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N8134G at Talkeetna - PATK, Alaska.
Photo: Rich Hulina © 18 July 2015
N8134G visits King Salmon - PAKN, Alaska.
Photo: Klaus Steigler © 2013
N8134G at Talkeetna - PATK.
Photo: Fred Wallis © 22 March 2008
N8134G at Kashwitna Lake, Alaska.
Photos: Neil Aird © 12 September 2004

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58-2077 • N90508 • N8134G

N985PC (pending)


58-2077 US Army # 1958. L-20 No. 959. Command A-16. Delivered 14-Dec-1959. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N90508 Parks College, St. Louis University, Cahokia, IL. Regd July 1973. Canx 05-Jan-1982.

N8134G Danny Brewer, Nikiski, AK. Regd Jul-1995.

Note: Rebuild in 1996.

Mods: EDO 4930 floats. Domed door and passenger windows. Total time: 10,400 hrs. in Feb 2008.

 Paint scheme: Overall Juneau White, dark blue upper fuselage and tail flash with trumpet gold accents.

Airworthiness date : 11-Jun-1996. Category – Normal.

• N8134G Nikolaus Steiger Inc., Talkeetna, AK. Regd 10-Sep-1999. Regd 28-Nov-2011. Expiry date 30-Nov-2014.

tt 10,779.5 (Circa 2016).

• N8134G PerryCook Flight Services LLC., Gig Harbour, WA. Regd 10-Nov-2016.

N985PC PerryCook Flight Services LLC., Gig Harbour, WA. (pending change)