C-FTCW at Seal Cove, Prince Rupert.
Photo: Fred Hovestad © 23 June 2016
C-FTCW high and wet at Seal Cove.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 19 July 2011
C-FTCW wearing NORTH PACIFIC titles.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 20 April 2006
C-FTCW under maintenance.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 12 December 2005
C-FTCW in HARBOUR AIR colours.
Photo: Bill Hann © Summer 2000
C-FTCW at Prince Rupert, BC.
Photo: Martijn Meijers © September 1999 - Aird Archives
C-FTCW awaiting wings.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 14 January 1997
C-FTCW in interim colours.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 08 June 1993
C-FTCW landlocked.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 20 April 1993
C-FTCW in North Coast Air titles.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 10 December 1992
C-FTCW of Trans Provincial at Prince Rupert, BC.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1992 - Aird Archives
Photo: John Kimberley © May 1992
C-FTCW at usual spot.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 26 July 1989
C-FTCW at Vancouver in Staron Flight colours.
Photo: Henry Tenby © 16 January 1987 - Ruben Husberg Collection
Photo: John Kimberley © December 1986 - Lenn Bayliss Collection
Photo: Kenneth I. Swartz © August 1984
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1984
C-FTCW devoid of logos at Vancouver.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1983 - Lenn Bayliss Collection
Photo: Peter Keating © 27 June 1983 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
C-FTCW with Norcanair, shown here at Lac La Ronge.
Photo: John Kimberley © October 1978 - Lenn Bayliss Collection
VH-SMH heads out on a mission.
Photo: Unknown photographer © November 1969 - Michael J. Ody Collection
VH-SMH at Bankstown - YBKS, NSW.
Photo: Unknown photographer © December 1969 - David Carter Collection - AustAirData
VH-SMH when with Aerial Agriculture Survey Division.
Photo: Unknown photographer © AHM of WA

Aviation Heritage Museum of Western Australia (Image 881217) Link

VH-SMH of Snowy Mountains Authority at Bankstown, NSW.
Photo: I.G.M. unknown photographer © December 1967 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
VH-SMH with "survey bomb" at Kalgoorlie, WA.
Photo: Ben Dannecker © 1968
VH-SMB in earliest marks.
Photo: Civil Aviation Historical Society © via Phil Vabre - Eddie Coates Collection
VH-EAU at Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
Notes on VH-EAU from Charles.

Here are two photos of Qantas VH-EAU on the hard stand at Port Moresby marine base. The aircraft was based at Middeltown upstream from Kikori on the Fly River. It was being used to support oil exploration. Returned to Port Moresby for scheduled maintenance. Photos taken in 1955 while I was employed as a maintenance engineer.

Photos: Frank F. Shipway © 1955
VH-EAU on the ramp at Downsview, Ontario - September 1954.
VH-EAT joins VH-EAU.
de Havilland Canada  © Photo No. 907 and 905 (below) September 1954 - Aird Archives





No Regn de Havilland Australia. Ex Factory 19-Oct-1954. Arrived Australia. 07-Dec 1954.

VH-EAU Qantas Empire Airways Ltd. Purchased 31-Dec 1954. Regd 18-Mar-1955. Based Lae, PNG. Canx 29-Nov-1958.

Note: Frank Shipway wrote to say that the aircraft was based at Middleton, upstream from Kikori on the Fly River in 1955. It was used to support Australian Petroleum Company’s exploration in PNG.

VH-EAU de Havilland Australia. Regd 29-Nov 1958.

VH-SMB Regd 09-Dec-1958.

VH-SMB Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority, Cooma, NSW. Regd 23-Dec-1958 and named “Snow Gander”. Canx 27-Sep-1967.

VH-SMH Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority, NSW. Re-regd 27-Sep-1967.

VH-SMH Aerial Agriculture (Survey Division) Pty., Ltd., Bankstown, NSW, Australia. Regd. 13-Nov-1967.

CF-TCW Laurentian Air Services, Ottawa, Circa Sep-1971.

CF-TCW Alliance Aviation Ltd. Canx 1973.

Note: Alliance Aviation Ltd., was a company owned by B-M to service engines etc.

CF-TCW & C-FTCW Norcanair / North Canada Air Ltd., Prince Albert, SK. Regd 27-Apr-1973. Regn format changed prior to 31-Dec-1976. Canx 24-Aug-1982.

C-FTCW Staron Flight 1972, Richmond, BC. Canx 03-Jun-1987.

C-FTCW Jim Pattison Industries Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd 03-Jun-1982. Canx 14-Jul-1988.

C-FTCW Trans-Provincial Airlines Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 18-Dec-1990. Canx 21-May-1993.

C-FTCW Harbour Air Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd 21-May-1993. Canx 06-Dec-2002.

C-FTCW North Pacific Seaplanes Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 10-Feb-2004. Canx 16-Mar-2005. Regd 30-May-2005. Canx 04-May-2010.

C-FTCW Ocean Pacific Air Service Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 01-Nov-2010. Canx 25-Jun-2012.

C-FTCW Inland Air Charters, Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 25-Jun-2012. Canx 30-Jun-2013. Regd 09-Oct-2013. Canx 22-Apr-2014.

C-FTCW Ocean Pacific Air Service Ltd., Prince Rupert, BC. Regd 13-May-2014.

Accident 08-Sep-2017 Browns Lake, BC. Aircraft on floats operated by Ocean Pacific Air Services, was conducting a flight from Prince Rupert, BC (CZSW) to Browns Lake, BC. While on approach to land at the east end of the lake, the pilot decided to abort the landing and elected to perform an approach from the west end of the lake, following a company aircraft. While the pilot manoeuvred the aircraft for the landing, the aircraft stalled when in a left turn. During the attempt to recover from the stall, the aircraft hit trees along the shore of the lake and subsequently collided with the terrain. The pilot suffered minor injuries; however, the aircraft was substantially damaged. TSB Report A17P0134 via ASN.

Parts reclamation