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N5344G Spruced up.
Photos: Dirk Septer © 30 May 2017
N5344G roll out day.
Photos: Mark Blok © 14 May 2017
N5344G with basic ex US Army interior.
Photos: John Caswell © 20 October 2011
N5344G still stored at Campbell River, BC.
Photo: Dirk Septer © 15 October 2011
Photo: John Caswell © April 2004
Photos: Neil Aird © 14 October 2002

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57-6139 US Army # 1794. L-20 No. 795. Command A-14. Delivered 21-Apr-1958. Built as L-20A and re-designated U-6A in 1962.

N5344G Civil Air Patrol Inc., Maxwell AFB., Montgomery, AL. Regd Jan-1977.

Airworthiness date: 02-Mar-1977. Category – Normal.

N5344G Skydiving Inc., Mason, OH. Regd Jun-1979.

N5344G Miles G. Ramsay Jr., Palmer, AK. On USCAR at 02-Mar-1990.

N5344G Martin R. Buroker, Palmer, AK. Regd 11-Oct-1990 On USCAR at 29-Feb-1992.

N5344G Miles G. Ramsey Sr., Palmer, AK. Regd May-1993 & on USCAR at 01-Oct2004.

N5344G Miles G. Ramsey Jr., Portland, OR. Regd 10-Jan-2008. Expiry date 30-Apr-2016.

Note: Since May-2002 stored on Sealand Aviation Ltd., property at Tyee Spit, Campbell River, BC. Still stored at Campbell River in September 2016.

N5344G Sandra J. Kambel, Portland, OR. Regd 11-Sep-2014. Expiry date 30-Sep-2017. (Note expiry date). Sold 2017.

New owner - floats donated for community project at Campbell River.

N5344G Kenmore Air Harbor Inc., Kenmore, WA. Regd 04-Oct-2017.

To be restored