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c/n 571
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c/n 571



Left paint shop 02-Nov1953.Yellow with black stripe around cowl and fin and rudder.

Certificate of Airworthiness #4238 issued 20-Nov-1953.

CF-HGS McIntyre Porcupine Mining Ltd., Schumacher, ON. Certificate of Registration #12541 issued 29-Nov-1953. Delivered 26-Nov-1953.

Note: McIntyre Porcupine Mining Ltd., had numerous mining sites across Northern Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

Accident: Un-named location. Lat 49°14’N Lon 84°41’W. 14-Mar-1957. Collision with tree stub while taxiing. Pilot Gordon R. Mitchell. Substantial damage to port wing leading edge, port flap, landing light cover and torn fabric port wing. No injuries reported.

CF-HGS Gold Belt Air Services, Rouyn, QC. Date unknown.

Accident: Amos QC. Lat 48°35’N Lon 78°08’W. 05-Dec-1959.The aircraft attempted to take off with a full load and in sticky snow conditions and on skis. The aircraft ran off the end of the runway before becoming airborne, failed to clear an obstruction and crashed. The aircraft suffered serious damage and the pilot suffered serious injuries.

CF-HGS Superior Airways, Fort William, ON. Circa 1964.

CF-HGS Lac La Croix Quetico Air Service, Lac La Croix, ON. Circa 1967. Canx 27-May-1982. Sale reported as at May-1981.

Accident: Near Wolseley Lake, ON. 48°25’N 92°10’W. 06-Jun-1972. While en route from Beaverhouse Lake to Lac la Croix. The aircraft was observed to enter a spin and strike the ground. During the investigation the vertical stabiliser was found 400 yards from the aircraft. Aircraft destroyed and the pilot was killed.

CF-HGS Reported as sold and canx 27-May-1982. Subsequently deleted from CCAR 27-Sep-1983 reportedly as export to USA. However does not appear on FAA or CCAR records after that date.

Fate Unknown