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P2-HOR at Archerfield prior to leaving for Papua New Guinea.
Photos: Lenn Bayliss © 31 August 2016
P2-HOR with appropriate registration marks.
Photo: The Hands of Rescue Foundation © 2016
N1215 with decent size registration!
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 25 August 2014
N1215 at Ketchikan - PAKT, Alaska.
Photo: Danny Hoggard © 23 June 2014
N1215 on the Renton ramp.
Photo: Neil Aird © September 1995
N1215 same location on wheels.
Photo: Elwood White © August 1996
XP818 visits Bournemouth - Hurn.
Photo: Peter Vine © 16 October 1970
XP818 serving at Kluang.
Photo: Barrie Davies © 1965

c/n 1479

XP818 N1215



• Date of manufacture 28-Jun-1961.

• Delivered 06-Jul-1961 to Hawarden, Chester via Liverpool Docks.

• de Havilland Aircraft, Hatfield. First flight, 27-Sep-1961.

XP818 Delivered to Army Air Corps (AAC). 20-Oct-1961.

To 2MU RAF Sealand, North Wales, 23-Oct-1961 for shipment Africa.

11 Flight, 656 Light Aircraft Squadron.

Arrived at RAF Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya 08-Dec-1961.

Taken on charge by 8 Independent Reconnaisance Flight at Wilson Field, Nairobi 11-Apr-1962.

Posted to 15 Flight Falaise Airfield, Aden 10-Mar-1964.

30 Flight RCT,Kluang, Malaysia, 08-Apr-1964 and unit moved to Seletar. 16-Jul-1964.

To Borneo 08-Dec-1964.

Unit retitled 130 Flight RCT. Singapore, 15-Jul-1965.

One of six Beavers arriving at Hurn, Bournemouth, UK on 17-Oct 1970 after flying overland from Changi, Singapore having left on 29-Sep-1970. Pilot Major D. L. Stephens, Royal Hampshire Regt and Staff Sergeant J. Sparrow REME.

To 70 Aircraft Workshop REME. 20-Oct-1970.

To 27 MU Shawbury, Shropshire, 30-Oct-1970.

To 19 MU.

To 5 MU Kemble, Gloucestershire, 1980.

To 27 MU Shawbury, Shropshire 27-Jan-1983.

Declared surplus by Flt 6 Air 29-Apr-1987.

N1215 Wipaire Inc., Inver Grove Heights, MN. Regd 04-Jun-1987.

Airworthiness date: 28-Sep-1988. Category – Normal.

Accident: Location currently unknown. 16-Apr-1989. Floatplane lost elevator control on takeoff. Aborted safely. Left aileron bellcrank bolt fell out. Not safe tied.

N1215 George Cordingly, Tahoma, CA. On USCAR at-03-Feb-1990.

Accident: Trinity Center, CA. 17-Jun-1989. Lost engine total power at 100 ft. on take off. Pilot forced landed on a riverbed and on rollout collided with a boulder and nosed over. Substantial damage to aircraft. Pilot and three passengers uninjured. NTSB report LAX89LA218.

Total time: 4,073hrs at Jun-1989.

N1215 Joseph R Krajcirik, Anchorage, AK. 07-Mar-1990.

Note: AB-PIC image showing aircraft in Alaska Air Service markings 20-Jun-1994.

N1215 Wenatchee Productions Inc., Wenatchee, WA. Regd Aug-1995. On USCAR at Dec-1995.

Note: Wearing LAS–Air Service (i.e the Alaska as above with “A” “K” & “A” painted out) logos on floats, Circa Sep-1995 coded 15. Possibly for use in a film?

N1215 Ronald J Wagner, Eden Prairie, MN. Regd 11-Jun-1996.  Canx 14-Nov-2005

Accident: Flying Cloud Airport, Eden Prairie, MN 16-Oct-2000: Aircraft is equipped with amphihous floats. Pilot forgot to put landing gear down, landed gear-up on runway 27R.

Note: Refurbished in 2003 by Wipaire with custom paint scheme and executive interior with Cessna seats.

Mods include: Wipline 6100 amphib floats; 5,600lb gross weight increase; Baron STOL and wing angle change; wing tip tanks; seaplane finlets; forward battery STC kit; Wipaire cabin extension with cargo door; Skylight windows;

N1215 David Millerbernd, dba., Dave Millerbernd Sales, Winsted, MN. Pending 15-Dec 2005. Regd 18-Jan-2006. Expiry date 30-Apr-2016.

For Sale; Oct-2011. $649.000US.

Total time: Shown as 4,882hrs at Oct 2011.

N1215 Hands of Rescue Foundation, Wilmington, DE. Regd 04-Sep-2014.

P2-HOR The Hands of Rescue Foundation. To be based in Papua New Guinea.