1579 plus others.

Composite airframe

As as store ornament!
PhotoVolker Wackernagel © 06 September 2020
While on temporary display at Halifax Museum.
Photo: Mark Blok © Summer 2002
Photos: David Brown © Summer 2002


+ parts of other aircraft

• Used in movie with Harrison Ford "Six Days and Seven Nights"
• Partially restored by Atlantic Aircraft Salvage   
• Was on loan/display at Atlantic Aviation Museum, Halifax Airport, Nova Scotia

Sold on eBay to Bass Storesto

Note: On display at retail outlet of Bass Pro Shops (Outfitters), Vaughan - north of Toronto, ON. Since Nov-2004.

Note: Bass Pro Shops Vaughan, Canada’s flagship location, opened to the public in November 2004 to much hype and excitement. This outdoor paradise, open to the public 363 days a year draws in crowds from not only all over Ontario, but across Canada and the United States. Their aquarium which plays home to a dozen or so different species is the focal point of this outdoor paradise.

• See here for 1579 history

Used in overhead store display