c/n 610

C-GSZA at Val d'Or - CYVO, Québec.
Photo: Martin Rousseau © 15 April 2011
C-GSZA departing Kilo 237 on Lac Clarkie, Québec.
Photo: Steve Weinkamer © July 2008
C-GSZA in Norvik Aviation titles.
Photo: Steve Weinkamer © July 2008
Note the big single change to interior over the years.
Photos: Steve Weinkamer © 07 July 2012
Photo: Steve Weinkamer © July 2008
C-GSZA on Lac Clarkie at Kilometer 237 Hydro-Base.
Photo: Steve Weinkamer © July 2008
53-2813 on the ramp at Fort St. John, British Columbia.
53-2813 climbs away from Whitehorse, Yukon.
Photos:   Bill Fairchild  ©  April 1954
53-2813 at Bonames AAF with 3rd Armoured Division markings.
Photo: Robin A. Walker © 15 June 1970
53-2813 minus her 985
Photo: Unknown photographer © - Aird Archives

c/n 610




53-2813 US Army #1356 L-20 No. 357. Command A-4. Delivered 25-Feb-1954 Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

53-2813 Served in Alaska. Circa 1954.

53-2813 Served with 3rd Armoured Division. Circa. Jun-1970.

53-2813 For sale, Coleman Barracks, Mannheim – Sandhofen. Seen 28-Aug-1972.

Total time: 5,301hrs at time of sale.

No Regn Purchased by B-M Aviation Ltd., Lachute, QC. 01-Apr-1973.

C-GSZA Orillia Air Services Ltd., Ontario. 30-Sep-1976. Purchased as an “as in” condition.

Accident: Confederation Lake, ON, 22-Jun-1979. Left wing struck trees on takeoff.

C-GSZA Kabeelo Airways Ltd., Ear Falls, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 14-Sep-1979. Regd 04-Jun-1991. Canx 18-Dec-1991.

Accident: Jubilee Lake, ON. 13-Jul-1991.  Aircraft water looped and sank on landing. Substantial damage.

C-GSZA Arnold Bros., Transport, Edmonton, AB. Regd 18-Dec-1991. Canx 10-Aug-1994.

Total time: 8,200hrs • Noted "For Sale" Jan-1994 asking $167,000.

C-GSZA Waskagenish Band, Waskagenish, QC. Regd 10-Aug-1994. Canx 14-Dec-1998.

C-GSZA Norvik Aviation, Waskagenish, QC. P/E in markings Jul-1998.

C-GSZA Pavillon du Lac Bartholet Inc., Senneterre, QC. Based Lac Bertholet, QC. Regd 14-Dec-1998 Canx 07-Jul-2002, -2003, 07-Jul-2003, 07-Jul-2004, 08-Jul-2006 & 02-Oct-2006. Regd 17 & 18-Apr-2008. Canx 01-Feb-2009. Regd 24-Aug-2009. Canx 17-Sep-2009.

C-GSZA Air Kipawa Inc, Waskaganish, QC. Based Kipawa, QC. Regd 03-Aug-2010 & 07-Aug-2012. Canx 22-May-2014. Regd 17-Sep-2014.