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N4793C hangar queen awaits her turn.
Photo: John W. Olafson © 09 July 2013
N4793C on dolly at Anchorage.
Photo: Unknown photographer © June 2007 - Aird Archives
N4793C at Lake Hood CAP Headquarters.
Photos: Neil Aird © 06 September 2004
N4793C on water and land at Anchorage.
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N4793C at Fairbanks, Alaska.
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N4793C of CAP at Merrill Field, Anchorage.
Photos: Neil Aird © September 1968

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51-16511 USAF #1108. L-20A No: 109, Command AF-1. Delivered 24-Jun-1952. Built as L-20A.

N4793C Civil Air Patrol Inc., Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Based Elmendorf AFB., AK, Alaska. Reported as allocated to the CAP from USAF on 27-Apr-1960. Regd 18-Sep-1968.

Airworthiness Date: 27-Oct-1970.

Accident: Lake Hood Air Strip, Anchorage, AK. 19-Apr-2001. When taxiing and manoeuvring to maintenance hangar tail of aircraft struck concrete barriers. Outboard end of right elevator damaged. Pilot uninjured. ANC01TA048

Accident: Figure Eight Lake, Matanuska-Susitna. AK. 24-May-2010 Crashed and flipped over while doing touch and go training, three on board escaped uninjured. ANC10CA044

N4793C Expiry date 30-Apr-2015.


USAF History

51-16511 was made available on 10-Jun-1952 and, accepted on 16-Jun-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, Ontario after which it was assigned to the Tactical Air Command. It was delivered to Pope AFB, Fayetteville, NC on 24-Jun-1952 where it was attached to the 4th Liaison Flight until 22-Jul-1952 when it moved to Shaw AFB, SC for the 2nd Liaison Squadron. It stayed until 10-Jun-1954 moving across to the 363rd Reconnaissance Training (RCT) Wing until 22-Mar-1956.

It then went back to the de Havilland factory at Downsview, Ontario for a session of maintenance until 03-May-1956 returning to its previous unit at Shaw until 21-Nov-1956. It then moved to Dover AFB, DE to the Military Air Transport Command and joined the 1737th Ferry Squadron. From here it passed to Olmsted AFB, PA to the Air Material Command and the Middletown Air Depot. It remained here from12-Dec-1956 until 11-Jan-1957.

It then returned to its previous unit at Dover but only for ten days until 21-Jan-1953 after which it travelled to Anchorage, AK and Elmendorf AFB where it was allocated to the 5039th Air Base Wing until 01-Jun-1957 and then the 5039th Air Transport Squadron until 01-Nov-1957. Following this attachment, and staying at Elmendorf it joined the 5040th Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Group. There is now an apparent gap in the history as the aircraft’s record card shows it as being allocated to the Civil Air Patrol on 27-Apr-1960.

Emblem of the 5040th Consolidated Maintenance Group


Photo: Unknown photographer © Image taken from WWW.

Photo: CAP © May 2010