N428AF at Renton.
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N38938 at Renton.
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N38938 in the Kenmore yard.
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N38938 at Boise, Idaho.
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52-6069 • N38938



52-6069 USAF #1225 L-20 No: 226 Command AF-3. Delivered 09-Dec-1952. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Noted as marked 0-26069 USAF at Klamath Falls, OR, 03-Sep-1966.

52-6069 Struck off charge from USAF inventory on 29-Sep-1966.

Note: Unknown location or status until Jan-1973.

N38938. Application for registration by Ada County Boise Civil Defense. Boise, ID. 23-Jan-1973

N38938 Formally donated to Ada County Boise Civil Defense, Boise, ID, by US Government. 25-Jan-1973.

N38938. Registration approved by FAA to Ada County Boise Civil Defense, Boise, ID, 01-Feb-1973.

N38938 Returned to US Government, Office of Surplus Property Utilization, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Region X, Seattle, WA.

N38938 Donated by US Government to Idaho State University School of Vocational Technical Education, Pocatello, ID. 04-May-1975. Application for registration 21-May-1975 and request for cancellation  23-May-1975. Registration formally cancelled.

Note: The reason for cancellation would appear to be for the reason that  the aircraft was only to be used for “for mechanical training only. The aircraft is not to be stored and made usable”. Assumed a stipulation by the US Government.

Un regd Sold to John Crane, Seattle, WA. 17-Sep-1985.

Un regd Sold to John P. Rouss for $20,000. 03-Mar-1986.

N38938 John P. Rouss, Federal Way, WA. Applied for registration. 06-Mar-1990. Registration re-instated 30-Mar-1990. Re-registration 23-May-1990 again as there was confusion over legal and “common use” name of owner re-instated.

Note: Mar-1990 Modifications by Sky Services Inc including domed cabin windows, enlarged aft side windows, cockpit skylight windows and electronics upgrades.

Airworthiness Inspection. 16- Mar-1990. Total time 7,191.8 hours.

Certificate of Airworthiness 01-Aug-1990.

Note: Fitted with EDO 61-5870 straight floats by Joe Wattum, Kodiak, AK.

Certificate of Airworthiness 26-Jul-1991. Total time 7,538.5 hours.

Note: Fitted with EDO 679-4930 straight floats. 07-Dec-1991.

N38938 Sold to Ruoss Leasing Inc, Federal Way, WA and application for registration, 03-Aug-1995. Registration approved 17-Nov-1995.

N38938 Returned to John P. Rouss, Federal Way, WA, 16-Jul-1996. Application for registration 09-Aug-1996. Application approved 22-Aug-1996.

N38938 Sold to BSR., LLC., Federal Way, WA. 17-Dec-1997. Application for registration 12-Apr-1998. Application approved 13-Jul-1998.  (There would appear to be a connection to John P. Rouss).

N38938 Sold to RMA Aviation Inc., Seattle, WA. Application for registration. 03-Feb 2000. Registration approved 15-Feb-2000.

Airworthiness Date: 21-Sep-1995. Standard – Restricted.

N428AF Request for change of registration to RMA Aviation Inc., Seattle, WA. 06-Apr-2005. Registration approved 14-Apr-2005. Registration expired due to non renewal. 31-Dec-2013. New application for registration 10-Feb-2014. Registration approved 17-Mar-2014.

N428AF RMA Aviation Inc., Deer Lodge, MT. Regd 17-Mar-2014.


Thanks to Jay Sherlock for additional research, added to above.

USAF History

52-6069 was made available on 21-Nov-1952 and accepted on 27-Nov-1952 by the 6600th Air Depot AMO (Air Material Overseas Unit), at Downsview, ON., after which it was assigned to the Air Defence Command and delivered to the 4702nd Defence Wing at Geiger AFB., WA., on 09-Dec-1952 before transferring to one of this units components, the 530th Air Defence Group after the Air Defence Command was re organised from 01-Aug-1953 where it remained until 15-May-1956.

It returned to the de Haviland factory at Downsview for maintenance between 15-May-1956 and 06-Jul-1956 returning to the Air Defence Command with the 84th Fighter Group back at Geiger AFB., and it remained with the 84th even when the unit transferred to Spokane AFB., WA, in May-1963. It moved to the 327th Fighter Group at Truax AFB., WI., on 16-May-1963 and then to the 408th Fighter Group at Kingsley AFB., Klamath Falls, OR., on 18-Sep-1963. Its further USAF history will be researched.

Emblem of 327th Fighter Group