VH-AAO at Armidale - YARM, NSW.
Photo: Lance Higgerson © 29 May 2015
VH-AAO after rebuild and mods at Bankstown, NSW.
Photo: Peter Reardon © 13 February 2010
Photo: Graeme D. Mills © 12 December 2009
Photos: Peter Reardon © 18 September 2009
Photos: Peter Reardon © 31 December 2008
VH-AAO sun bathing.
Photo: Unknow photographer © Lenn Bayliss Collection
VH-AAO at Armidale, NSW.
Photo: Joe Barr © 14 January 1995
VH-AAO at Armidale, NSW.
Photo: Lenn Bayliss © April 1990 - Aird Archives
VH-AAO at Armidale, NSW.
Photo: Marcel Siegenthaler © December 1989 - Aird Archives
VH-AAO at Parafield.
Photo: Danny Tanner © 1984 - Ed Coates Collection
VH-AAO a little mud streaked.
Photo: John Hopton © 18 April 1975
VH-AAO at Bankstown.
Photo: Greg Banfield © 31 January 1972 - Ed Coates Collection
VH-AAO at Bankstown - YSBK, N.S.W.
Photo: David Carter © September 1969 - AirHistory.net
Photo: Unknown photographer © 02 April 1962 - AHM of WA (P022778)
P1236-0006 : de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver -  ain 146 -
VH-AAO - late 1961 at Bankstown, N.S.W. - operated Aerial Agriculture Pty., Ltd.
(Photo: © John Hopton)
VH-AAO at work.
Photo: Ben Dannecker © July-December 1960 - Air History.net
9M-ALW with 9M-ALS (137) and dog at Darwin, NT.
Photo: Unknown photographer © 1960 - Aird Archives
VR-RBW operated by Federation Air Services.
Photo: Peter Keating © late 1950's - Ken Tilley Collection



VH-AAO (3)


VR-RBW Government of Malaya. Delivered 10-Sep-1951.

VR-RBW Federation Air Service, Kuala Lumpur, Malaya. Circa Mar-1952.

VR-RBW Malayan Airways, Kallang, Malaya. Took over Federation on 01-Mar-1958.

9M-ALW Malayan Airways, Kallang, Malaya. Re-regd Jan-1959.

VH-AAO (3) Imported to Australia. Regd 14-Jul-1960.

VH-AAO (3) Aerial Agriculture Pty., Bankstown, NSW. Regd. 08-May-1961.

Accident in Australia. 18-Mar-1968.

VH-AAO (3) Canx & withdrawn from use 13-Dec-1982.

Note. We have photos of this aircraft in Aerial Agriculture colours in 1989,1990 & 1990 at Armidale, looking as if tied down to the same spot each time.

VH-AAO (3) Richard. M. Macarthur-Onslow, Walcha, NSW. Regd under CASP 47, 07-Dec-2005.

Note: CASP 47 was a 2005 requirement by Australian Authorities for all aircraft to show registration details of both owners and where appropriate operators

Reported as being seen at Sydney- Bankstown after receiving complete rebuild 19-Sep-2009.

Delivered to owner at Armidale, NSW. (08-Oct-2011).