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C-GMDM ready and waiting.
Photo: unknow photographer © August 1996 - via Tony Clarke - Aird Archives
Photo: Ruben Husberg (c) 08 October 1990
C-GMDM / N4747S wearing dual marks, at Calgary.
Photo: John Kimberley © November 1979
N4747S on tundra tires at Boeing Field.
Photo: John Kimberley © August 1978 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection
N4747S of SOUTHEAST SKYWAYS at Juneau.
Photo: A. R. Krieger © 13 July 1969 - Aird Archives

c/n 1142

56-4417 • N4747S (1)



56-4417 US Army # 1722. L-20 No. 723. Command A-12. Delivered 12-Sep-1957. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N4747S (1) Southeast Skyways. Juneau, AK. Circa 1969.

Accident: Juneau, AK. 24-Jul-1972. Following a go-around, landed in channel in heavy swell. Nosed over and sank. Aircraft reported as not recovered contrary to later history. Pilot and four passengers uninjured. ANC73AA008.

N4747S (1) Chitina Air Service Inc., Eyak Lake / Cordova, AK. Circa 1977. Canx 19-Nov 1977.

Accident: Cordova AK, 18-Apr-1978. Chitina Air Service. Failed to maintain airspeed in initial climb, and stalled into ground. Aircraft consumed by fire and effectively destroyed after impact. Two crew killed. ANC78FA030.

N4747S (1) L. C. Maxon, Kotzebue, AK. Regd 25-Oct-1978. Canx 19-Nov-1979 on export to Canada.

C-GMDM Imported to Canada 1979.

C-GMDM John W. Lafave, Whitehorse, YT. On CCAR at May-1981.

C-GMDM Kluane Airways Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Canx 22-Sep-1982.

C-GMDM R. B. Cameron, Whitehorse, YT. Mar-1983.

C-GMDM Leased to Trans North Turbo Air Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Regd 29-Mar-1983

Note: Featured in YT advertising campaign

C-GMDM Trans North Turbo Air Ltd., Whitehorse, YT. Regd 02-Sep-1992.

Incident: Whitehorse, YT. 18-Jan-1999. Destroyed in hangar fire.

C-GMDM Deleted 16-Feb-1999 following fire.

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