C-GPHH north of Saulte Ste Marie, Ontario.
Photo: Brian Wright © August 2015 - Aird Archives
C-GPHH at Kelowna, British Columbia.
Photos: John W. Olafson © 17 April 2009
Photos: John W. Olafson © 15 August 2007
C-GPHH caught napping at Holland Landing.
Photo: Alexis Antonakis © 30 July 2005
C-GPHH on amphib floats at Buttonville, Ontario.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 01 June 2003
Photo: William Jesse © June 1994
55-0689 at Davis-Monthan with some chums.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1975 - Aird Archives
55-0689 in service with New York National Guard.
Photo: Leo J. Kohn © date unknown - Ian Macdonald Collection


55-0689 • N67668



55-0689 US Army #1591. L-20 No. 592. Command A-7. Delivered 24-Apr-1956. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

55-0689 New York National Guard..

55-0689 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 10-Jul-1972 to 06-Feb-1976. PCN (Product Control Number) HS183.

Note: Purchased by Hillcrest at the Davis Monthan auction sale on 29-Jan-1976 for $26,000US. Total time 4,500.6 hrs. Engine 7,040.6 hrs. Sold as providing “no reasonable potential for normal certification”.

N67668 Hillcrest Aircraft, Lewiston, ID. Regd 06-Feb-1976. Canx 17-Aug-1976.

C-GPHH Imported into Canada. Regd 1976.

C-GPHH D. W. Pipoli & R O Elsigan, Batchewana Bay, ON. Regd Oct-1976.

C-GPHH D. W. Pipoli (Man Air Services), Batchawana Bay, ON. Regd prior to Certificate of Airworthiness renewal dated 31-Aug-1979. Sale reported May-1981.

C-GPHH 445392 Ontario Inc., Sault Ste. Marie, ON. Canx 19-Sep-1985.

C-GPHH Brunswick Lake Lodge Ltd., Wawa, ON. Regd. Canx 11-Jan-1988.

C-GPHH Pierre-Brossard, Beloeil, QC. Regd 07-Oct-1988. Canx 10-Feb-2003.

C-GPHH Attridge Holdings Inc., Aurora, ON. Regd 10-Feb-2003. Canx 17-Sep-2007.

C-GPHH Charles Chambers, Kelowna, BC. Regd 24-Sep-2007. Canx 26-Jun-2013

C-GPHH Charles & Edith Chambers, Kelowna, BC, Regd 26-Jun-2013.