ZK-BFO at Masterton.
Photo: Don Noble © 1969 - Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-BFO near Papatawa - Woodville.
Photo: John Jenkins © via Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-BFO while at Masterton.
Photo:Unknown photographer © circa 1969 - Graeme Mills Collection
Photo: Don Noble © 07 January 1968 - Graeme Mills Collection
ZK-BFO of Air Contracts posing at Dannevirke.
Photo: Tom Jones © Circa 1965
ZK-BFO at Christchurch - Harewood.
Photo: Neville Worsley © 1959 - via Graeme Mills
ZK-BFO at Mangere, New Zealand.
P1236-0025 : de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver - ain 609 -
ZK-BFO - 05 Jun 56 at Mangere, N.Z. James Aviation, Ltd.
(Photo: © Phil Hanson via H.C.)
Photo: Eddie Coates Collection ©





No Regn Imported by de Havilland New Zealand. 14-May-1954. Regd 01-Jun-1954. First flight 13-Aug-1954.

ZK-BFO James Aviation Ltd., Hamilton, NZ. Aug-1954.

ZK-BFO Airwork (NZ) Ltd., Christchurch, NZ. Regd 08-May-1957

Accident: At Rotoiti. 19-Apr-1957. Damaged. Pilot Will Pentecost. No other details.

Accident: At Rotoiti. 26-Apr-1957. Damaged. Pilot Will Pentecost. No other details.

Note: During May 1959 carried out high level photography at 20,000 ft

ZK-BFO Rebuilt and remained until 28-Feb-1964.

ZK-BFO Air Contracts Ltd., Masterton. Regd 02-Jul-1964 and rebuilt.

Accident: Scargill, North Canterbury NZ, 28-Feb-1964. Pilot S. L .Dodwell. Crashed. Other details currently unknown.

Accident: Near Masterton. NZ. 17-Oct-1966. Pilot J. E. Jenkins. Other details unknown.

Accident: Te Ore-Ore. NZ. 28-Feb-1967. Pilot J .E. Jenkins. Details unknown.

ZK-BFO Withdrawn from use 04-Jun-1968. Canx 26-Jan-1970. Exported by sea to Canada, ex Wellington, NZ.

Entries preceded by date are extracts of Department of Transport files held by Archive Canada.

26-Feb-1970 Allotment of CF-AXD to Bannock Aerospace Ltd, Toronto, ON., for DHC-2 #609

30-Apr -1970 Application for Certificate of Registration by Cross Lake Air Service Ltd, Wabowden, MB.

12-May-1970 Certificate of Airworthiness issued.

CF-AXD Bannock Aerospace. Toronto, ON. Regd May-1970.

14-May-1970 Certificate of Registration issued Cross Lake Air Service, Wabowden, MB

CF-AXD Cross Lake Air Service Limited, Wabowden, MB. May-1970.

10-Jun-1972 Crashed in the circuit at Jenpeg, MB. (Hydro Site).

Accident: Jen-Peg, Manitoba Hydro Site. Near Nelson River, 54°33’N 98°02’W. 10-Jun-1972. During an approach to land, the aircraft crashed into trees along the shore of the intended landing area. Aircraft destroyed and pilot Stephen Kirkup killed.

File: 5002-C20047 No-1963

CF-AXD Canx Dec-1972 as written off.

Total hours since new as recorded in Department of Transport files held at Archive Canada.

12-May-1970   5,726 hours.

11-May-1971   6,305 hours.

12-May-1972   6,847 hours.

Fate Unknown