N5978 at Lake Hood for some attention.
Photo: Ben Cogger © 19 October 2020
Photo: Fred Wallis © 08 August 2019
N5978 gas 'n go, at Ketchikan, Alaska. Northbound.
Photos: Danny Hoggard © 09 June 2019
N5978 making waves at Crane Lake.
Photo: Will Hohenstein © May 2015
N5978 at Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © June 1999 - Aird Archives
N5978 at Cooper Landing on the Kenai, AK.
Photos: Neil Aird © 11 September 1995
N5978 on the ramp at Anchorage.
Photo: Ruben Husberg © 20 May 1992
N5978 sporting brightly coloured floats.
Photo: Unknown photographer © Date unknown - Lenn Bayliss Collection
N5978 looking "perky" on wheels.
Photo: Chris J. Mak  © 1988 - Aird Archives


51-16812 • N51516



51-16812 US Army #1120. L-20A No: 121. Command A-2. Delivered 02-Jul-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N51516 Southeastern State College, Durant, OK. Regd 1973.

N5978 Denis L. Morgan, Lembi, ID. Regd Oct-1978.

Airworthiness cert:  23-Oct-1980.

N5978 Jim D. Ruckman Jr., Fairbanks, AK. Regd 24-Jan-1990. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990 & 29-Feb-1992 & 01-Oct-1994.

N5978 R. Garith Anderson, Champlin, MN. Regd 22-Sep-1998. Based at Surfside Sea Plane Base, Lino Lakes, MN. Expiry date 31-May-2015.

Total time: 5,400 hours.

N5978 Wiliam James Fulton, Kodiak, AK. Regd 29-May-2019.