C-GZBS visits Yelling Lake, Ontario
Photo: Alexander J. Prentice © 2019
C-GZBS wintering over at Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Photos: Kenneth I. Swartz © 05 October 2010
C-GZBS at Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Above photos: Tee Flemming  ©  July 2002
Photo: Andy Graham © July 2002
Photos: Rich Hulina © 2000
N434GR at Pittsburgh, showing traces of military marks.
Photo: E. H. Greenman © 21 March 1975 - Kenneth I. Swartz Collection


55-4593 • N434GR



55-4593 US Army #1631. L-20 No. 632. Command A-9. Delivered 01-Oct-1956. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

55-4593 Stored at MASDC., Davis Monthan AFB., AZ. 30-Mar-1973 to 23-Oct-1973. Product Control Number currently unknown.

N434GR Grand Rapids School of Bible and Music, Grand Rapids, MI. 19-Feb-1974. Canx 11-Oct-1978.

C-GZBS Allen Airways. Dates unknown.

Note: Allen Airways dates do not tie in with dates of other Beavers operating for Allen Airways.

C-GZBS Donald A & Millie V. Bourdignan (Nakina Outpost Camps) Nakina, ON. Regd 28-May-1979. Canx 30-Jun-1994.

C-GZBS Nakina Outpost Camps and Air Services Ltd., Nakina, ON. Regd 30-Jun-1994. Canx 15-Jun-2000.

C-GZBS Achigo Air Ltd., Sashigo Lake, ON. Regd 14-Aug-2000. Canx 18-Sep-2000.

C-GZBS Ephesus Two Twenty Ltd., Winnipeg, MB. Regd 20-Sep-2000. Canx 05-Jun-2001

C-GZBS Osnaburgh Airways Ltd., Pickle Lake, ON. Regd 05-Jun-2001 Canx 11-Jul-2002

C-GZBS Achigo Air Ltd., Sachigo Lake, ON. Regd 12-Jul-2002. Canx 05-Sep-2002.

C-GZBS Matt’s Air Service Ltd., Sioux Lookout, ON. Regd 19-Dec-2002. Canx 25-Jul-2003.

C-GZBS Bamaji Air Inc., Sioux Lookout, ON. Regd 25-Jul-2003. Canx 01-Mar-2005. Regd 10-Jun-2005. Canx 03-Oct-2005. Regd 28-Apr-2006. Canx 02-Jul-2007. Regd 20-Jul-2007. Canx 18-Oct-2009. Regd 02-Nov-2011. Regd 23-May-2012. Canx 10-Aug-2014 Re regd 23-Dec-2014. 29-Dec-2015. Regd 27-Jun-2016. Canx 21-Sep-2020.

Accident: Sachigo Lake, ON. 24-Jun-2009. The floatplane flipped over in the water during a takeoff attempt in rough waters and gusty wind. No injuries reported. CADORS 2009O1234

Mods include: Baron STOL conversion, EDO 4580 Floats, wingtip tanks, battery forward and JASCO alternator.

Note: New R-985 Jul-2021.