c/n 1082

N7519 missing even more, at Prince Albert.
Photo: John Kimberley © July 1978 - Aird Archives
N751 still at CYPA, on wheels, minus prop.
Photo: John Kimberley © April 1977
N751 at Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.
Photo: Robert Wheeler © 04 August 1976 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
N751 visiting Edmonton Municipal Airport.
Photo: Dave Hilchie © July 1967

c/n 1082

N4202A • N751 • N7519



N4202A United States Department of Justice. Delivered 12-Apr-1957.

N751 United States Department of the Interior. Circa 1968.

Accident: Brigham City, Utah. 17-May-1968. Aircraft on amphibious floats landed with wheels up on runway. Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot uninjured.

Accident: Swan Lake, SK . 28-Aug-1976. Reportedly flying for the US Fish and Wildlife Service. At the end of a flight on amphibious floats, the gear was inadvertently left down for a water landing. No injuries reported. Accident Report A76C0908.

N7519 United States Department of the Interior – Fish & Wildlife Service. Regd Jul-1978. Canx 11-Oct-1978. Other details unknown.

Entries predated  are extracts from Canadian Department of Transport archive records.

Undated Bill of Sale; US Department of Interior to Athabaska Airways (Bill of Sale filed by FAA, Oklahoma City 11-Sep-1978).

01-Sep-1978 Athabaska Airways requests marks for DHC-2 c/n 1082 N7519, purchased in Canada from ‘U.S. Wildlife’.

05-Sep-1978 Provisional marks C-GZBE allotted to DHC-2 c/n 1082 for Athabaska Airways.

15-Nov-1978 In response to Department of Transport enquiry Athabaska report under repair and inspection following submersion.

20-Mar-1979 Total time since new   6,031 hours.

20-Mar-1979 Application for Certificate of Registration by Athabaska Airways Ltd., , Prince Albert SK.

23-Mar-1979 Provisional Certificate of Registration & Flight Permit for test flights issued to Athabaska Airways.

26-Mar-1979 Test flown by F.R. Glass.

15-May-1979 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

15-May-1979 Certificate of Registration issued to Athabaska Airways Ltd., , Prince Albert SK.

C-GZBE Athabaska Airways,  Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Prov Regd 05-Sep-1978. Full regn 15-May-1979.

Accident: Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan. 11-Mar-1980. Hit trees and power line taking off at Buffalo Narrows SK, crashed on road. Glen Fergusson seriously injured, one passenger killed, two seriously injured and two minor injuries

22-Oct-1980 Cancelled on CCAR

C-GZBE Dallas Daoust, Cochrane, AB. Regd 02-Dec-1997.

• Wings noted by Dirk Septer, stored at Campbell River on 07-Jan-2010.

Status unknown