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May - June 2008

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21 June 2008 

Thanks to some recent donations, I was able to purchase some older slides of Colombian Beavers, these slides came via Australia. Where there is a will, there is a way. They required quite a bit of digital cleaning, but they are very welcome additions to the website, I'm sure you will agree. Only with your help can I make these additions.

16 June 2008

The other day I received a small self published book in the mail. "Yellow Bird" by Bernie Hann. I helped him with a choice image for his cover, that super one taken by my friend Gary Gentle of CF-OBS (2). Thanks Bernie, enjoyed the read, a pleasant change of pace.

Photo: Gary Gentle © - Graphic Design: The Aylmer Press

14 June 2008

Now here's a real adventure - "The Great Arctic Air Adventure". Nearer the time I will keep an eye on Doug DeVries and Mark Schoening. Hoping that I can arrange for them to stop in Kingston for a minute or two on the return leg. They will be passing my door!! Their website is now up and running, so go have a visit and bookmark it.

11 June 2008

Not Beavers, but if you would like to bid on a TBM-3E Avenger - have a read of this PDF.

01 June 2008

Many times I have mentioned that every day I continue to get super images. Today, case in point. Two shots from Marvin Boyd. One I will add later today as a banner. But I have to post this right now!! C-FFRL (482) with some friendly marine company. "Caution - Wake Turbulence"

Photo: Marvin Boyd © 14 April 2008

I see the Royal Canadian Mint has honoured our DHC-2 yet again . . . nice to see Peter Mossman got another commission from them. Well done Peter - Your 50 cents worth ? Note: Coin is 13.92mm in diameter - must be one of the smallest Beavers I think?

Photo: Royal Canadian Mint © 2008 - Design: Peter Mossman © 2008

29 May 2008

Added a small animation tonight of "Jetsam" on that page.

Many of you will have followed the building of Harald Müller's 40% scale R/C Beaver in Germany. Well, she was transported to the United States of America to fly at the Joe Nall Fly In in Woodruff, South Carolina, a very famous R/C event. Well done Harald. Magnificent!!

Photo: Carol McKinney © May 2008 - via Harald Müller

27 May 2008

Settling back into normality here at "Beaver Lodge", managing to return to my painting "Jetsam". Did make a trip to the Public Library today to copy this brief article on our Beaver from the Globe & Mail of 16 May 2008. The image is cropped, but one I scanned from a DHC slide (in poor shape) on which I worked long and hard to resore digitally.

Article: Globe & Mail © Henrietta Walmark

25 May 2008

One of the great things about having this website - the correspondence. I'd like to show you an example from Jerry Longhurst, spawned by the recent documentary:

Dear Sir

After watching your History Channel showing on the 24th made me recall my first flight in an aircraft as a passenger in June 1958. It was a out of Pickle Lake Ontario by Transair.

Looking back I thank the construction of this aircraft as the pilot commented it was the worse downdraughts he had ever encountered.

We were nearing Big Trout Lake at 3,000 feet on a beautiful CAVU day when the aircraft started to fall 300 to 500 feet, snap at the bottom and then right back up to 3,000 feet, this condition prevailed  for 15 minutes and it's a wonder the wings stayed on. If I remember correctly this drop went on for at least 10 times.

I have not gone thru your website yet, but do you have pictures of the Hudson's Bay Company beaver. It was a beautiful aircraft with a belly fuel tank. Talking with the pilot one day when he came into Weagamow Lake, he was telling tales of his arctic experiences of landing at full power just to keep from being pushed backwards from the strong winds and that he dropped one man off without stopping while the airspeed indicator showed 120 kts and he was standing still. I am sure pictures would be available from Hudson's Bay House archives in Winnipeg.

Also, the RCMP had their famous Blue and Yellow Beaver, hope there is picture of that aircraft too.

I am sure I will enjoy your website.

Jerry Longhurst , Oakville, Ontario

Hello Neil

Just two other memorial events I recall with the Beaver.

1960 I was flying out to a new posting with the Hudson's Bay Company, flying from the Pas, Manitoba into Nelson House. On the dock of Lamb Airways in The Pas, by the Beaver, a young fellow came up to me (I was young at the time too), asked what the stalling speed of the Beaver was, saying I had no idea I asked why, he said he was applying for flying position with Lamb Airways, and the only thing I could think of was, You’re not going into Nelson House are you?

Finally a tall tale for a Beaver but very true, was in mid-May of 1961, I returned to Manitoba to get married at Oxford House. Open water of course all the way from Ontario, The Pas was open so I proceeded on the train to Wabowden to fly in from there to Oxford House. Getting off the train, Wabowden was still iced in and next day we returned to The Pas to fly out of there.

On flying over Oxford Lake, it too was still iced covered, the Hayes River outlet was bringing down lots of floating ice, so a small pond near the town site was open and we landed there. After the wedding a couple days later, the pilot (Bob Shinny) said he could not take off with me and my bride aboard but would do so alone and land in the river to pick us up. So he made two attempts and never got airborne and he taxied back and we then tied the plane to a tree. With full power I axed the rope and a successful take-off was made with lots of room to spare (so this type of tale is not always fictitious).

Enjoy and thanks for your quick response, good luck with your research, hope you find all the 1692 Beavers


23 May 2008

Don't forget the Toronto Aerospace Museum's Wings & Wheels show is on at Downsview near Toronto, this weekend. Here's the poster.

22 May 2008

Another day has dawned and another interview! Here it is if you wish to listen to my mumblings with Lisa Laco of  Thunder Bay, on "The Great Northwest" morning show.

The website was rather popular yesterday, a record day in fact, with some 1,106 visitors!

Here's a fine study by my pal Rich Hulina as "Olivia" orbits near Sioux Lookout almost one year ago - having her portrait taken - what a star!!

Photo: Rich Hulina © 28 May 2007

Photo: © CBC Interactive - DaveTV

Last night Dave and Harrison Ford discussed "The Beaver" on the CBS Late Show with Dave Letterman. Here is the DaveTV clip.

The whole interview is posted on YouTube now in two parts!

Part One - Part Two

21 May 2008

Wow, the response to the video and radio talk has been outstanding. I've posted the "Ontario Morning" interview by Mike Ewing on the website for those who were not "up and about"... this morning. The last two days have the website working overtime..just watch that counter spin!

20 May 2008

The big day has arrived. I'm sure Arwen and David (the folk responsible for "The Immortal Beaver" documentary) are wired. I managed to make the front page of The Kingston Whig Standard this morning. You can read all about it here. Thanks to Jordan Press from the Whig for the article. Mike Ewing from CBC Radio One's - Ontario Morning just called for an phone interview, so it is all happening. That will be on Wednesday morning - early o'clock.

19 May 2008

Day before the Canadian Premiere . . so here's a snap of one of the participants in the documentary.

Photo: Neil Aird © 11 June 2007

Had a lucky break, and caught a certain aircraft I have been trying to see for a couple of years. Missed it 14 times as it routed near here. The weather never was clear. Today it was cloudy, however a blue patch appeared. With a combination of luck, stubborn logic, patience, good timing - I even was able to change a lense on my camera and snap it. Probably about 35 nautical miles north of my studio. It just started trailing, man, it is big!

Photo: Neil Aird © 19 May 2008

Now here's a real shot taken as it left CFB Trenton, thanks to Parr. He wrote:

Good catch, Neil! 

I was fortunate to get the "Big Boy" at quite a bit less than 35 miles away today along with ADB2010 (UR-82009) and a Russian Air Force Tu-154M/LK1 (RA-85655) that carried "A. Gagarin Cosmonault Training Center" markings.
Happy shooting,
Parr Yonemoto

Photo: Parr Yonemoto © 19 May 2008

15 May 2008

Just thought I'd add a before picture of "Olivia".

Photo: Neil Aird © April 1998

14 May 2008

Article on "The Immortal Beaver" in Victoria's Times Colonist.

09 May 2008

Well the e-mail flyer is out, just have to count down the days! Coming soon to a TV close to you, well in Canada only at present.

Photo: © Ian Beatty

04 May 2008

The other day I had a flying visit from my good friend Ken Swartz. He left very early next day and also left another binder of delights. This time amongst the helicopters and other airframes are several older Beavers. The first I tackled was a 120 film negative. I could not scan it, so stuck it on the window and took a snap with my camera. A little time with Photoshop CS © and we have a nice shot of N5319G (1259) in her immediately post ANG scheme. Thanks Ken.

Photo: Unknown photographer © Ken Swartz Collection

02 May 2008

Our friend Lenn Bayliss of Toowoomba, Queensland, had a fine article on the Rose Bay Seaplanes published in Australian Aviation. Congratulations Lenn - I'm sure many more devotees will head to that wonderful Sydney spot!

Photo: Lenn Bayliss © March 2008