C-GQHT at Penticton - almost ready to fly.
Photo: Dave Brown © 02 September 2020
C-GQHT at her base near Sioux Lookout, Ontario.
Photo: Rich Hulina © June 1999
C-GQHT arriving and leaving Nanaimo.
Photos: Neil Aird © 27 October 1997
C-GQHT at Vancouver South.
Photo: Geoff McDonell © June 1996 - Aird Archives





53-3725 US Army #1415. L-20 No: 416. Command A-4. Delivered 26-Jul-1954. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

Note: On auction Ft. Rucker, AL. 20-Jun-1973. Poor condition.

C-GQHT Laurentian Air Services Ltd., Ottawa, ON. Circa 1976.

C-GQHT Lauzon Aviation Co., Ltd., Blind River, ON. Regd 15-May-1979. Canx 06-May-1997.

Note: Sold by Laurentian “as is” to Lauzon. This only involved the fuselage, without wings, engine, and with many missing parts and without documentation.

C-GQHT Seemore-Air Services Ltd., White Rock, BC. Regd 06-May-1997. Canx 07-Jul-1997.

C-GQHT Harbour Air Ltd., Richmond, BC. Regd 07-Jul-1997. Canx 26-Apr-1999.

C-GQHT Richard Lee & Judy Edwardson (Pickerel Arm Camps), Sioux Lookout, ON. Regd 17-Jun-1999. Canx 07-May-2002 and 22-Aug-2002.

Accident: Fawcett Lake, 90 mi. N of Sioux Lookout, ON. 18-May-2004. NTSB report. Flight had departed from Pickerel Arm Camp, 22 mi. S of Sioux Lookout. Pilot and three passengers received fatal injuries. Aircraft recovered and found to be seriously damaged. Investigation showed aircraft destroyed when impacted water. CHI04WA125.

TSB of Canada report. Pickerel Arm Camps is located about 22 km south of Sioux Lookout, Ontario. It operates a main campsite at its water base and several remote fishing lodges. The company operates two float equipped de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver aircraft to fly guests and supplies to their remote sites. Seven guests of the company arrived at the water base on 18 May 2004, the day before their scheduled four-day fishing trip at Fawcett Lake, one of the remote lodges. Because the remote lodge was available, a decision was made to fly in that afternoon. The group was divided in two, and a group of three guests and all the supplies for the seven guests were to go in the first aircraft. The second group of four, with their personal baggage, was to follow in the company’s other Beaver. The occurrence aircraft, a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (C-GQHT, serial number 682) with one pilot and three camp guests on board, departed the company water base at approximately 17:00 eastern daylight time on a day visual flight rules flight to Fawcett Lake. At approximately 19:30, the pilot and the other four guests arrived in the second aircraft to discover that the first group had not arrived. The guests later found the accident aircraft overturned in the lake. Ontario Provincial Police divers recovered the bodies of the pilot and the three passengers. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. There was no fire. Accident report reference A04C0098

C-GQHT Ken G. Roberts, Summerland, BC. Based Penticton, BC. Regd 11-Jun-2007.

Note: Was being rebuilt by Ken Roberts at Kittyhawk Aviation, Penticton, BC. Apr-2007. Completed September 2020. Total time: 5,500.hours.