C-FLUB at Lillabelle Lake base, Cochrane, Ontario.
Photo: Peter Keating © 09 August 1977 - Aird Archives
Photo: Peter Keating © 09 August 1977 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
C-FLUB of White River Air Services, at Wawa, Ontario.
Photo: Peter Keating © 27 July 1975 - Ian MacFarlane Collection
C-FLUB photo below taken one day earlier!
Photo: Karl Kramer © 26 July 1975
CF-LUB at Lac La Cache base.
Photo: Willy Yanta © Circa early 1960's - via Michael Fortin
CF-LUB at Paint Hills Bay.
Photo: Willy Yanta © Circa early 1960's - via Michael Fortin





CF-LUB Arthur Fecteau/Fecteau Transport Aerien Ltée., Senneterre, QC. Delivered 10-Jul-1959.

CF-LUB White River Air Services Ltd., White River, ON. Regd June 1962. Canx prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 19-May-1975.

Accident: Windy Lake, QC. Lat 49.30N Long 74.54W. 1330 EST 04-Oct-1965. The aircraft is shown as registered to Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée., at the time of the accident. The aircraft is reported to have had a perforated compartment on its left float which was not seen on any pre flight inspection and it is also recorded that the loading of the aircraft exceeded the centre of gravity limits. Two attempts at take off were discontinued. The aircraft was seen to be slanting towards the left side before it began to nose over and the aircraft went completely over onto its back. It is unclear from the report whether this occurred on a third attempted take off or whilst taxiing after the second attempt. The pilot Robert Podeur was sadly killed and the aircraft substantially damaged.

Accident: Crump Lake, QC 49,49N 74.01W. 20-Dec-1966. The aircraft is shown as registered to Arthur Fecteau / Fecteau Transport Aérien Ltée at the time. The aircraft was loaded to near the gross allowable limit. Take off was commenced with approximately 1800ft available to the far shore , A speed of 55 to 60 mph was reached but would not increase any further. After travelling half the available distance the pilot closed the throttle. The aircraft crossed the shore and entered a swamp and finally came to rest against against 50 ft trees approxmately 2,300ft from the point of take off. The 22 year old pilot W. L. Yanta received minor injuries and the aircraft suffered substantial damage.

Accident: Kavy River, 39 miles NE of White River, ON. 11-Jun-1974. The aircraft contacted a tree on the bank of the river during a landing attempt, The pilot suffered serious injury and the aircraft suffered serious damage.

C-FLUB Lindberghs Hunt & Fish Air, Cochrane, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 19-May-1975. Canx 05-Dec-1984.

Accident: Cochrane ON. 03-Oct-1975. The aircraft flipped onto its back while taking off in strong gusty wind. Substantial damage to aircraft but no injury recorded.

Accident. Potter Lake, ON. Lat49.22N, Lon 80.41W. 09-Oct-1978. While returning a moose hunting party to base the pilot was flying the float-equipped, canoe-carrying aircraft at low level so that the passengers could take pictures. It is believed that a moose was spotted and a steep turn was started. During the turn the pilot lost control of the aircraft and it crashed in trees in a steep nose down and inverted attitude. The aircraft did not have a ventral fin installed and this is not a legal requirement. The fin makes a float equipped aircraft much more directionally stable. Pilot and two passengers received fatal injuries.

C-FLUB Rog-Air Ltd., Port Loring, ON. Regd 16-Apr-1985. Canx 17-Feb-1989 and 20-Nov-1989.

C-FLUB Rogerson’s Enterprises Ltd., Port Loring, ON. Regd 09-Jul-1990.

Status unknown