided me into the life of an airline pilot and fter a couple of years ag. flying joined Ansett Airlines and later East West Airlines, then back to Ansett flying B767's until the airline collapsed in 2001.

This brings me to the subject of your latest banner photo, as it was when i was flying Fokker F27's for East West, that after finishing a day's work flying the F27 i would then jump into Beaver VH-EPX or EPY and do a cargo run between Sydney and Newcastle. This was the first Wards Air Cargo run out of Sydney. At that time, 1969, i was
the only endorsed Beaver pilot that was not engaged in crop dusting, so the owner of these two aircraft, Alan Savage, asked if i could occasionally help him out and i must say i jumped at the offer. He came from South Africa and brought the Beavers with him, some say under ubious circumstances, however he always paid me for the time i worked for him, and treated me well. I flew various charters , some parachute dropping, and of course the regular freight run, and logged approximately 300 hours until it all came to an end.

I must say i am a regular visitor to your website and reminisce over the many Beavers that i have flown and worked on during my flying career and am amazed where they are today. I ave also flown the Beaver you flew when in Oz a few years ago belonging to "Sy" the Harley man. I used to work with him at Aerial Ag. in the early 60's. His name then was Steve Allsop and only had it changed to" Sy" when he became a Harley dealer. As you know, he is a great chap as is Peter Reardon whom i suspect you also know. "Sy" also now has a Prestwick Twin Pioneer which i suspect is like having an English MGB car, except it has wings. You know, you always have your head under the bonnet to keep it going! But he loves them both which is the main thing. Keep up the good work Neil, i don't know how you do it, but what
you have done is nothing short of incredible.
Regards Ted Norman...........

11 November 2013

Two days ago, another modified Beaver took to the sky from beside the Campbell River Spit. C-FCDT (390) under the command of Greg Koopman, made her test flight. Of course Bob Kobzey was on hand. A special day for Bob as he celebrated his 24th Anniversary with Sealand Aviation, watching the first aircraft he he signed out 36 years previously as a young AME, take to the air again.

Photo: Bob Kobzey © 09 November 2013

As promised, I have made a link to "Neil's Vermeer" - those that feel inclined can keep an eye on the progress. It may not achieve a daily update, but maybe once or twice a week, you can take a peek. At some point I may show details, as that will give you an idea of the "detail" I may want to get into ;-) So, here is your link. Click on the image - which is at the ten hour point.

10 November 2013

My window is too often a distraction, I had to stop painting and watch the fast changing colours. Here's one moment that happened this evening at 16:36 EST.

09 November 2013

Something fishy going on here. Danie left some frozen fish to thaw on the counter for supper - I could not resist snipping some paper and adding to the plate.

Updated my "Vermeer" painting progress (scroll down). Next item today (or tomorrow) will be the "Weekend Warriors" images. Back to some more painting first, and more photo additions to TOA website, which recently received unique visitor 50,000.

06 November 2013

Not been blogging much I'm afraid. Here's a shot for you. "Chock Rock" or "Rock Chock" at Villavicencio. A recent slide purchase for the website - all the way from Fiji!!

Here's another image for you. RNAS Culdrose 1964 - Helicopter fly-by. Dragonfly, 4 x Wasps, 9 x Hillers, 7 x Whirlwinds, 16 x Wessex.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 July 1964

29 October 2013

A fantastic day for contrails and interesting effects. Trails below clouds and "threading the needle" so to speak.

Photos: Neil Aird © 29 October 2013 17:15

28 October 2013

Almost the last blog entry for the month. The DHC-2.COM Calendar pages for November 2013 are ready for you. Thanks to Pete Killin for this delightful image of C-FLLA (151) which he delivered that day from Laidman Lake to Campbell River. Thanks for the snap Pete.

Photo: Pete Killin © 25 September 2013

Latest snaps of "Vermeer" are at the 5:10 (left) 6:10 mark and 7:40 (right). I might not be doing much on it after tomorrow, or indeed, the website may suffer too as I have to spend the day in the "big hangar" for some tests to my R.985. The month changeover may be a bit late if I have compression problems, depends on my chief mechanic and helpers. (note: passed the mechanical checks and back on track!).

(09 November 2013: Will start a page link soon for this for those interested.)

23 October 2013

My DHC-2 production rate will be dropping back to about one a day - the reason is I have a small painting underway. I've always liked Vermeer, so I decided to paint my own. I'll post the odd update as I plod along. The artwork will even include "cracks" after all, this is just a challenge for myself. Takes me back to my student days ;-)

18 October 2013

Update: - watched and listened to Danie land at YUL at 16:31EDT RWY 24R. Here is a "virtual" shot from the flightdeck earlier as the MD11 approached the Gulf of St Lawrence. Cool stuff. I had a cockpit view right to the runway!!

As I watch my Danielle fly along the east coast of the UK and swing over the Isle of Man in elderly PH-KCD MD11 "KL671" heading home.

I managed also to clean some eavestroughs and find two old Davis-Monthan rejects, which don't look so bad after cleaning up. So a good day starting here.

Photo: 48-0614 C-121A USAF "Columbine" - Neil Aird © 09 September 1968

13 October 2013

If you have some quiet time alone (with speakers on) you can enjoy this superb travelogue "The Ontario Bush Plane Trail" by Servaas Verbrugge and Jan Koppen. Don't rush it, savour the adventure. Well done lads!! Great, generous, Canadian hospitality afforded by the operators and pilots.

I found I had a severe case of "déjà vu" having done the same trip (with the exception of Gimli - a big regret on my part). At that time in 1995, I thought I'd better make the effort to photograph these bush planes before they are all gone - well, they probably will outlive me!!

Added seven images to Eddy's RAF/FAA album. Here's a peek at two of them. I think the negs/scans cleaned up quite well.

Photos: Robert A. Edwards ©

12 October 2013

Another section has been added to the ever expanding website - "Weekend Warriors" - I hope to add at least one image each weekend to this page. It will be a "Military" image drawn from the massive collection of Robert A. "Eddy" Edwards. Purely random, to keep me entertained, and working steadily on his images!

Photo: Robert A. Edwards © 06 June 1994

11 October 2013

Came across this old print taken of yours truly with XP822 (1486) at Middle Wallop, some 23 years ago. Children could climb about inside - of course, I did too!

Photo: Katie Aird © July 1990

Watch out for "Beaver Twins" C-FIDM (1323) and C-FFHP (57) as they travel across Canada to Vanderhoof, British Columbia, on their delivery flight. Thanks to Clive Pearce we have a few snaps, including this one of them departing Shoal Lake on October 9th.

Photo: Clive Pearce © 09 October 2013

10 October 2013

The other end of the day here. Pleasant light, albeit just for a few minutes. Even caught C-GYNF AW139 going home.

Calling it a night now.

Views: Top two East, lower left North, lower right West.

Still enjoying brilliant fall / autumn weather here in Kingston.

Last Sunday, October 6th, my friend Pierre Gillard took his first ever Beaver flight. It was a perfect day for the his charter from Saint-Mathais-sur-Richlieu, Québec. The aircraft was C-FMMO (1431). Have a look at his portfolio of the day's event, and in the VISTAS CANADA section for more images. Merci Pierre.

Photos: Pierre Gillard © 06 October 2013

I've been busy scanning some more of my pal Eddy's colour negs. That's been a change of pace for me. Here are three small images to give an idea of what I will be adding. Most images are from RNAS Yeovilton / EGDY and RAF Fairford / EGVA. It takes quite a bit of time to work up these images, but worthwhile. A fitting tribute, I think, to his fine work over his lifetime of spotting.

Photo: VA.1A-21 "01-909" EAV-8B Harrier (E9) Spanish Navy / Armada - EGDY - Robert A. Edwards © 16 July 1994

Photo: XX228 "CC" BAE Hawk T.1A (312064) RAF 100 Sqdn - EGDY - Robert A. Edwards © 16 July 1994

Photo: 64-14847 "OF" Boeing RC-135U (18787) USAF 45thRS "Combat Sentry" - EGVA -- Robert A. Edwards © 29 July 1994

03 October 2013

Great start to another day. The view from here at 06:39 EDT. Thought you might enjoy a look.

Working on a huge batch of Twin Otter images today - playing "catch-up", so maybe just one Beaver later.

29 September 2013

Busy day here in the cab. Heard a welcome, familiar sound, so a quick jump into action. C-GRHF (1123) low level, eastbound towards Montréal. Managed to grab the camera and squeeze off a few shots. Thanks to the radio, heard the callsign, but would have been able to identify it from my snaps. Next time, stop in the harbour please!!

Photo: Neil Aird © 29 September 2013 13:34EDT

Often I'm pleasantly surprised with what Photoshop can do. Here's an example of CF-TUR (1529) at YZD. Before and after tweaking.

Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © December 1963 - Michael J. Ody Collection

Earlier in the day I saw N493MC B744 (29254) aiming for my studio, so I was ready as it overflew at FL369, en route to KJFK operating "QFA7589".

Photo: Neil Aird © 29 September 2013 11:44EDT

Also have been very busy, and have had lots of help from collegues around the world on trying to sort out my Router issues, and endeavouring to do Multilateration. But that's a story for another day. Off outside again for a walk to enjoy this glorious Fall weather, and perhaps pick up some beer.

28 September 2013

Calendar pages put to bed for another month. This time I have to thank Fred Hovested for the great action shot of Air Nootka C-FSKZ (1594) departing Gold River, BC. So, get your October 2013 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages here.

Photo: Fred Hovested © 15 August 2013

24 September 2013

Well folks, it's happening again. My favourite time of year, more sky will appear gradually ;-) The first Japan Air Lines Autumn/Fall colours/colors charter arrives in Toronto tomorrow. A bit early I think, but Québec should be magnificent about now!

Photo: Neil Aird © 24 September 2013 08:11EDT

My day started with a nice e-mail from Dino Van Doorn, who was requesting use of some of my Davis-Monthan / MASDC images. He tweaked one to show me his skills. So, guess what I have been doing today? - yup, decided to tweak my second section of Monthan-Memories. I never did get a chance to polish it earlier. Dino has recently started a new web site on AMARG, part of his Global Military Aviation Photography site, check it out.

Now, I'd better get back to Beavers!

21 September 2013

Well, before the day is done - we have the answer. My collegue Ian Macintosh has come up with the candidate: c/n 162 CF-GYR it certainly was based in the area around that time period. Operated by Russell Thomas Aronec.

Photo: Sheldon D. Benner © Ruben Husberg Collection

I need some help with this request. This image taken in the 1971 at Cree Lake. The tall lad, John Shindelka would like to know which Beaver this is. (Athabaska Airways). It was based in La Ronge, SK. Thanks John for the yarn - I can see now why you would like to find out more about "that" Beaver!

In 1971 I worked as a laborer at Crystal Lodge/Cree Lake with two of my friends ( youngest brother came for only 3 days). We are related to the guy who built the camp for a fellow in Thorsby, Alberta. As each of my friends slowly departed home on what ever flight they could hitch hike on. Brother Chris and I were the last to leave. One day this Beaver landed. The pilot stopped to deliver an item. A mere 5 minutes later and some fast packing we were on our way south. Being only 16 and quite naive, I assumed we were being taken care of and all the travel plans were cut and dried ?

We landed in La Ronge late in the day (Thursday) expecting someone to pick us up and drive us home. No one was there. I hadn't been paid yet , we had no money, all I had was a pack of smokes and a young sibling in my care. We knew no one, we were either too shy or too proud to NOT ask for help. We spent the night under some trees beside the lake. The next morning one of the pilots was surprised to see us still hanging around and wondered why we were still there? He said a young guy across the street at the Hudsons Bay store was going to be driving to Prince Albert after work that day and he was going to ask if we could hitch a ride there with him. The fellow was a grocery packer and to this day I still remember his muscular arms on such a skinny frame. The office worker was really accommodating and let us hang around the float base for the day. He let us fill ourselves with coffee. We had no money to eat with, but I had a pack of smokes!.

The old car that the guy had a leaky seal in the trunk and all the road dust filtered in to the back seat where we were huddled. We arrived in PA around midnite and the guy dropped us off at the Greyhound Bus Depot. The ticket agent obviously "wise" to the situation called my Mom in Saskatoon collect to let her know we were stranded in PA without money. In about one hour my brother in law Ed arrived from Saskatoon to find us waiting.

It was sure good to finally be home after that adventure I must say! The normal driving time was about 3 hours round trip. Ed did it in 2 hours. My mom was pretty upset at the guy who plunked us on the Beaver with knowing all the facts.

I just had another yarn arrive from Peter Shrive, here it is below, for your enjoyment. Thanks Peter.

Moose on Board by Peter Shrive, Fall 2000

The winter of 1952 was extraordinarily cold...many long, sub-zero days and nights, and that year the channel of water between Michipicoten Island, situated in Lake Superior, and the mainland, froze solidly, with ice.

The moose population of Michipicoten...generations of them had lived and died on their island home for as long as anyone could remember. However, for reasons that only a moose, or perhaps his psychiatrist would understand, the entire resident moose herd decided to head for the mainland. They made it without incident, and of course, deftly reduced the moose population of Michipicoten Island, to zero.

In the spring of that year MNR, [known in those days as Lands and Forests,] management decided that province-wide attempts would be made to re-populate the island with moose. The plan involved finding young moose calves... preferably locating an adult female with two calves, so that the mother wouldn't raise too much hell if one of the calves was seized. This stage of the plan went off without a hitch, in our area, and shortly, a young moose calf, about the size of a large dog [with "long" legs], was closed in a pen, at the Forest Ranger base in Kapauskasing, [near my air base at Remi lake], being fed and cared for by a local ranger.

When asked, I readily agreed to fly the animal to Michipicoten Island in Lands and Forests Beaver CF-OCK. It seemed like no time at all had passed and the day appointed to transport the young moose arrived. Imagine my horror when the rangers arrived at Remi Lake airbase, with an animal that was now the size of a young pony! The delivery commitment was made, so I plunged ahead, although firm in my insistence that a crate be built to house the animal, for the flight. I was particularly relieved when I learned that a local Doctor had adminstered what he determined to be an appropriate amount of sedation to the animal.

The Rangers hoisted the "freight" to the door of the airplane and barely squeezed the "crated moose", into every square inch of Beaver cabin.

We slipped a simple noose around the young fellow's neck, for ease of control at the release point, and the "Beaver full of moose", with, according to my log book, myself, and a young Forest Ranger, named Trodd [carrying a small gun], set off. 

Headwinds, [the Beaver was never lauded for its speed] made fuel a problem, so we landed enroute at Oba Lake, another Lands of Forests base, for gas...the two mechanics at Oba nearly fell off the dock laughing when they saw my cargo, and banter, filled with expletives and the, to be expected, "witticisms" followed us as we took off again. 

Time was passing, and Trodd and I were starting to be very uneasy about the "grunting and stirring" that was coming out of the crate!!

With more than half the trip completed, we'd begun to relax a little...we were suddenly reminded of our passenger's he placed his long snout between our shoulders, and he actually tried to stand up! This, of course, was impossible...we wondered about the integrity of the restraining box...wood and nails were parting company!

"Take the rope and choke him if you have to", I directed...even more struggling own level of apprehension was going up. 

"You'll have to use your pistol and shoot the animal", I now both Trodd and the animal were pretty wild eyed! 

I let Trodd know, at this point, that he better..."get that animal under control, or I'd take the gun and shoot him myself..." 

Trodd got the message, and with nothing but "gentle coaxing" kept the animal subdued, until we landed and taxied to the island. 

With the help of a party of men, we unloaded and uncrated the stood up and ambled, seemingly unconcerned, into the woods...I remember thinking that TCA [Trans Canada Airlines] would be remarking, at this point, something like "both Miss Jones and myself have enjoyed having you on this flight..."

 Miss Jones never met this passenger! The moose, probably the only one in North America that ever went for an airplane ride, is likely responsible for the entire current moose population of Michipicoten, and was, most certainly, the most unusual passenger I ever carried!

20 September 2013

My Search Engine is DuckDuckGo best I've come across, give it a go. No need for Google (although it does search there too). Read about it here.

19 September 2013

Been a while since I last heard this sound. I recognized it right away, a long time before "it" appeared! This is the first one of our "new" Boeing CH-147 Chinook helos I have seen visit Kingston.

Don't know which machine, call sign something "Nine Bravo". It is probably sitting over on the parade square at RMC for show and tell. I'm happy here with my beer, I'm sure it will be a regular visitor to this area.

Photo: Neil Aird © 19 September 2013 16:51EDT

Nice pear eh? Largest of our 2013 crop. Delicious. 280 grams / 10 ozs. Maybe I can audition it instead of eating it!

Photo: Neil Aird © 19 September 2013 (with apologies to The Annoying Orange)

Also time to thank my 2013 Fund Raising Campaign supporters. My sincere gratitude to you all.

2013 campaign - 13 responded in kind.

Randy S (MI), Sandy T (UK), John O (BC), Rob M (ON), Louis G (QC), Lenn B (OZ), Ian Mac (ON),

Bob W (MT), Peter R (OZ), Sandy T (UK), Paige & Jim B (ON), James K (WA).

16 September 2013

Congratulations Bombardier on the first flight of C-FBCS Bombardier CS100 "FTV1" - I'm sure this beautiful aircraft will be a real winner!!

Photo taken of monitor 12:16 EDT

Screen capture: Bombardier © 16 September 2013

Photo taken of monitor 12:27EDT

I was watching C-GERS the Bombardaier GL5T (9127) chase plane "BCS1" on my radar going back and forth at FL120. Only then did I think of checking out the Bombardier website, voilà - the whole C Series event was being covered live. So hence the photo and screen grab shown above. I'm sure you can all go have a look at their website.

14 September 2013

I think it is time again to thank all of "the correspondents" that have helped out in some way, DHC-2.COM - my sincere thanks.

Jon Abuhl, David Adam, Colin Adams, Jesse Adams, Jvan Aeberli, Anthony Aird, Danielle Aird, Robin Aird, Josh Akbar, Bill Alder, Abbas Ali, Stephen C. Allsep, Michael Andersen, Jonny Anderson, William Anderson, Jim Andie, Tammy Andie, Alexis Antonakis, Tony Arbon, Glen Arsenault, Tom Arthur, James Atwater, Sadie Audette, Mike Aune, Pekka Autere, Marnie Ayers, Neil Ayers, Ross Baadsvik, Tim Badham, Bob Baglow, Harold Bailey, Steve Bailey, Peter Bakema, Francois Bakkes, Mick Bajcar, Chad Banfield, Greg Banfield, Russ Bannock, Fred Barnes, Joe Barr, Doug Barry, Mike Barth, Bob Bates, Dave Bates, Lenn Bayliss, Ian Beatty, Jon Beekman, Sheldon D. Benner, John Bennett, Ole Johan Berg, Oscar Bernadi, Ronnie Berning, Roger Besecker, Michael Besenthal, Rene Biber, Andreas Bischel, Mick Bajcar, Francois Bakkes, Adrian Balch, Dave Bates, Eric Banworth, Peter Berganini, Pierre Berube, Warwick Bigsworth, Scott Black, Bill Blanchard, Steve Blanchette, B. Blatherwick, John Blatherwick, R. 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And of course "Unknown photographer" whoever you are?

12 September 2013

Most of yesterday was spent calibrating anew hardware and backing up. Not much else achieved. managed to screw up my netwok slightly, but have managed a "work-around" in the meantime.

Today has fared a bit better, with fresh L-20A/U-6A images in from Charles Mali in Belgium. I'll work on these later today.

Here is a fun item from Wayne Mutza. It is a card from the Civil Air Patrol.

The last of my recent book purchases "Military Aircraft Boneyards" arrived yesterday, coming from Colorado. This completes my collection of "Boneyard" Books. It was published in 2000. The cover picture and a few others of that period, peaked my interest as a schoolboy, in "boneyards" and it has not faded over the years, as many of you will know by now!

The previous one was the essential William T. Larkins collection "Surplus WWII U.S. Aircraft"- published in 2005.

Three books came in, so some, (3 at least) must go out from our house! We're at the "less is more" stage. Reduce, or recycle to good homes, to the Public Library to sell, or into the gray box. Just like old airframes . . . .

10 September 2013

Just happened to look up a few minutes ago. Boeing 747-87UF going overhead at FL330. N850GT (37570) "GTI 621" Atlas Air from KIAD - ELLX, so a quick lense change and snap.

Photo: Neil Aird © 10 September 2013 18:48EDT

I'm doing more "behind the scenes" work on the website today, adding some tt (TASN times) to a few Beavers. Also, just to let you Twin Otter fans know, am back at regular updates to TwinOtterArchive, trying to keep up with what Erik Johannesson sends! I see I just hit 46,000 visitors!

For "pulse" activity, check Erik's very popular blog - TwinOtterSpotter.

Yesterday I noticed a good exercise "visual" for student artists - how to understand perspective - using contrails ;-)

Photo: Neil Aird © 09 September 2013 09:39EDT

09 September 2013

As you can well imagine, I recieve unpteen images to consider for the website. Here are two I got recently with simlar "content" Thanks to Evan Wick and Dirk Septer for their contributions.

Photo: Evan Wick © date unknown - Ketchikan, AK

Photo: Dirk Septer © date unknown - Campbell River, BC

08 September 2013

Long time favourites of mine were FAA (Fleet Air Arm) aircraft, mainly because I lived near HMS Sanderling, otherwise known as Abbotsinch (now Glasgow Airport). I am working up a page of a visit I made to RNAS Culdrose for an Open Day. Here are a couple of samples of the images to come.

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 July 1964

Today I also added three more images to my "Stateside Adventures 1968" - a few snaps taken at a civil aircraft "boneyard" - well, maybe California Airmotive at Fox Field would not have called it that.

Photo: Neil Aird © 12 September 1968

07 September 2013

Still digging in my archives. Here's a snap of TS-TAR SE-210 Caravelle III (178) of Tunis Air departing from the terminal at Zurich. Not built a page or section for jet airliner shots from this period (yet). My bride and I flew out on F-BJTS of Air France that day for Paris Orly. I managed three other Caravelle flights - I-DABP Alitalia, HB-ICU Swissair and SE-DAA SAS.

Photo: Neil Aird © 09 May 1970

Well, Steve Hill has been busy again. Already in my e-book collection, this superb collation "The Good Old Days" Volume 2 - USAFE 1964-1972 is now available for purchase, digitally as PDF or for iPad, or in printed form. Well done Steve - What's next?

04 September 2013

Just this moment ordered my 309thAMARG (MASDC IV) book from Martyn Swann. It will take pride of place on my Davis-Monthan bookshelf!! The other three volumes are well thumbed!! Can't wait for this one - it's in the mail. (It arrived safely Martyn on 09 September 2013)

31 August 2013

Busy day here, the DHC-2.COM September 2013 Calendar pages are now ready for you. My thanks to David Jeremy for the image this month.

• Photo: David Jaremy © August 2013 •

Added more "Oldies" to Aird Aviation Archives - just working steadily away. Here is one I put on Stateside Adventures 1968. N4800 DC-3C (4497) at Allentown, PA.

Photo: Neil Aird © 23 July 1968

Yesterday I was awakened by a racket on our roof. Found these two "Antenna Rascals" getting up to mischief at the base of my antennas - they actually stirred up a hornet's nest (yellow jackets/wasps), but did not seemed concerned as they buzzed around them. I knew the wasps were there, but they were not active when I was up recently.

Photo: Neil Aird © 30 August 2013 07:07EDT

26 August 2013

Yesterday I started and finished the day with "clouds"... or cloud computing!

Photo: Neil Aird © 25 August 2013 07:11EDT

Top photo: Neil Aird of screen showing Google Earth © 2013

Lower photo: Neil Aird © 24 June 1963

The top image is the vista from our bathroom skylight early morning. I call it a "Mattress Sky" took a bunch of snaps, I have a feeling I did the same the last time I saw similar clouds. But, you almost never see the same cloud formation . . . or do you? The lower image (top) is of Canwick Road, Lincoln, UK., taken from Google, marked © 2013. I had taken a photograph in 1963 and wondered if I could find the spot 50 years later? Well, I took the Google "Stickman" for a hike and found the location. Only when I was putting the two images together for this blog, did I notice the clouds!!! Have a close look. No Photoshop here I assure you!! I was truly amazed. This location was the starting point for my "Summer Cycle" around 79 air bases/airfields over a very large portion of England. Lots of stories there! Got arrested by the USAF, even though I was their guest the previous day and even flew their F-101 Voodoo simulator, what a difference a day makes!

24 August 2013

Yet more of my US Travels from 1966 and 1968. Here's one for the rotary enthusiasts. A bunch of Bells at Phili. Not forgetting the Warbird crowd, a B-25 at Salt Lake City - and some heavy metal at San Francisco!

Photo: Neil Aird © 10 July 1966

Photo: Neil Aird © 29 August 1966

Photo: Neil Aird © 11 September 1968

21 August 2013

More scanning was done yesterday, I guess I'm on a roll! It's strange that when I work on my 1966 vintage slides, some are in perfect condition, and some "awful". I'll probably upload the ones in better condition first, and work on the others slowly, as major "cleanup" is required. I had to re-mount many before scanning, as they were in glass frames.

Here's a peek at one I cleaned up last night to send to Mike Henniger at - I had been doing some research on Lockheed 18 Lodestar N94540 (2605) taken at Portland - KPDX, Oregon, and I noticed he had a request about it. I was able to help out, after all, that's what this "hobby" is all about.

Photo: Neil Aird © 07 September 1966

19 August 2013

Working away on more sheer nostalgia, since I am so far ahead with the Beaver uploads this month!! On 28 August 1968, I was at Aberdeen, South Dakota. I had just come off N8444H Convair 440 Metropolitan (327A) of North Central Airlines "NC763" completing my leg number twelve on this airframe in two days, it was a good time to stretch my legs as I had to travel two more to Bismark and finally end up at Minot. N28341 Douglas DC-3 Dakota (3278) was gracing the small ramp. My heart goes where the wild goose goes, well "Herman" anyways!

Photo: Neil Aird © 28 August 1966

Photo: Neil Aird © 27August 1966

I started out from Cleveland, Ohio on the 27 August 1966, routing via Detroit, Battle Creek, South Bend to Chicago - O'Hare. Then on to Milwaukee, Manitowoc, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Wasau and Minneapolis, where I spent the night on a bench. Next morning off to Watertown, Aberdeen, Bismark and Minot. I did have longer flights - those I will get to at some point! As I mentioned in an earler section of my travels - our paths crossed again at Auckland, New Zealand fourty-four years later, where it is ZK-CIB of Air Chathams!

Photos: Neil Aird © 30 October 2010

I've added a new section : Through the Years - Featured Beaver • A few images documenting the career of a particular DHC-2. If you are a daily visitor to the website, you will have seen the first presentation on our entry page. If you only come once in a while, you might want to check this page for "banner Size" images.There is a permanent link on the main page.

Re: Yesterday's comment about the profile drawing - Well, he added it!

Profile Drawing: Srećko Bradić © 18 August 2013

18 August 2013

As you can imagine, I get many requests for information. One the other day from Serbia spiked my curiosity. Srećko Branić asked if I had any photos of Ghana Air Force DHC-2 that were not on my website. He had to prepare a side view of one. I went digging in my archives and came up with some old b & w prints. They needed considerable work (had to chemically remove red ink overprinting) - so my day was planned for me. At the end of the project (for me) I had scanned huge images for Srećko and sent them to him. Well, yesterday an e-mail arrived with his completed project. Missing was the "Beaver" script on the cockpit door, so a drawing was done and that e-mailed off. Here is a small image of the highly detailed colour profile.

Profile Drawing: Srećko Bradić © 17 August 2013

I was happy to help Srećko, and in so doing, I "found" a new Beaver for the website and added a couple of images as well. See G201 1433, G203 1456 and G212 1490. Here are his web sites:

17 August 2013

A day away from Beavers. Scanned about sixty old slides of mine, for a change. RNAS Culdrose 1964, Alaska 1966 &1968, Davis-Monthan in 1966, etc. Cleaning them up just now, and will add some tomorrow. Here's a preview. Something for everyone I think?

Photo: XL443 Vulcan from RAF Scampton - Neil Aird © 25 July 1964

Photo: N86524 L-749A Constellation - Neil Aird © 14 September 1968

Photo: Celebrity Row - Neil Aird © 10 September 1966

The Ontario Air Ambulance Helicopter went by my window today, (happens often) I took a snap. Here is C-GYNF A.139 (41226) passing by.

Photo: Neil Aird © 17 August 2013 15:49 EDT

16 August 2013

Spent way too long cleaning up this old DHC black and white print. I felt it was worthwhile. I've put a large image on a separate page - now you can take a walk around the shop floor when Beavers were in production. Oh yes, four Otters there as well. Click on the image to go to the page - have a scroll around.

Photo: Digitally restored by Neil Aird - DHC © Print 10560

An almost constant parade of high level "stuff" these days. Ethiopian ET-AOO B788 operating "ETH503" and F-HPJF A388 operating "AFR028" - makes a change from staring at my monitors, after all I am a Plane Spotter!

Photo: Neil Aird © 15 August 2013 10:53 EDT

Photo: Neil Aird © 14 August 2013 12:473 EDT

14 August 2013

Today the mail brought 4 prints from Rob Mitchell, donated to DHC-2.COM. Thanks Rob, for making these purchases and passing them along. Some great images. Here is one, OH-HBA (1057), the others I will add soon.

Photo: Unknown photographer © Rob Mitchell Collection - Aird Archives

13 August 2013

Phew, what a busy productive day. Was up on the roof this morning doing routine antenna maintenance - that's all done, all before storm cells came through later in the day, missed us. Grand clouds.

Photos: Neil Aird © 13 August 2013

While I was watching the progress of a Viking DHC-6-400 Twin Otter C-GVVA (880) today,en route from Victoria to Anchorage. . . .

. . I checked Face Book, lo and behold, Danny Hoggard had caught the previous one C-GVEP (881) at Ketchikan just the other day. It is well on the way into Russia now. Thanks Danny, right place at the right time eh?

Photos: Danny Hoggard © 09 August 2013

12 August 2013

Alone here in the Beaver Den - so expect lots of web action. To start a few of Ken's Daks are now up on a special page, I will be adding more and maybe move some from Ken's other pages.

Photo: G-AMWV DC-3 Air Ulster - Ken Marshall © 15 June 1968

I also note that just clocked up visitor 44,000, not bad considering I am taking a break from that project. Only updating the DHC-6-400 aircraft during the summer months.

11 August 2013

Wildlife eh? - Today a Bison came to call. Missed him going eastbound along the St. Lawrence, but I was ready when "Bison 5" CC-177 177702 returned. With two slight jogs (sorry, course corrections!), he lined up on my studio and nearly took the roof off ;-)

Photos: Neil Aird © 11 August 2013 12:47EDT

10 August 2013

Added a three Neil Ayers shots of C-GCWS (1459 just after painting. Nice details, makes research easy!

08 August 2013

A grand batch of images in from Neil Ayers of C-GCWS (1459). An interesting selection, especially since those I have added were taken by Sadie, wife of Beaver Pilot Reg Audette and her friend Marnie Ayers! Well deserved banner shots too. I'll add the painting images later Neil, thanks again, at least I have updated the page!

Photo: Sadie Audette © May 2013

06 August 2013

A pleasant image of C-FPCG (1000) arrived yesterday from Pete Killin, showing the 1,000th Beaver built, docked at Sproat Lake on Vancouver Island. Pete tells us that she has a "new" R.985 up front. Thanks Pete.

Photo: Pete Killin © 05 August 2013

01 August 2013

Just watched "ANA1009" fly over, so took a snap of JA731A Boeing 777-381/ER (28281) glinting in the evening sun. It is painted in the Star Alliance clours. Flight level 31,900.

Photo:Neil Aird © 01 August 2013 19:47 EDT

On this first day of August, I decided to scan some more images from my pal Ken Marshall's Collection to add to Aird Aviation Archives. I have just scanned 156, here are three samples. I had a request or two to add DC-8 images, especially N8008D the former prototype on one of her visits to Prestwick - EGPK. I will do a special page on that type. While I was at it, I saw some IL-18 and DC-3 - I just had to scan those slides as well. It will take me a while to prepare the images. Here's a teaser. The DC-8 page is now underway - I have 101 scans to choose from - here is the link.

Photo: Ken Marshall © July 1965

Photo: Ken Marshall © September 1965

Photo: Ken Marshall © September 1968

31 July 2013

Last entry for the month. I feel this blog should be entitled "the view from here" if the next three images are anything to go by. Let me explain.

Photos: Neil Aird © 31 July 2013 15:52 EDT

Bell 430 C-FOHL (49103) just made two passes, I manages a quick lense switch and recorded the event. I had just been downstairs taking a snap of our third floor balcony while it still looks quite good.

Last night while sitting on said balcony, some "roiling" clouds asked to have their picture taken!

So, there's a quick explanation.

Oh yes, while I remember - I arrived in Kingston as a new immigrant 45 years ago this very day! No regrets what so ever ;-)

30 July 2013

Another new correspondent with very welcome images from days gone by. Last night I received eight scans of old snapshots by Dick Martin. Goose Bay in the period July 1961 - September 1962. Great history Dick, many thanks. (Got a bunch more today!)

Photo: Richard Martin © 1961 / 1962 • Tinted by Neil Aird

29 July 2013

Yesterday on a stretch of the Parks Highway, just north of Trapper Creek, Alaska, N561TA (581) had to drop down for an unscheduled visit. Of course, we had someone on the spot. Not sure of the final outcome. Glad the skis were pumped up. I was on that particular Beaver in 2004, and that operation was left until we were over harder ground, close to touchdown at Talkeetna.

Photos: © 28 July 2013 - Forwarded by Fred Wallis.

27 July 2013

As I was working on the August 2013 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages I heard "that sound" - Beaver off the water...grabbed camera, on with the long lense. Now, which one is it? Briefly between the trees, a quick blurry snap, patient listen to Kingston Radio on 122.5. C-FLSD (900) "gotcha!" at last.

Photo: Neil Aird © 27 July 2013 15:09 EDT

The August Calendar pages are now ready. Thanks to John W. Olafson for the unusual angle of N1018A (178) at Ketchikan. Get them here. A small donation is welcome, just a dollar would be nice if you can spare it ;-)

Photo: John W. Olafson © 02 July 2013

25 July 2013

Yesterday at 11:40 Alaska time a Promech DHC-2 Beaver crashed in the Thorne Bay / south end of Lake Galea area on Prince of Wales Island. Four were injured. No details on aircraft id yet. Engine trouble was suspected.

Photo: John W. Olafson © 02 July 2013

Photo: Danny Hoggard © 03 April 2013

Update: 12:20 EDT N4787C (1330) Injuries reported as minor. Glad to hear that!

22 July 2013

One of my faithful helpers in locating two more New ! Beavers is Dennis Newell in California. Today he sent me some scans from a book by Ralph B. Young on US Army Aviation in Vietnam 1961-63: An Illustrated History of Unit Insignia Aircraft Camoflage & Markings. The scans have cleaned up quite well. Thanks again Dennis.

Not sure if I should add this side view of 57-6151 (1246) "Slow Poke" - with more than a few glaring errors! Can you spot them? My pal Pete Reardon spotted about ten! It is here as a "curiosity" only. Walt Disney productions would do a much better job!

Image: Unknown artist ©

20 July 2013

Continuing with behind the scenes DHC-2.COM web work - changing type face etc. Thanks to a couple of generous donations into the Beaver Hat Campaign, I am able to bid on a few more slides this week for the website. I "lost "one of my older computers the other day, and, managed to "rescue" another one by replacing "bits" - quite stressful! I think in August or September I will have to spring for a newer machine. I noticed some of my hard drives were very, very old! In August and September I will be working hard on adding more data to the website pages, I'd hate to loose that work - back-up, back-up, back-up.

After about five days of quite oppresive heat and humidity, a cold front moved through last night bringing relief to Kingston. Here are a couple of snaps of a storm front that went through (no rain, just gusty winds) the rain followed later in the evening with more spectacular light and sound show. During the first windstorm, Danielle was at the neighbourhood beach, she took shelter there until it calmed down. You can tell this is a Canadian storm from the lower snap!!

Photos: Neil Aird © 19 July 2013 17:37 EDT

12 July 2013

Seeing the recent images of Flying Boats spurred me to clean up this Box Brownie image taken by my Dad, of a civil registered Short Sunderland moored at Southampton Docks. Viewed from the deck of R.M.S Queen Mary. I have memories of three months later viewing a similar scene from the same deck. I can remember the excitment of watching a Sunderland taking off, just before my Mum and I set off ourselves on the Queen Mary for Cherbourg, then across the Atlantic Ocean to New York City.

Photo: James B. Aird © 1949

11 July 2013

Further to my report yesterday of the location of ZK-AMA at Auckland, I came across this item. It seems there was a bigger seaplane with the reggie ZK-AMA. If you follow this link you will be able to read about the delivery to Auckland of the original ZK-AMA - a Short S.30 Empire (c/n S.886) "Aoteoroa"!!

Photo: Courtesy of Robert Blaikie / Ed Coates Collections.

Today, some sixty years after the images were taken by Joe Green in Japan, we have now "trapped" another New ! Beaver, 51-16500 (276) for the website. Only 444 to go. Many thanks Joe for scanning your slides and sending me print copies.

Photo: Joe Green © 1953

The location was Irumagawa Airfield / Johnson AFB near Tokyo. The base was renamed by the Americans in honour of their 49th former CO Gerald A. Johnson who scored 22 victories. He was killed post war in a B-25 Mitchell crash over Tokyo Bay.

10 July 2013

Heard today from my friend Ray Deerness in New Zealand that C-GBVR (1477) has been registered as ZK-AMA to Auckland Seaplane Services Ltd. You will note that this is not the first time that this aircraft has lived in the Southern hemisphere. Thanks Ray.

08 July 2013

I am still doing "housekeeping" on DHC-2.COM - Check out c/n 4 to see how the history sections will look in the future. A major update is in the works, just tweaking it for now. Again, Ian Macintosh is doing most of the real work, adding some more of the data we have on file!! Thanks Ian. I'll call the Queen and see about an MBE for you.

07 July 2013

Just completed the redoing of the Master Index - "Beavers at a Glance" quite the task. Now colour coded.

06 July 2013

I never like to report the possible demise of a Beaver, but it is part of the aircraft history. Here is how C-FOXD (807) is now, after a run in with heavy swells at Escalante Point (near Nootka Sound) on 03 July 2013. All exited the aircraft safely after it started to overturn. A proper report will be available when it is completed by the appropriate authorities. Thanks to John Caswell for the image taken after salvage recovery to Campbell River - CYBL.

Photo: John Caswell © 05 July 2013

05 July 2013

Over the next few days I will be updating the Master Index, thanks to my collegue Ian Macintosh for doing the "legwork". Hope this "Beavers at a Glance" index will give you an easy way of seeing what their "current status" is - at least what we think that is! We depend on your input to keep us informed - if you see anything that you can add, please get in touch.

02 July 2013

A good start to July with two New ! Beavers located. One from a negative purchased on eBay and the other, thanks to a "heads up link" from enthusiast Steve Williams. It's amazing what can be found by searching the Internet. My thanks to photographer SW2 John T. "Granny" Grantham. If you are out there, can you get in touch please.

01 July 2013 CANADA DAY

Sweet sound early this morning. C-GDAK/KN456/Z (2121) Douglas DC-3 of Canucks Unlimited flew eastbound, low level along the St. Lawrence.

Photo: Neil Aird © 01 July 2013 09:13 EDT

30 June 2013

Final blog entry for June 2013. Yesterday at the Zegrze Reservoir / Zalewie Zegrzyńskim in Poland, SP-MKI (1264) took part in a Rescue / Emergency Services exercise. Involved a tour boat, helicopters and fast rescue craft. Bloodied patients too! Thanks to my friend Franek for the info. Images grabbed from web.

Image from video: TVN 24 © 29 June 2013

28 June 2013

"Beaver in a Box" - DQ-GWW (124) back again at Sealand Aviation facilities, Campbell River for repair after Cyclone Evan damage. Thanks to Bob Kobzey for the image.

Photo: Bob Kobzey © June 2013

Photo: Screen capture from © 18 December 2012

27 June 2012

Still playing around with my dusty old student work. Hard to believe this sketch was done almost fifty years ago. It was part of our weekly exercise. Choose an old master drawing, copy it, and do a self portrait in the same pose using the similar materials. Then came a critique in front of my 24 other fellow class-mates in First Year, Section One, at the Glasgow School of Art, by our Professor W. Drummond Bone.

Image: Copy by Neil Aird - November 1964

25 June 2013

Image: Neil Aird © c.1962

While cleaning out some more "nostalgia", I came across some aviation sketches done in 1961 and 1962 when I was still in High School (Secondary School in UK). N1781N is a 1956 vintage Cessna 120 which originally arrived in the UK from Wheelus AFB in Libya. It served with the Mildenhall AFB USAF Flying Club. Later airfreighted back to Wheelus after the club disbanded in 1963. I saw it visiting Prestwick AFB and it was my first early Cessna variant.

The second sketch is a side view of a Royal Australian Air Force Supermarine Spitfire Mk.VIII A58-303. My first attempt at a profile. Both are pencil drawings with a colour wash.

Image: Neil Aird © c.1961

22 June 2013

Getting ahead of myself! Spurred on by the Summer Solstice, I have completed the July 2013 DHC-2.COM Calendar pages. The image arrived today from Fred Wallis. It shows N67197 (1177) basking in the late evening sunlight at Healy, Alaska. Thanks Fred.

Photo: Fred Wallis © 21 June 2013

21 June 2013

I thought the moon looked bigger and brighter in the evening sky! It seems this is a "Super Moon" and the next viewing this close to earth is in August 2014. So, just had to take a snap. It will be cloudy tomorrow.

Photo: Neil Aird © 20:28 EDT 21 June 2013

First day of summer, and it is just perfect here in Kingston, 24C - Before I get on my bike to go to check my vegetable patch to see just how much has been taken by the rabbits - I'll add a tiny Beaver.

Received this small art object today from Wales. Always been fascinated by the FIGAS Beavers.

17 June 2013

I've added a link to Eric Dumigan's Hamilton Air Show temporary page, go have a look at his outstanding work. Merlin heaven. I'll replace this with another link once Eric and Bernadette come back down to earth! Wonderful work. Nice to see Joe and Mikey McBryan (Buffalo Airways - Ice Pilots) enjoying themselves. Definately one of the best airshow collections ever!!

16 June 2013

I'm pleased to report that Danielle has fired up her blog "Danie-on-the-go" again and added two new stories. Go have a read "Taking care of Auntie", and "The real cost of credit cards to small businesses".

Photo location: Mysore, India © 2009.

11 June 2013

A movie / documentary was being shot recently at Duxford, UK. Tony Clarke caught G-DHCZ (1442) in her make up playing a utility aircraft for the IDFAF. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. It does make a little revenue for the owners. P.S. Tony assured me the "make-up" washed off completely!

Photo: Tony Clarke © 01 June 2013

08 June 2013

The Aird house is hosting an interesting visitor, not a de Havilland Moth variety but a very large Hyalophora Cecropia, or Robin Moth that Danielle rescued the other day in the torrential rain. We will release tomorrow as it seems to have stopped raining! Update: We did release the moth, alas, after two days soaking up the sun on our ferns, she passed away peacfully. I now have her overseeing my work in the studio.

Photo: Neil Aird © 07 June 2013

07 June 2013

As I continue slowly clearing out "stuff", I came across some of the artwork from my Glasgow School of Art days. Here was a class project for May 1967. Our Prof was trying to come up with far fetched, pretend commissions, to enthuse us young silversmiths. Concorde was two years away from her first flight as we tackled (made me happy!) this project. JAL has changed their logo meantime, and Concorde has been retired. These renderings were done long before computers and 3D software and rapid prototyping!

Designs: Neil Aird © May 1967

Not quite as popular as DHC-2.COM, my other website keeps plodding along. It has been up and running as long as the Beaver site!

05 June 2013

Always hate to have to report a Beaver accident, but there was one yesterday at 15:40 (Local Time) near Le Conte, 13 miles from Petersburg, Alaska. Of the seven on board, one fatality, two serious injuries and four with minor injuries. The aircraft belonged to Pacific Wing of Petersburg.

Photo: Aird Archives ©

It was N616W (1290). My thoughts are with the folk of Pacific Wing at this difficult time, and also the family of Thomas L. Rising of Santa Fe, the passenger who died. May the others have a timely recovery.

Update: Here are two images of the accident scene. The NTSB identification preliminary report number is ANC13FA054

Photo: NTSB © July 2013

Photo: Alaska State Troopers © July 2013

Still looking skyward, I noticed the first Japan Airlines Boeing 787-8 DREAM)LINER to pass overhead in a while. Heading to Boston from Narita, the contrail I found quite interesting. The aircraft was JA830J (34840) operating "JAL8".

Photos: Neil Aird © 05 June 2013 10:21 EDT

04 June 2013

I wonder how much longer I'll see these elderly B744 aircraft go overhead. Here is 23 year old N669US (24224) a Boeing 747-451 operating Delta's "DAL172" from Narita /RJAA to New York / KJFK today, at FL350 over Kingston, Ontario. An 11 hour and 50 minute flight.

Photo: Neil Aird © 04 June 2013 13:19 EDT

03 June 2013

It's funny how images arrive on my desk, and end up on the website after "tweaking". This shot came after several e-mails with my pal Karl E. Hayes in Dublin. Karl (Mr. Otter) just received a slew of de Havilland U-1A Otter images from an ex USAF gent, Alfred Schneider, who had been based in Goose Bay 1968-69. What incredible images, and lo, today, a Wheeler Northland Airways DHC-2 Beaver turned up. Don't know which airframe, but a delightful air-to-air image taken, I presume, from a based USAF Otter. Note the canoe rack. Thanks to Karl and Al.

Jim Court points out that this is CF-JZL (1073), which was based at Goose Bay during that period.

Photo: Alfred Schneider © 1968-69

02 June 2013

I've had many items I should have added to the blog recently, but these fell by the wayside due to 1: Spring. 2: Family guests. 3: Gardening. 4: Natural Gas installation to house. 5: Too many Beaver images - I'm still about 80 behind! Oh yes - 6: Procrastination!

Here is one item that I'd like to post. Bob Baglow has added a Facebook page to showcase his CanAero Publishing. It can be viewed with out "doing" Facebook I believe. Check out the recent entry on Marg Watson-Hyland. Story by Robert S. Grant.

The June 2013 AOPA Magazine has a feature article on Ryan Aviation Seaplanes. Here is a video link, not sure how long it will be there. Owner Tripp Wacker is featured along with N450RA (526) of course.

Photos: AOPA © 2013

01 June 2013

The DHC-2.COM June 2013 Calendar pages are now ready for you to grab. Two hundred and twenty downloads (at least) last month!

Photo: Danny Hoggard © 15 April 2013

I have also started the 2013 "Beaver Hat" Campaign. Please help if you can. Be a patron/supporter ;-)